Jan 03

When a man talks about sex in a slang-sense to his fellow man (or on blogs) you will find that most of our terms sound like something you would do to someone you hate as opposed to someone you aim to pleasure. The reason for this is because men with all of our pragmatic, graphic thinking, normally refer to the act of the penis entering the vagina (or other orifice) and not the entire act of love-making. Women who see the big picture of foreplay – intercourse – climax – spooning have no doubt overheard men talking and got the wrong idea…

3 examples of violent terms used for sex by American males:

Phrase: “I beat it up!” or “I beat that little thing up!”

Meaning: The “thing” that is getting beat up is the vagina, not the woman and the beating is a pleasant beating because “beating it up” comes with the supposition that the woman lost her mind from your pleasure. The term actually comes from women (yes you all lent this one to us) being that a woman (women of color especially) will reward her lover with the words “beat it up daddy” or “beat it up pappi” when the man is going John Henry on her spot. Editor’s Note: I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back for that awesome John Henry reference. Kindly continue reading.

Phrase: “I cut her up” or “I got me some cut up last night”

Meaning: This like many of the sexual slang that comes from the deep urban south may have started as one thing and became its own thing to the point where no-one can explain its origin. I assume the term “cut-up”, which also means to joke was originally meant as a description of the vagina… in a violent way. The vagina can be seen as a cut between the legs and while your anus is down (talking missionary here), your cut is up so therefore cut-up. I dunno, that’s my educated guess but long story short the man isn’t trying to cut his woman. It simply means sex, he got to have sex last night – and it was good.

Phrase: “So there I was plowing this chick in the bathroom”

Meaning: Plowing refers to the motion in a very abstract way. The man sees the close vaginal walls as friction and resistance which leads him to have to plow his way through till hilt touches scabbard (for you swordsmen out there). The difference between plowing and “beating it up” however is that someone bragging about plowing was probably going all jack-rabbit hammer on the woman and was out for his and his alone.

A gentleman doesn’t plow you ladies; a gentleman beats it up.

So remember if you hear men talking about sex using terms that sound violent, try to see it from a man’s perspective before writing them off as savages. Men describe the blunt force trauma of the hip on hip damage or hip on butt damage so it may sound a lot worse than it really is. Think about it, how lame would it sound if you see a group of guys talking and the braggart who got lucky last night ejects with “I made love to her quite satisfactory last night!” ya… that’s never going to happen. Trust me we normally mean well since nothing strokes a man’s ego like beating the brakes off of it and having her run to brag to her friends.

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