Jan 16

A while back we did an article on men waiting for a Golden Pegasus to show up before giving their heart to a woman. The entire article took men to task who (just like women with lists) had an unrealistic concept of meeting the perfect person when they themselves were imperfect.

Many single men with options tend to keep a black book of numbers and contacts in hopes of their queen showing up one day to force them to fight for her commitment. This rarely if ever happens and the man usually ends up with a more realistic prospect or forever alone, searching privately before admitting it’s futility.

I call this process “searching for Super Girl”, not so much for the woman’s unavailability (many of our wants are realistic) but the chances of that woman being single, having any interest in you, and willing to give you a chance is a roll of the die.

Most of our ideas stem from movie characters, someone else’s girl or a combination of different women we have seen or met in life. For the longest time I was after Halle Berry’s character from Boomerang: the beautiful underdog with a heart of gold, but every bootleg Halle clone that I would date would be a completely different build than what I imagined. It took me years to realize the flaw in my intent. Sure my Halle was out there and available, but I was not the man that she wanted to be with. See how it works now?

Even after marriage, long-term relationships and life bonds, the Super Girl image doesn’t diminish. What instead happens is that she becomes immortalized in our male brain as the definitive “prototype” of what we wanted but were not privileged to have. This is a reality that is hidden away from the women who we love because any inclination that they look nothing like the prototype and act nothing like her, will lead the relationship down a dark alleyway of self-image issues and trust accusations.

Women should be somewhat worried about the Super Girl within our minds because if and when she does show up, chances are a weaker man will decimate his life to run off with her. When a man meets a prototype who is as much into him as he is into her, it can be extremely dangerous. He will consider life changing decisions to be with this dream girl or “soul mate” and it can end years of marriage at the drop of a hat. It is for this reason than men refer to the Super Girl as kryptonite; afterall, she makes us weak, makes it hard for us to think clearly and will ruin us in the end.

Do you have a friend who left family and common sense to run off with some young girl he met for a wild month of sex and liberal bliss? Chances are he met his prototype Super Girl and that’s what caused it.

Men of the hall talk to me; what is your kryptonite? Have you been struck by lightning yet or were you lucky enough to marry your Super Woman.

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  • You and me Greg be having the same perspective on a lot of these things! You know my admiration for Halle’s character which is part of the reason I started my Marcus Graham Chronicles joint!

    • You know what’s funny… I thought about you when I wrote her into this article. I thought to myself that me and D will have to fight over Angela one day lol. Ya she was the prototype for a long time, now I have a bunch of em.