Sep 08

In the past I’ve talked about a person’s aura having a lot to do with intimidation. Well beyond walking, your presence has to be one of bravado, I like to call it the Panther presence.

When I find myself walking into a building or plaza, I mentally assume ownership of everything there. It becomes my metropolis and it’s people become my people. This allows me to take it all in at a glance and it leads me to walk briskly as if I own the place.

A good example of this stride can be seen through Bill “The Butcher” Cutting on Gangs of New York or Ari Gold from HBO’s Entourage. Both these men don’t stroll, they walk like business is meant to be handled!

When you walk this way people want to get out of your way and on observation they tend to assume that you’re a big deal. Put a little smile on your face and greet people that stare at you and you’ll really have them guessing. Putting people on alert just by your mere presence alone suffers them no time to size you up as a victim. You’re a panther, a silverback gorilla, great white shark, whatever your predatory animal of choice – this is what you are when you enter a room like that.

Lots of people assume that a mean face will intimidate others into staying off of them, which is so wrong it’s hilarious. Predators show their teeth, not in some fool’s grin but in a dangerous grin – think Jack Napier in Tim Burton’s Batman. Hell even Mack The Knife flashed his teeth at his prey.

So smile, keep your eyes open and walk like a boss when you enter the place. This is what we call presence, let yours be known and let them know that if they step up you will crush their spine and snatch their woman. More than likely your impact will be heard loud and clear. People respect presence so let yours do the work for you.


Check out Tim Tebow in this commercial as he displays the predatory strut. Show em how it’s done Tebow!

[flashvideo filename=videos/tebow-ad.flv image=videos/images/tebow-ad.jpg /]

Sure you can laugh since… well… it’s Tebow… but don’t laugh too hard, Tebow will walk off with your girl. All joking aside, it’s about confidence and putting off an aura of ownership even to people a block away from you.

Are you going to try a guy walking like that? No, you’re gonna handcuff your chick and walk the other way! Confidence is king!

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  • It is definitely something that men should have when out and about looking for a good time. Its no secret that women love confidence, and a “swag prowl” can give you that look that could lead to somewhere else. My ventures across this world have shown me that this isn’t just an American cultural norm, that regardless of where you go women will notice.

    Just don’t force it, looks horrible and people can tell if you’re faking it.