May 11


Bachelors, do women find it intimidating when you keep your home spotless? I would think this to be false but quite a number of men have reported that they get snide remarks and more when they bring a woman home to a clean place.

“Dragon, I’ve come to the unfortunate realization that a lot of chicks actually get intimidated by a man with a ‘together’ pad. It seems to take some of the ‘challenge factor’ away from you. Through my experience, showing chicks my crib has hurt me, more than helped me.” – Anonymous male

So if we’re to believe anonymous, would it be better to dirty up the place before bringing a girl home? Should we not be embarrassed if the dishes pile up and our clothes are all over the place? Should we settle on a “he tried to clean up but not very well” look when we have girls over to our pad?

In my younger years of bachelordom, I recall the above scenario happening to me on just about every date that made their way back to my place (I’m a neat freak), so I’ve often wondered if this stigma was the norm.

No challenge stems from wanting to have a challenge which equates to time spent executing a challenge. Confused yet? If you are a proud bachelor that wants a woman that can either appreciate you for your flaws/perfections then by all means follow my stance and keep things tidy. Now in contrast, if you want girls to stick around then you need to appear as a challenge. Basically the stereotypical male: a slob that needs a mommy to clean up after him.

Editor’s note: I’m being extremely sarcastic here, if a woman gauges a relationship off of your clean house then you have much bigger issues ahead.

“In those days, a pimp could tack upon his hotel walls yard rolls of satin from the fabric store, and dazzle the bitches.” – PIMP by Iceberg Slim

As you can see it’s a psychological thing, attacked and defended by two very different sides. You get the snobby girl who will not return to your house after seeing your dirty boxers on the refrigerator door and then you have the basic chick who will say “damn its scary how clean your house is”. The good thing is with keeping a clean pad, both girls will return – at least in my experience. The difference is, the basic girl will probably love you more for keeping it real than the snob will for keeping it clean. Quite a dilemma right?

“…remember women want to see flaws in a man for some reason it makes it more believable.” – Anonymous male

Well there you go; show some dirt and need for care and you can reap the benefits of having a woman in your corner. Now that’s one to grow on… thank goodness that in my reality it really wasn’t that serious.

What do you think?

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  • yung GAWD

    read about half the article . i say fuck the girl , keep your place clean man . do you want roaches crawling around ? CLear space , clear mind . if a girl gets mad that my place is too clean she can kiss my ass , after i bang her