Jul 03

nerd dreaming

Young people who have money problems usually can’t see where the leak is in their ship of employment as they sail along throughout their daily lives. The answer more often times than none is boredom. Boredom is what will make you dish out cash like nobody’s business.

Consider the socialite – this person HAS to go out on the weekends, it is their release from the busy work week and they cannot imagine being cooped up in the house the entire time. They don’t realize that the cost of gas, drinks and the entrance fee to every single venue that they attend will amount to hundreds of dollars on the weekend.

Now consider the gamer nerd …

Editor’s note: let me preface this by saying that I am NOT referring to “hobbyist gamers” who are the most wasteful set of people in the culture due to the money they throw away on purchasing every new title that comes out.

The reason why IT nerds are way richer than you

An IT nerd typically concentrates on 3 things: keeping up on technology, playing their preferred MMORPG, and being an authority in their chosen field.

What I have found with people who work in IT and are gamers is that most guys will have one specific game that they swear by, pay $15 a month to play and spend massive amount of hours on it. While the so-called “loser” is raiding on his game for 6 -12 hours on weekends with his online buddies, the socialite is burning money constantly on various activities.

The $15/month comparison to the $400+/month lifestyle of a socialite is amazing. But many people will argue for quality of life; this ends up with both sides being envious of one another for different reasons. The socialite wants the IT nerd’s money, whereas the IT nerd wants to get as much interaction with the opposite sex as the socialite does.

Guess who tends to win the game after age 30?

Is there any way for a person to have it both ways? Party it up after work but keep enough money to actually have a savings account filling up? Not easily… no, and the mindsets are too different to coincide.

This isn’t to say that being a club hopper has forever doomed you to live check to check but if you pick up a light hobby like gaming you may find that your boredom will decrease immensely. If not gaming then something with long hours, a super cheap overhead and is time-consuming.

I’m not saying that everyone has to become some introverted, basement nerd overnight in order to keep money, but you have to find a cheap and harmless way to cure your boredom that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars a week.

If you want to see someone’s jaw hit the floor just show them the metrics on the amount of money spent on food and entertainment in a given month. We don’t think about how much the nickel and diming of lunches, drinking and partying adds up but when you really look at it – it is a lifestyle for the wealthy. I don’t know about you but I would rather be a nerd.

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