Oct 03


I love Wonder Woman, as a person that loves action, what’s not to love about a righteous, ass-kicking Amazon? I’m talking about the modern adaptation of the character here—not the sexy, lasso wielding, dominatrix that flew an invisible jet. Wonder Woman is fearless and she is confident, she has no axe to grind, no political agenda to push, like most mythical Amazons she is all about combat and what she believes in. This makes her very palatable as a “hero” and it doesn’t give any extra weight to her sex in one way or the other.

Outside of her being an Amazon, and one of Superman’s matches (in more ways than you can imagine), there is not much else to put on Princess Diana, but I move to say that her skills are enough. One would think that she could get a movie that would complement her other Justice League partners (Batman and Superman) so that there finally be a DC complement to Marvel’s hit movie The Avengers. But people have put baggage on Diana, so much so that even her broad, muscular shoulders can support it.

The push for Wonder Woman getting a chance has gone beyond the brand wars of DC vs. Marvel to people wanting her to be an icon of radical feminism, or some sort of hot, brunette tail for all nerdy neckbeards to ogle at. Wonder Woman was never written to be either of these things – sure at one time she was sort of a joke (like Aqua man) but have you seen the new Wonder Woman? Observe:

She gets down! But with people wanting her to be things that she isn’t, it makes me feel that no matter how she is cast, she will be met with a wave of negative feedback. Give us a Wonder Woman like the video above and you’ll have Twitter making up hash tags to blame her outfit on the patriarchy, and bloggers all over being pissed that the actress who played her wasn’t “feminine enough”. I get these bad predictions for the film based on the majority of the people I see asking for it… these people aren’t comic book fans.

wonder-woman-shieldMany people who want a Wonder Woman movie have no idea who the character really is and only champion her being on film in order to push agendas that go way beyond the realm of comic books. This makes me think that any ass-kicking female superhero would do, be it She-Hulk, Spider Woman, Miss Marvel, Hawkgirl, or even Black Widow since the character has already been on screen. This cheapens Wonder Woman in more ways than one, and while I do notice the extreme lack of diversity in the superhero department, I did just watch a movie called Kick Ass 2 which is all about a female pixie putting all of the boys in their place. Of course nobody was there to give Hit Girl her props as a feminist icon… Kick Ass 2 was met with silent applause.

Do we still need to put this sort of weight on the Amazon?

For those of you whose only knowledge of Wonder Woman is the legendary Linda Carter, I would urge you to check out the Justice League cartoons on Netflix to get a bit updated. For Wonder Woman to work in today’s climate Hollywood would have to go with skill over beauty due to not only her ability to fight, but her general reputation in the comics. That is not going to happen. This is not to say that there’s no hope, as Lucy Lawless pretty much played Wonder Woman when she did Xena: Warrior Princess and it not only succeeded in a market that had nothing like it before but many of us fanbois actually watched the hell out of it.

I will say that whoever they cast and however it is done, the role and the movie will be picked apart by all the people that wanted it for their own agendas, but it would be a huge step for nerddom if we could get Princess Diana in all of her sword wielding, lasso whipping, ass-kicking glory.

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