Jun 29

Recently a friend of mine was telling me how he has to rewatch the Game of Thrones series due to having multi-tasked the World of Warcraft while viewing it. I was amazed that he would even attempt this but I compared him to the people in the movie theater whose constant texting would ruin the movie for everyone else. The parallel is in the idea that people try to multi-task things that cannot be multi-tasked. It’s like the guy who is on the phone with his wife listening to her discuss their son’s injury all while he attempts to carry on a conversation with someone in front of him.

These people think that they are being efficient but in the end they will have a million questions about the movie, or look at you blankly when you ask a question. Do you know the amount of people who come out of the theater asking me questions about the same movie that they just watched with me? Way too many, and these aren’t the “what did the spinning top mean to you?” type of questions, these are the “yo after the building blew up what happened that made ol girl start crying?” <- this jackass was on his Twitter. You have to pick and choose what you can double up on effectively; you cannot multi-task while watching a movie that isn’t directed by Michael Bay!

I don’t have any scientific proof to back any of this up but in y opinion: your brain switching from reading mode (flipping through texts, tweets or Guild chat) to viewing and analyzing mode as you watch Queen Cersei Lannister explain to Lord Edgar Stark why having sex with her twin brother benefits her bloodline… just doesn’t seem like something you can multi-task. Hell I wouldn’t even want to attempt that!

You’re not THAT busy, you’re just addicted to your phone

I still turn my phone off when I go into the theater – I am not a parent but I have clients on call (who are about as needy as kids can be), and all my email comes to my phone. That being said, the day I can’t take an hour and a half to myself is the day I need to die. I don’t want to take my eyes off the movie screen to answer someone telling me that they need a price changed on their website, I won’t get to it for a few hours anyway – my phone stays off. Consider this, if the year was 1985 your ass would not be able to text me anyway, I’m watching a movie!

During TV shows my phone is to the side on silent and I am damn sure not playing a computer game simultaneously… the thought of that is maddening. I have friends who text, Facebook and Tweet while driving – how’s that for stupidity through multi-tasking? See it’s not that you’re busy, you just have a semi-addictive personality and you are addicted to playing with your phone. I can understand the fun in flipping through to see what people have to say on Twitter but if you can’t give it a rest for an hour or so then you my friend are addicted!

We have to choose our battles, and if you don’t want to waste your time (and money) at the theater or running through a series on Netflix, then give the multi-tasking a rest. Some things can be multi-tasked well, like watching a show while riding the treadmill, but that works because one is physical and the other is mental. Think about it, and if not then think about others who you bother by asking them to recap something you would have seen had you not been poking someone on Facebook. Come on folks let’s get it together, some things aren’t meant to be multi-tasked.

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