Dec 29

One of our Lady Dragons brought up the subject of dating a blogger to me and I thought that it would be best to discuss it in an article as opposed to Twitter where it originated. She had read on another space that us opinionated writer types were a bit of a bear to date for one reason or another which gave me pause but I thought about it and there may be some validity in that claim.

The main issue of course is jealousy (female readers can be verbal about their appreciation of you, and some girlfriends don’t like it). The other thing is time, many of us are workaholics who write whenever we aren’t working. Then you have the guys that write about their lives – whoa, now that should give any woman a complex.

Good looking male bloggers who reveal themselves at seminars, via video blogging, podcasting, about me sections or whatever have a tendency to attract very, very vocal women that comment their feelings on articles, and some on their own blogs. If you are an insecure woman with barely any trust in your man it will no doubt make you crazy. But the truth is this happens with any facet of public opinion, it isn’t exclusively a blogger thing. People read your work daily, or they see you, listen to you etc. and you establish an unconscious attachment with one another as performer and audience.

Personal Experience

It is due to this that I warn women about dating us; the jealous and insecure need not apply. I have always had a trouble with women in my life comparing themselves to the models on my site, the women who comment on articles and even actresses that I support. While this has been an ongoing source of frustration for me, I’ve had to work in a speech of “don’t be stupid and jealous like the last girl” into the introductory portion of my dating. Women act as if they are good with the attention we get but after some time (if you are brave enough to let them know about your blog) something comes out to show that they have a problem with it.

The best women for a male blogger seem to be either a woman that is also a writer/blogger or a busy body that isn’t too much into the internet. Due to the nature of our hobby so to speak it can come with extra drama that can seem unwarranted. A blogger is always thinking, always writing, always scheming for blog fodder. Depending on the type of blog and it’s popularity the blogger may always be talking about the site or mention it in casual conversation. Blogging and/or authoring articles is what he knows, and what he loves so it is as much a part of his life as anything else.

So if you find yourself dating an internet writer (read:blogger) be sure to check your insecurities at the door; women shouldn’t be wary of a man with a mighty pen (or typing finger). We aren’t much different from intelligent talkative guy, the only difference is that we choose to do our talking through the form of web articles and stories.

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