Jun 22

Fellas when it comes to the Strip Clubs and Strippers in general you need to know early on in your relationship how you stand with your girlfriend/wife with the trust issue. Some women trust their man and know that he has morals and self control so no questions are needed after the fact. Most women and I will reiterate for you guys here, MOST women are not gonna be feeling you on it at all, so they will be pissed, berate you with questions and give you shit whenever you attend an establishment. This is why you should find out early on about her feelings on the Strip Club, her feelings on you going to the Strip Club and whether or not you can be honest, or if you’re better off telling her enough to keep her happy and out of your face.

Women Don’t Want The Truth – Just Cause They Sell It Don’t Mean You Buy It
Women disillusion themselves with rules and control vices with us men dealing with the Club – this is fact. Oh you can look but don’t touch, you can’t go up in there if their full nude, blah, blah, blah. Figure out where she’s at and figure out how the hell you’re gonna play it.  Are you going to be Joe Honesty and really go in there,  cover your face and turn down lap dances or are you going to be Joe Gangster and keep it on a “need to know” basis? Like I said before, women ask for honesty but they really don’t want honesty. Don’t be an idiot and play by rules you can’t abide to. You’re either a liar or a choir boy, there is no in-between, the pimp rule says “I practice telling hoes everything but the truth”. Sounds cold right? But it’s the way of things when dealing with someone who is being extremely unrealistic with the laws of attraction. You go down that road of telling her every little thing and you lose the book in your relationship, lose the trust that allows you to think for yourself and you can even become a cancer to your other friends.

Your Girlfriend Tells My Girlfriend Everything
What you tell your girl 100% affects your friend’s situations. All of us have a friend or two who we purposefully avoid inviting to a Strip Club or relay anything about the events thereafter due to the fact that they will report back to their Queen Pin. If you are with a girl that you love and you plan to keep hanging out with friends on a certain level then you do not want this curse on you. When you tell your woman everything she begins to pass judgment on your friends without you knowing it. Soon it won’t be cool to hang with Fred anymore because she “doesn’t like Fred”. Well Fred was the one who took three girls to V.I.P. last time you went and your dumb spooning ass told your girl this just last week. In hindsight you never should have told her that but you are so blind to love that you released the info without much thought.

This is why I feel this information is important for a single bachelor to hear. Come to terms with who the hell you are right now and make up your mind to stick to it. Are you a 100% honest, punishment be damned choir boy or are you a lying, pragmatic type of dude. They both sound harsh but when you consider the punishments for both, there is no easy middle ground when it comes to a battle axe wielding, ball and chain hefting, significant other. If you choose the choir boy path, then make certain to keep it real to your friends so that they know where you stand. You don’t do Strip Clubs, you don’t do “guy’s night out” and you tell your girl everything. This is only fair because you never know who will be doing dirt that evening, thinking that you have his back being that you have never shown your cards as a talker. Most guys assume other guys are of the pragmatic nature until they get burned with a “I know where you were yesterday!” Off of some second-hand info from the snitch’s woman.

When you have come to terms with your nature, as I have stated, own up to it, be fully about it and do your friends a favor by letting them know it. Guys night out is Guys night out, this sacred tradition has always been shaken up by random married guy getting in trouble with the wife, or choir boy playing gangster getting caught and spilling the beans on everybody. Find out your lady’s stance on your trust and her degree of jealousy before you go poking your head within the walls of random Strip Clubs. Once you know this, decide your stance and stick to the script.

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  • jasmin

    Look, I’m no prude. I know that men are visual, blah, blah blah.
    I’d appreciate blunt honesty so that I could dump his ‘ I need to go to the strip club for “entertainment” or to keep up with my boyz’ azz . Not all men have this need-I’d prefer to be with who doesn’t. I honestly could never take a man seriously who needs or wants to spend time in these establishments. HUGE TURNOFF. HUGE RED FLAG. If they want to look at strippers they should marry one and leave me alone.

  • Sarah

    Or he can be upfront like Jasmin says. And the boys who refuse to be men can find women that are fine with them going to strip clubs (most likely that kind of chick will have someone on the side while you’re out in the club with your boys).

    • “And the boys who refuse to be men”

      Whoa there Sarah, must we hit below the belt on this? Truth be told, the liberal woman is a whore way of thinking is pretty typical but that does not make it true. I have a few friends whose wives and girlfriends have no issue with their guys going to a strip club, are we to say that they’re the type to go cheat on the guys for being cool with it? Some women are open-minded in this and others aren’t that’s about all we can say about it. The point of the article is that guys who want to be in the strip club should probably steer clear of women like you and jasmin or keep their business to themselves.

  • Sarah

    Had some thing great written for you but it got deleted. Oh well. I’ll sum it up. I don’t think liberal women are whores and never said so. If I love him; I don’t like to share my man with anyone. I consider strip clubs cheating and if he does go and lie best believe I’m gonna go out and get mine until I find someone better. I live in vegas. im up front and tell him I don’t go for strip clubs, he needs to do the same and tell me how it is so we don’t end up wasting eachothers time. So far I haven’t had a problem, its more of a tourist thing here. I do apologize for the harsh refusing to be men comment but as you listed two options I think the only viable one is to steer clear of women like me and be up front if strip clubs are your thing.. The deceitful “option” is what I intended my comment for.
    We can both agree different strokes for different folks, so to speak 😛
    ps. I’m pretty liberal in bed lol

  • Dave

    If your woman does not approve of something you want to do, it’s time to look elsewhere. Being forbidden to do something you enjoy on occasion because your special lady friend has determined it is unacceptable will only chap your ass more as time goes on. You end up lying, and then you end up leaving anyway. Do it now, before she throws out all your stuff.

    This applies to situations beyond the strip club. If you and your woman cannot agree to let each other be yourselves, you will never be happy.

  • scott

    Women like Sarah & Jasmin must prefer the type of guy that actually cheats rather than the ones who once in a while go out with friends friends for an age old male ritual. Have fun ladies, I see many cats in your future.

  • JustMyThoughts

    So, just want to say, that some of the BEST SEX has been had after my man has went to the strip club and returned home. Oh and try going with him, even better 🙂 But, not all men are created equal, and if your man is a numskull and shouldn’t be let out in public w/out a leash, then I guess it just sucks for you. Like all things, you have to have a healthy amount, the strip club visits shouldn’t out number your dinner dates. But anyway, all that is up to the individual couple to decide. But to shun the strip club out completely just b/c, is not cool.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback JustMyThoughts, it’s funny that misconceptions by people who have never been continue to plague the information streams about the strip club experience. From what I’ve seen in my lifetime, there are typically three types of strip clubs and they are dependent on the clientele. The first is the one of legend which is dirty, sleazy, and pretty disgusting – regular guys do not attend these types. The second is the Gentleman Club which accommodates both sexes and is typically a topless lounge that serves alcohol, and has strict rules. The third has no real formula and is the majority of what is out there. If a man specifically wants a prostitute he consults the first (although they can be found anywhere), if a man wants a good time then the remaining two is typically where he goes. People assume that all strip clubs are sleazy, so therefore they fear that their guy is going in there looking for a prostitute.

      The clubs I typically big-up here on the Hall of the Black Dragon are Gentleman Clubs. These clubs accommodate couples as much as they do single guys, or sneaky married guys. It is not odd to go into a strip club and see a couple enjoying a girl dance, or having a meal and a drink in the back – as if it were a regular lounge. Going to a strip club with your significant other is very much encouraged as it keeps the strippers safe, keeps the men out of the doghouse, and yes it leads to some passionate sex later on. But people will never know this unless they go and try for themselves, and of course we know that will never happen.

      Thanks for stopping by and lending us your opinion.

  • Jillian

    Well, I think it should be equal ….if my guy wants to go to a strip club, then I’ll go to one too. If he’s ok w/ me getting lap dances, then he’s really not the type of guy to end up with. He’ll be the fun guy, but not the …as the old saying goes….the marrying type (not that I’m looking for one to marry). Just not the sort of man I want to end up with, just enough to have some fun with for a while.

    And I would even take turns…I’d go to his club once in a while if he went to mine.

  • Amber Lee Rosen

    This is the most ignorant article. How about a man has a spine… And gets real with his friends and his girlfriend/wife. Are you really saying honesty does not exist? Reality of a situation? A choice between right and wrong? Get a grip…you lack self awareness and a morale compass. Hopefully you are single…