Apr 22

People have started to call Facebook “fake book” because of the number of so-called friends they have on there that are showcasing a false reality. While this is true in many cases, I have to ask: Who are we to police these people? And why is it that we care so much that they choose to be fakers? While I find it pathetic that someone would lie about what college they went to or their relationship status or places that they’ve traveled to, I still am not affected by it so it really means nothing to me.

But what is the point of it all? I know for business owners like myself I am forced to have a profile in order to keep pages up, but for Average Joe what is the point of Facebook? I know for networking it is priceless and with the fluidity of posting and sending messages etc. It is a one stop shop for communication but what’s the point of it if you join with the intent of keeping yourself hidden from people of your past? I am legitimately asking these questions by the way, I would like to know because when I sit back and think about it, all just seems more of a way to burn time than actually having some use.

What I use my personal Facebook for:

I have a sick sense of humor, so normally when I am posting it is either to troll someone else’s commentary or to post something that I found funny on the internet. Facebook is also a form of multiple text message option for me being that many of my friends do not use Twitter. Sometimes I do clash with the people that are living on Facebook because my jokes are taken as an offense (being that they worry that their fan-base will see what I have posted) #getalife. These people I kick from friends-list or put into a group that only sees my information and not my wall. Something about living in someone’s false reality just does not sit well with me, especially when I am made to sit quietly in the corner. .

Facebook has also become a bulletin board of sorts for me to see what’s going on in the latest sports event or the Real Housewives of whatever. It’s funny because this type of banter is better suited for Twitter but like I said many of them do not use that platform. So is there a point or is it just a virtual cyber high school? I do love the fact that I am in contact with friends from across the country through Facebook but some of the other nonsense is a bit annoying when you think about it.

Am I the only one with these questions or do you readers have answers for me in light Facebook?What do you think of the scripture quoting, political brow beating, and checking in to expensive restaurants that people use to impress each other on their individual timelines?

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  • I haven’t really been too interested in what others use Facebook for. So many studies come out about the use of technology, not to mention the critiques. Facebook and Twitter are great social networking sites for me. I get to publish my work and also stumble upon other articles/posts (like this one). Sometimes I wish people used it like I do but then again I wouldn’t have stuff to laugh at inbetween.

  • I think it is important to discuss and analyze people’s behaviors, thoughts, mindsets, and actions on Facebook because it helps to inform us more about their behaviors, mindsets, thinking, and actions off of Facebook. When we don’t seriously think about and analyze what people are doing on Facebook, then we will be overlooking the impacts that these persons have in life off of Facebook. I, too, have penned a couple of articles on my blog out how people live lies on Facebook, advance falsehoods, and have turned Facebook into “Fakebook.”

    I still think that Facebook can be quite useful for all people, regardless of who they are and what social, academic, and economic levels they are at in their lives. Even with the best things in life, people can find ways to use them in negative ways. This happens with Facebook. Facebook is a highly useful, positive, and productive vehicle but people don’t always use it responsibly.

    I have found Facebook to be useful for business purposes, communicating with friends in an interesting way (a way that does not require one to be on the phone and/or meet in person), reconnect with people, hook up with people (Lol), announce my posting of articles on my blog, maintain a page for my blog, and etc. The bible quoting, political advocacy, and other stuff is fine as long as it truly represents who these people are. Far too often, however, the bible quoting, political advocacy, and other stuff can be a natural extension of people’s falsehoods on Facebook and off of Facebook. Nice post.