Jul 09


Imagine that you woke up tomorrow morning and the man with the money and power no longer had the “over” in terms of pulling cute girls with long weave, designer shoes, and fake lashes? What if the genders balanced out in desires and women began to look for firm young men with fun-loving attitudes, single digit sexual histories and the desire to be loyal no matter what happens? Where would you stand, and what would you change about your life to accommodate this change?

Recently I wrote an article about how women should never be your goal in life and I meant every bit of it. Too often we see men climbing the corporate ladder, trading in sports cars and feigning riches in order to attract a date that they consider “out of their league”. We have balanced a woman’s youth and innocence with our financial assets and it has given us the over because looks fade and as we know once you start down Money Avenue the trees tend to pop up really fast with longevity.

So let’s look at our individual lives and the things we have striven for throughout the years. Have women been your goal in doing the things that you have done or can you comfortably say that you went your own way and what you have are things that you strove for on a personal level or more importantly for family? If women were to value what we value in a mate instead of chasing rich men, would it be a devastating blow to everything you’ve done to know that it was for naught?

Who needs money when you’ve got game?

There are certain traits that we all have and certain things that we can do to attract the opposite sex and it goes beyond riches, positions and material things. When it comes to “game” and “pulling chicks” you should lean on these things above all. Make a woman laugh, make her respect your code, your bravado, essentially YOU and no matter what switch in taste and desire comes about you will be safe.

If you have been guilty of grinding for sex then you should reflect on your life and what your ultimate goal is in doing that. Men who front for women and make their goals center around sex are never truly happy and usually end up becoming the worst mates for long-term relationships. You will be older, have had lots of sex in your shiny Mercedes, but would you be able to live with yourself if all of a sudden the money meant nothing?

Strive for goals that are of your own or for the greater good my friends, and if sex and a cutie is your end-goal for working, just remember that both of those things are available for rent at your local Strip Club. Aim higher and the love will be automatic, especially if the woman that you want turns out to not be a gold digger and all you will be left with is a purse full of gold and nothing to buy.

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