Nov 22


If opinions are like assholes then this one needs about 2 rolls of toilet paper, a colonoscopy and a  manual on personal hygiene. In this day and age if you eject this insult at a potential mate as if you expect to get confirmation, chances are you will be labeled a douchebag and dumped promptly. Many of you reading have this opinion and I will not turn this into a “let me play my video games in peace” article, instead I am going to break down why this argument won’t win you any favors from both men and women.

Gaming is no longer a genre, it’s a medium

We have television, computers, video games , smart phones and multimedia devices. On my Playstation 3 I am either watching a Blu-Ray movie, Netflix, the NFL package or playing Assassin’s Creed (for now). For people who assert that I am a childish bottom feeder, I have to ask… is owning the PS3 what makes me sad or is It the choice of using it to game periodically? I’ll wait for your eloquent answer.

Video Game playing isn’t solely a guy thing

If you’re making your little list of issues you have with men and add video gaming as a top turn-off, you may be contributing to the same traditional gender roles that your sisters have been fighting to diminish. I know a ton of game gals and they will fully admit to being guilty of gaming into the wee hours of the night the same way a guy does.

You believe that television is okay but gaming isn’t

The games of today are rated similarly to movies. This mean that a large portion of those “childish” video games are built for adults. You cannot expect a child to patiently navigate a game like L.A. Noire, Mass Effect or Grand Theft Auto. Sure some might but when the games were developed they did not do so with a child in mind.

Games have grown with their players

My generation brought in the couch potato, marathon gaming, pasty nerd of the future. It was us that let game developers know that it was okay to build games which took 60-80 hrs. to complete. It was us that made a pair of plumbers expand their business from cleaning sewage to picking mushrooms and flowers. We are the gamers and we still are the gamers, just like our little brothers and sisters and our children. We never stopped, which is my point, so the developers have grown their portfolios to keep us in the picture.

You sound old and out of touch with the times

Saying that video games is for children is your entitled opinion and we have to respect it but you have to respect our thought process that it is right up there with:

  • Masturbating will give you hairy palms
  • Black mothers have chocolate milk in their breasts
  • The earth is flat and scientists are New age Satanists
  • Prohibition

So go ahead and knock gamers, give us the side-eye and refuse to date us. I can personally guarantee that your company will not be missed and much of your opinion will not be wanted. I can also bet that your boss’s boss is a gamer yet he’s the one cutting your check. Interesting thought isn’t it?

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  • McThick

    I think that most women have a problem, not with every guy that plays a video game, but with the guys that do nothing else with their time. These gentlemen are, in fact, immature and in dire need of some life training.

    I enjoy video games, I really do, I just don’t have time to play them. The responsibilities of Family and Work come first. Then, if I have some spare time, I’ll pick up a controller of keyboard and kill some communists/terrorists/zombies.

    It’s all about moderation. Gaming should not be the most important feature in your life, especially not if you have plans to enjoy an adult relationship at some point.

    Additionally, ladies who hook themselves up with a chronic gamer looking to ‘change’ him into a respectable man are fighting a losing battle. He has to learn to not be worthless on his own…and doing his laundry while he plays MW3 is not going to help with that process.

    • I get what you’re saying but when you start tossing around buzz words like “adult relationship” and “respectable man” you lose half of us reading. The thing is those buzz words and the condescending tone strikes up the old argument about gamers and non-gamers.

      Let me break it down to you like this: You having the nuclear family with the white picket fence and dog is an adult relationship to you whereas a couple without kids, that do stuff they consider fun – like raiding on the weekend with their guild is as much an adult relationship to them as the old school mold that you’re subscribed to and writing the Newsletter for. The one point you made that everyone can agree with is the aspect of not being selfish with your time.

      I played Skyrim for 3 hours last night after finishing work for my business, if that makes me immature then so bet it. I’m quite happy and content with it.

    • By the way…

      “I think that most women have a problem, not with every guy that plays a video game, but with the guys that do nothing else with their time.”

      … is so true, I wish I could give you a trophy for message of the year.

  • Honestly the demographic of individuals described in the article and in the comments are seperate all together. Diehard extreme gamers generally are with like-minded individuals when it comes to gaming. If you’ve ever seen the documentary “Second Skin”, it focuses on those types of gamers who do nothing else but play WOW or whatever type of games that deem them to be irresponsible adults. This type of person will be in a relationship with a person who games to their degree. Hell people fly across the US just to be with someone that they were only familiar with as an avatar. And on the other spectrum the wifey/gf would not even be involved with someone like that. But in the end gaming is as normal as like you say watching TV or reading a book. Having a child myself I incorporate gaming partly as fun,entertainment, excercise etc. But I also use it as a tool for learning, cooridination, music. Gaming is in many forms lets not forget mobile devices, those same people who harp on the Xbox and PS3 heads are the same ones playing Words With Friends or Angry Birds. Games need to be in moderation nuff said, but nowadays everyones games. Now I wish I can get my kid off of my iPhone!

  • I really don’t see the logic some women use to assume that one is a “childish bottom feeder” simply because a man likes to play video games. Playing video games is an enjoyable activity for both men and women, so I really don’t see why women would have issues with men playing video games.

    What’s interesting is how they make sexuality assumptions in connection with video game playing, which is a big leap in reasoning. I assume being “a childish bottom feeder” is a bad thing. Lol! I guess it could be a bad thing for the women because it means they want be getting the male reproductive organ they want inserted in them because another man will be getting it. The women may want to consider that this lack of tolerance and understanding of a man’s desire to enjoy video game playing may lead him to anyone one who is willing to just let him be, even if that’s another man. This is an interesting topic that I may write about on my site and reference this article as the impetus for the article I compose. Good piece!

  • Mark

    Single, employed, no children, and I am a gamer. Whether I play all the time or some of the time is irrelevant, as I only have responsibilities to myself. Still, women have called me immature for “wasting my life” playing video games instead of taking a wife and breeding. Ironically, these women are internet and texting addicts who can never spend 2 minutes without their cell phones.

    If gaming was meant for children, then games like Doom, Battlefield and Quake would have never existed.

    Sometimes I think women hate anything that takes the focus off of their massive egos. Sorry, but I have enough male friends that have been royally screwed by loveless marriages and gender biased divorce courts to know that it’s better to remain unmarried and childless. I will continue gaming, remain single, and pay for some female action on the side, as I have always done.