Apr 24

Man thinking of a woman

On The Surface:

Physical Attraction – Let’s get this one out of the way right now as it’s what everyone knows and expects to be here. It is true, the first thing a man sees beautiful in a woman is her perfect, irresistible face and body. Every man has his own version of what traits makes for a woman to be irresistible but a lot of these traits crossover to enable a few women in society to be instantly recognized as beautiful to everyone looking at her.

Humility – Confidence is fine, but many men get turned off by women who constantly remind the world that they are beautiful. The thinking is that a true beauty is still not that comfortable with it to wear it as a crown, men like the chance at reminding her that she is a drop-dead gorgeous woman. This is why the most successful courtesans would play coy with their gentleman suitors. Men want to be the ones to tell you, not the other way around and it is one of the reasons why true beauties get so much attention.

A Sense of Style – There’s a common thought that women dress to impress one another as opposed to impressing a man, but that really only applies to things that are beyond the males understanding (shoe styles, purses, nail color, etc.) if a woman looks good, she looks good and you can bet your bottom dollar that men take notice. A woman with no style will be non-descript, invisible, and ignored, unless she is a natural bombshell (no matter how these dress down, men will stare).

Below The Surface:

Making Up For Our Shortcomings – A beautiful woman compliments a man in subjects and areas that he isn’t well versed in. No man wants a completely empty vessel or a know-it-all as a partner, but there is a level of beauty with a woman that can learn something from you as well as impart knowledge in return. We can teach the beauty about sports cars and she can teach us how to dress better, we can show her how to hold a 9mm handgun and she can teach us how to push the right buttons in bed. This is one of the most beautiful things about a woman that men look for even though it is never talked about.

Intense Loyalty – Every guy envisions his lady as being able to hold him down during the harshest of times. No matter how physically beautiful a woman is, she will lose out to an average looking woman who will get her man’s back in a bind. No man wants a flight risk, and unfortunately the drop-dead gorgeous women in society are stereotyped as being just that – they are loyal and loving once a man is attentive and rich but once the money dries up or he focuses too much on business, she will become bored and disloyal. There is a beauty in a ride-or-die chick that goes above anything else and most men agree with this.

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