May 13


Guilty. Guilty of the first degree murder charge, as she brutally slayed her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 28 times (mostly in the back), slashing his throat from ear to ear, and shooting him once in the temple with a .25 caliber gun. She then dragged his body to his bathroom shower, placed him in it, and left the house after locking the bedroom door. He was lying there dead and she was long gone for five days before anyone found him.

What would make a woman go to such lengths to end a man’s life? As one of the people who had the opportunity to watch the trial from day to day, it was clear to me that she is bat shit crazy, yet she also suffered from the same ailment that a lot of young women suffer from. She caught hard feelings for a man who wanted nothing more than her sex at his beck and call, and she was willing to do anything to change that into more.

Knowing how she felt about him, he was able to manipulate her through compliments, “loving” the way she moves, telling her she has the sexiest body he’s ever seen, telling her the way she moaned made him extra hot, etc. To a woman who wants nothing more than to have a man fully care about her, of course she gives him more of what he likes. But when she finds out he is interested in other women besides her, something clicked. 


What is it that makes a man feel as if great sex trumps everything? There are situations where great sex trumps how attracted he is to a face. Situations where great sex trumps how good he already has it with his main chick. And in this case, great sex trumped how crazy it was for Jodi to be hiding in the bushes staring through his window at him making out with another girl. It trumped the fact that she crawled through the doggy door of his home in order to investigate if he’d been with someone else. It trumped the fact that she slashed his tires on two separate occasions. I’m not saying this is Travis’ fault – nobody deserves the death he received. But I am saying this – the signs were there. Yet he refused to see them and continued to focus on that “good-good” being thrown at him up until the morning he was killed.

Be Painfully Clear About Your Relationship Status

Let this be a lesson to men. You have to remember that women are very emotional beings. They hurt when being used. They hurt even more when they are used and don’t realize it until they’ve fallen. You saw Vanilla Sky, right? I’m not knocking casual sex, but if you want to have friends with benefits, it’s best not to play games just to keep her around and make sure that it’s very clear from the start.

In fact, make it painfully clear, like, “I don’t see us ever being boyfriend and girlfriend, but I sure do like having sex with you and would like to continue doing that if you don’t mind”. Something like that can weed out the crazy girl from the beginning, as she will more than likely show her true colors at that time. I’m positive Jodi was crazy from jump and that’s why she was found guilty by unanimous decision. But, while everyone is reveling in the “victory” of the prosecution, the fact still remains – a woman scorned is scary, but a crazy woman scorned is nothing to f@&k with. 

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  • So Nia, I haven’t been keeping up with this case enough to know all of the gory details but I know that at one point she drove several miles to his house only to stand outside the window staring at he and his new girlfriend making out like some sort of Jason/Michael Meyers creature… At what point do you think he could have settled the boiling pot that was this woman’s emotions? Was the stare-down the beginning of the end, or was there more that eventually made her plot and carry out his execution?

    All of us grow up seeing men and women used and abused, left to find their own resources to mend the wounds. Once in a blue moon someone snaps and says “f–k that, I am going to hurt you more than you hurt me” and the next thing you know you have a wife grinding up arsenic to replace the medicine inside her husband’s pills, girlfriends lopping or biting off penises and men dumping women’s bodies off in the middle of nowhere. I always think that there is a time where the signals are flashing bright red before it gets to that point and as the accused you have a chance to do a “please baby forgive me” before you get dismembered or killed.

    Any insight as to where this point was and how Travis managed to miss it?

    • Nia Syrah

      I don’t think he missed it.. I think he chose to ignore it.. There was evidence of him telling his friends she creeped him out. But he still reeled her in as best he could… Even a month or two before his death there was the crazy recorded phone call that was very tell tale to me.. He was not interested in talking to her unless the call turned to sex, and when it did, you could tell he was driving it, not her.. But she quickly took the wheel once she realized that was what he liked..

  • You are right on point with this article. I kept thinking the same thing even though to say it was in a way not politically correct. I mean after all everyone wants nothing else but to detest the very ground she walks on. I am a believer in that there is always a consequence following a cause. Great article!

  • Joy Guyton

    Yikes ….. Well I’m unsure how he got the title “boyfriend” if he just was in it for sex. Everyone isn’t built for heartbreak and mind games. Then again, some people are initially emotionally unstable BUT, people ignore the signs when they are benefiting from the person. Little do they know, they are digging their own grave (literally)!!!