Aug 26

Intelligent men have time after time repeated the fact that being a woman must be hard. Of course it is. There is no doubt, and when i look at men, they have their own set of trials and tribulations but the emotional burden a woman carries for life is true insanity. Let me explain:

From childhood all a girl is conditioned to do is to look pretty. She must look pretty (and feminine) so that everyone can fawn over her and like her. She is conditioned to forego rough games and to make friends with other girls. Then she  grows up and everyone is on her case:

“Don’t sleep with a guy. You’ll end up pregnant.”

“Don’t sleep with a man, you’ll end up hurt.”

“Don’t sleep with a man because the moon will fall out of the sky!”

Is it any wonder that a LOT of young girls have no idea how to conduct a relationship when they have never had one and do not know how to defend themselves? It becomes okay for a son to bring a girlfriend home but let a daughter bring a boyfriend home and the whole household picks a fight. “The tramp is now fucking that man! How dare she!”

Women like sex too…

Men aren’t the only ones who claim dibs over a good fuck and that’s the sad thing about society. Women are to only express their emotion through talking and crying, men… through sex. Switch rules and the natural order of things (so to speak) is imbalanced, straightaway.

Women have to deal with period pains each month. I cannot even describe that pain. Just imagine someone grabbing a hold of your hand in a vice-like grip and slowly releasing it whilst you feel tired, sad, and miserable, wanting to be left alone. That’s the pain right there. No, we’re not mad. PMS exists and if guys could only understand that a hug and a bar of chocolate would do the trick, we’d have less angry women that are upset that their man doesn’t get it.

A woman has to take care of herself and her family

Born as a daughter, married as a wife and bearing as a mom, things get tricky fast. She leaves her own family, adjoins with a man’s, hoping to be accepted. Many times she isn’t accepted by his family, but does she have a choice? No. That’s the real issue here.

She can very easily lose her life whilst giving birth, but God has given her endless amounts of strength to bear the most unbearable pain known to us.

She raises that child with love and compassion, yet expects nothing back. She even loses sleep over it. Yet women are still looked down on, raped, humiliated, beaten, tortured and murdered because we cannot physically defend ourselves against a man’s brute strength.

Women go through emotional torture when their partner’s leave them. Sometimes we cry so much we don’t know if we’ll ever smile again and because of one man, we cannot ever trust again. The next man comes along and takes advantage of this.

Being a woman can be a hard thing

I’m a grown, strong woman yet occasionally I am a little girl.

I can go headfirst into this world and do whatever it is that i am supposed to do and still want someone to protect me at the end of the day. Why? Because I am a woman.

Guys have often made the mistake in thinking that because I am strong, I don’t have any emotion. They think that I don’t feel sad, low, miserable and that I don’t cry. That i am always in a positive mode and that nothing can affect me. I’m human and the little girl inside me and every other woman comes out every so often.

Men need to learn that just like there is a little boy inside that will never grow tired of fast cars and video games, there’s a little girl in every single one of us that wants to be told that she’s loved.

What is it like to be a woman? It’s the hardest job in the world, so all you male CEO’s can hang your hats on that.

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