Jun 24

single angry black man

Not so long ago I was a hardworking, successful entrepreneur who wanted nothing of women in my life. Odd to write this as much as it is to look back at it but sometimes as men we get so sick of the bull that we choose to become happily single.

Of course many of us know what comes with a life of single-hood especially if you have money; you get a bunch of nosy “normals” in your business trying their best to figure out what is broken in your gears. People like this tend to call young successful couples with money selfish for not wanting kids and guys like myself gay for not being married or having a baby mama of some sort. It’s true.

Being who I was, the threats of nosy assumption and thirsty nieces of mom’s close friends was not enough to deter me from a life of M.O.E. (money over everything) and I know my insight here is invaluable because there are many young men out there who are going through this right now.

What made me choose this path?

The longer you remain single the longer nature prods and pokes you to find a mate. It happens to the most stalwart of us and the mind begins to craft this perfect woman who will ideally fit into our lives as opposed to disrupting it. As a successful guy you get lots of hook-ups, but as a busy guy you have little time for experimentation.

Common sense tells you to shift to a menu of women that can be dissected and categorized based on looks, likes, salaries and background. The answer to this is online dating but it comes with the dilemma of people being liars, exaggerators (women who say they love the great outdoors because they went hiking once at 16) and did I say liars (fake profile picture for the loss)?

So I dug through my potential mates looking for a career woman who like myself valued the bottom-line as well as individuality and found myself some interesting prospects to date. After a number of wasted Friday nights on disappointing options I settled on one young beauty, only to dump her a year too long into a relationship that I now admit was for the wrong reason… you know what it is.

The path of solitude

After being burnt out on dating and relationships with young, indecisive, overly judgmental girls, I settled back into single-hood at peace. If you have never dumped someone I cannot explain to you the feeling you get once you drop the dead weight and hop back into your car knowing you will never have to hear her nag on and on about her drama-filled life again.

It is such a great feeling, comparable mostly to quitting one’s job after hitting some sort of jackpot, or being hired elsewhere for more money and less responsibilities. It makes you want to take an extended break and it is why single-hood can feel so good.

Solo on your own terms

Some of us are meant to be with someone, we secretly have the desire but may not want it badly enough to have it eat us alive. This was me so I did not stay alone for long, but there are men out there who are just as happy by themselves as they would be with the girl of their dreams. It isn’t for us to judge them for this because it is their choice and reality.

So the next time you see a man who is doing the damn thing – solo – and you wonder why he hasn’t rushed out to find a woman to make this ideal reality of humanity that you have convinced yourself is normal; just think about my story and the fact that solitude is at times a happy place for people.

We aren’t all running around trying to get married, and like I felt back then, I feel the same way today. I just wish people would respect our choices even when it doesn’t fall In line with their belief structure.

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