Apr 24


From blaming Video Games for gun violence to blaming rappers for rape, it never ceases to amaze me how the fad of generalizing becomes so popular when it never fixes the problem at hand.

Do you know what I find funny about the current assault on Hip Hop with labels such as “rape culture” (since Misogyny is no longer the popular word of the day)? I find it funny that while the implications are serious, the people making the most noise do not buy, have never bought, and will never buy the albums of the rappers that they are going in on.

Look at it this way, it comes off as if they are skipping over everything else wrong with radio hip hop in order to find the few instances of alleged rape. Bear with me here rape is a brutally terrible crime but what about the other crimes people brag about on the radio?

  • Violence against other black males
  • Violence against children
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug recipes (half of these songs tell you how to cook crack)
  • Self-Hate and colorism
  • Gang Advertising (half of the popular rappers are admitted Blood and Crips)

These are all things that you skip over in the lyrics to get to the one point where the rapper mentions putting drugs in women’s drinks… wow! I guess it’s just the wrong month to write ignorance right? Because guess what? None of this is new!

Just ststing his opinion on dark-skinned women in red lipstick made A$AP Rocky the most hated rapper among black women feminists.

Just stating his opinion on dark-skinned women in red lipstick made A$AP Rocky the most hated rapper among black women feminists… taking some attention off of Rozay.

It’s amazing how in the span of a month one genre of music has been picked apart and dissected for its lyrics to promote political correctness (probably because it’s the easiest target). I am not sure why beating up on Hip Hop has become the new hotness for knee-jerk reaction blogs, and trash media, but if it was a war all cross-hairs are firmly pointed at Hip Hop and nowhere else.


Tell me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the conversation move to bigger picture things like Community agendas that can educate a young Chief Keef before he becomes a rapper, or a young Rick Ross, versus making it an extension of the veiled vilifying of the black male? Trust me, we see the forest for the trees.

What makes this confusing is that ignorant lyrics, rape allegations, and off-color remarks about historical figures have always been in the music. Let’s be real here – I won’t say any names but one popular rapper threatened to rape your daughter if she’s older than 15, one legend threatened to shoot your daughter in the calf muscle, another said he’d take the cookie… I can go on, but these things were in the music back when it was the 90’s and Hip Hop was in its golden era. Oh how soon we forget!

molly-pillsThe Art of War says to “know thy enemy” and to consider the odds, the outcome, and the situation of a battle before engaging in it. Unfortunately with Social Media activism there doesn’t seem to be any organization, any reason, or any point to half of their agendas and this attack on Hip Hop seems to be another passing fad.

This is just sad because rape, suggesting rape, and backing up rapists are real issues that we should 100% fight against but Hip Hop as the feminist bogeyman is something I cannot get with. It takes the focus off of the real perpetrators of the buzzword “rape culture” and only serves as fodder for badly written blogs by people who are ill-informed about Hip Hop culture and the things that are placed within the lyrics.

In other news the promotion of the drug Molly is still seen as okay so long as it isn’t placed into the drink of a young lady.

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