Oct 07

Looking for a formula to getting lucky with women? Here’s the secret (queue drumroll) the only formula you should have going into anything with a woman is the 2-strike rule and a sense of confidence. When you use a cheat sheet from some “love expert” to gauge your chances with a woman, it is about as useful as getting your palm read by an 8 yr old. Oh so you followed the 48 Laws of Pimpology by Pimpin’ Ken and scored yourself a hot date? Well who’s to say that had you freestyled it she would have been down regardless… hmm, see and there is no way to test this premise being that every woman is a unique human being.

I don’t like formulas, I think that they cause more harm than good so why go there? Really, do you think that calling a woman after three days is a solid way of showing interest? Do you buy into the premise that calling her the day after to say hi shows desperation. As a successful day-after-meeting guy, I call bullshit to the premise. Tell you what my fellow dragons, if you don’t want to keep a lady around, follow a formula. Now some of you may read this and go “pfft this fool is a hypocrite, his site has all sorts of laws and codes yet he craps on formulas”. See a code or law is extremely different from a formula, in the sense that the codes and laws change the man whereas the formula assumes all women are the same.

There are small formulas that will amount to common sense and self respect that I cannot deny. These are few and far between however since most are along the lines of “lick her — and she will —” or “pick up the tab or she will think that you are a scrub”. I stress that a man should date around and get his bumps in because it builds character. It also allows you to develop a sense of knowing when you can or cannot push the envelope with someone. Dating and scamming is always a game of trial and error, you never know how a person thinks or what influences they may or may not have behind the representative.

Dates are meant to be a fun and adventurous time to meet and interview someone with whom you have an attraction to (unless you’re doing it as a favor to someone… which is just wrong). Play things by ear and allow experience, selflessness and common sense to decide your fate. Trust me, it will end up better for you in the long run and you won’t feel like an ass when you call three days later and she asks you to lose her number.

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