Jan 19

I cannot understand the lust for clubbing and the club life – that is, well I cannot understand the wont for this as a 30-something or worse yet a 40-something. I clubbed A LOT in my twenties, and I sometimes wonder if the possibility of being burnt out can explain my attitude but I can recall one day at 25 years old, I was in a club with friends, walking around drinking, hollering at random uninterested chicks and having an enlightenment of sorts. A kind of out-of-body experience where I looked around, put the mixed drink on the bar and uttered “what the hell am I doing here? This is lame”.

Have you felt this way in the Club before? Or maybe it was somewhere else, like church, your girlfriend’s house or at a family member’s place who annoys the hell out of you. Normally that utterance is made because you feel that your time and efforts are being wasted at the place in which you uttered it at. I myself did not feel as if I was having fun in the club so I questioned my reasoning in going there. Now as an older man that refuses the club invite regularly, I can actually explain the reasoning for not wanting to go versus saying I hate them. Why not the club:

I’m grown
The club just smacks of horny college student angst to me or 40+ yr old loser scamming on young naive tail. It feels dirty, immature and ridiculous whenever I go. The older chick who is blatantly single feeling up my neck and trying to get me to take her home. The jackass who lacks the balls to hold his liquor much less hold his own in a fight for disrespecting me – which normally happens after he drinks. The girls who go out because they don’t have a guy and want a guy but don’t want a guy talking to them in the club because he only wants one thing – ya mull that one over for a bit. It just all smacks of High School and Freshman year of college.

I’m way too gangster
Seriously, I’m about my money, I dress clean, live clean and aspire for greatness. What would a guy like me want in a club? I feel like a loser when I’m in the club begging some average bartender to pour me a watered down Tanqueray and Tonic while some old skank reeking of cigarettes tries to get my attention. I would much rather an upscale restaurant, some light entertainment, Jazz and a meal to give my tastebuds an orgasm. That way when I leave, I can drive without being up on the curb, I probably could or would have met a nice sophisticated woman and my stomach is full.

I have my own liquor
When I finally looked at what it was I did at the club it cycled back to liquor in terms of the positives. In my youth I would go to try and score numbers and interest from beautiful women, but when you’ve had your share of chicks pushing you off, acting stank and not wanting to talk, you realize that this exercise is futile at best. In my later years I had a very “fuck dem hoes” type attitude about it so I would go, get tipsy and go dance with any willing chick out there. Beyond that, I began to drop the chick thing, go get tipsy and float home risking a DUI for no reason. I am a grown man, my shelves have liquor now, why risk lives to get what I have waiting at home.

So in my 30s now I don’t feel bad about turning down the club, chances are I have better things to do. Many times I am being invited out by friends who haven’t had a chance to be burnt out like I have, they haven’t earned my stripes, nor have they risked jail time like I have. To be honest I cannot fathom what they see in it either. They don’t/won’t dance, they don’t hollar at the girls and they don’t play the bar. Its as if we are paying cover just to look at a bunch of average after-work chicks dancing in a circle with each other and unwilling to part with a number or some tail. What is the point?

I say leave the Clubs to the young and impressionable. If you want to dance, find a nice classy club through someone who frequents it and go with them to guarantee a good time. Hell the last time I was in Miami I danced the entire night due to being with someone who knew when and where to go for a good time? What really drove the nail in the coffin was my realization that many people will troll clubs looking for a good time and will more times than none hit 3 different spots without liking any of them. I’m sorry I’d rather sleep in. Am I the only one who has had his fill of this lifestyle? Or is it the cranky old man in me not wanting to be social with drunk, offensive people?

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  • Sarah

    Dragon, this right here explains why you go to strip clubs instead. I feel sorry for you but I get it now where youre coming from.. Just remember strip clubs also have an age limit unless you’re “that guy” which I don’t think you are. Play on player.

    • Hey Sarah, first of all thanks a million for visiting us and contributing your comments to these articles. This is one of the most honest articles I’ve written and it came at a time when I had friends and girlfriend prodding me to death to go clubbing on the weekends. I tired of it in college and I won’t ever recover from being tired of it, there are many other things out there to occupy a 30-something and I much rather do them.

      To the Strip Club, I may write heavily on that subject (it is one of my favorite subjects) but I really do not go as often as it seems… anymore. If you have a woman it isn’t cool to frequent the spot but come birthdays, website records and bachelor parties we are there en masse and it’s back to the fun like younger years. Thanks again, and I disagree on the age limit on going to the Strip Club lol, I just hope that at 60 I can bring the girls to me and not be that old dude rolling up into the spot.