Feb 15

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You have a desk job, a family, and what seems like no time to get to the gym to work on your health. Well… at least this is what you tell people when they ask you why you don’t join a gym when you start complaining about your weight… or heartburn…  or sleep issues. Well what if I were to tell you that you could skip the gym all together and work on your body daily while living your life?

It will take some sacrifice, but just a little bit I promise. The following is a guide you can use to make for a slimmer, fitter and more fulfilling life all without competing with some douchebag in the gym for time on the bench press.

Reduce your portions

Most of us overeat without realizing it because we are so used to “feeling full” whenever we get up from a table. Moving forward you should look at “feeling full” as a mark of failure for that session of eating, you should feel satisfied, not full whenever you eat. A good measure of this is to ball up your fist and imagine that ball as the portion you should be consuming in one sitting.


Trust me eating smaller portions will not kill you, quite the opposite actually, it will influence your body to accept smaller portions along with burning away the bad stuff to make room for the good.

What I like to do is half my meals at restaurants since restaurant food is pile of sodium lumped into tremendous portions that are sold to us as normal. Order your food, cut it all in half and ask for a box immediately. The remaining half should be your meal and you can consume the rest a few hours later when you’re hungry.

Take the stairs and park further away from work

If you have parking options try to get to work earlier than normal and park a ways away from work so that you have to walk back and forth every morning and evening. If your office is on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor you should bypass the elevator every time and use the stairs.

We take for granted the fact that our lives are completely supplemented by shortcuts in life and if we bypass them our hearts will actually get some work. The stairs will only suck for the first week or so, but you get used to it and will burn additional calories daily for it. Use your legs more instead of your fingers.

Caffeine, water and avoid the break room

We know that the break room at work is a mine field of sugar and fat so it will do you well to avoid hanging out in there where Molly from the IT department can hound you to try her mom’s pumpkin cookies. Keep a few bottles of water at your desk at all times and get in the habit of drinking them and if you can deal with caffeine then make sure you get some in the morning.

Caffeine is a great appetite suppressant as well as water, so the temptation to snack on office garbage will be well diminished if your belly is full of healthy liquid.

* * * *

It’s as easy as that folks when it comes to prepping your body for healthier living. Now when you have done this for a time and you want to ramp things up a bit then you can mix in a few more steps within your daily routine:

  • Wake up an hour early and walk/jog for 30 minutes around your neighborhood.
  • Do 3 sets of 30 pushups and crunches before your shower every night.
  • Do 100 side-bends in the mirror every morning before work.
  • On the weekend try walking to your favorite store instead of driving.
  • Go to the pool more often and actually swim.
  • Try an amateur hiking trip… you may like it.
  • Pick up an extremely physical hobby – over 30 flag football is amazing.

Whatever you choose just know that it will come easily once you do the steps outlined above during your daily routine. Once you start down this path, this Road of Kings, you will find that sleep, sex, and digestion becomes so much better you will wonder why nobody has told you to do all of this before.

Credit for Photos | Images: modernmoves.me
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