Feb 19

Jay Cutler getting big

I am asking this question of myself and others like me really – I, like so many others who frequent the gym find It to be a bastion of annoying, unlikable people, standing in the way of the workout. The funny thing is that most people think this way… so in essence the gym is a crazy hell that we subject ourselves to daily.

The ultimate gym for the workout enthusiast is an empty, private place, frequented only by those you know, and those who are “serious”. By now you probably think I’m an asshole if you aren’t one of the people in this fellowship. It is why lifters aim at going in at 6am or 10pm when the “Regulars” are in bed.

It depends on the gym

Back when I was at a former small gym my attitude was very different towards members. People at the time came to work out and when you had someone doing any of the offenses that meatheads hate (curling in the squat rack, sitting on a bench to watch you work out, screaming like a barbarian…) they stuck out. The lifters had a mutual respect and conversations were held while the sets were going on.

Recently I moved away from there and found myself a member of the LA Fitness chain… it was Bally’s 2.0 and the “serious” factor of bodybuilding was gone in lieu of a hangout for casuals. It soured my mood, and when I looked around at the boys and girls who were in their to get bigger I saw the same attitude reflected on their faces… they hated “the gym”.

People with money, land, and their own houses can afford to build their own facilities – which to be honest is every muscle boy’s dream. I thought that I was alone in my gym hostility till I joined a community online and read the constant complaints that people have:

What annoys bodybuilders the most about the gym?

  • The music… can’t blame the gyms for this however, people have different tastes,
  • Roid droids who throw weights and lift shirtless. We get it dude, you want everyone to look at you.
  • People who sit on equipment just to play on their phones.
  • Douchebags who sip on shakes IN THE GYM and spend their time talking to one another loudly. Nothing screams poseur more than this guy.
  • Naked old men in the locker room who want conversation. Ancient Rome is thataway buddy.
  • People who don’t shower, sweat like pigs and never bring towels.
  • Know-it-all, wannabe trainers, with no size on them, trying to correct your exercise.
  • New Year’s Resolution lifters.
  • Lazy bastards that don’t rack their weights!
  • Men who stare… do I know you?
  • Circuit trainers who act as if occupying 3 machines simultaneously is okay.
  • Guys that shadow box in between bench press machines. Okay Ken Shamrock if you mess up my set we’re fighting for real.
  • Forgetting that doing chest on a Monday is about as smart as driving the wrong way on the interstate.

After reading that list if your attitude is one of “mind your own business then!” I will assure you that we do… it is why you see most “Serious” lifters with ear-buds in, tunnel vision locked, and mouths firmly closed. We want to pretend that we are in a gym where our bodies can get destroyed in order to heal better. Not a romper room full of egos and guys sizing each other up from across the room.

So in summary I would say that gym members are unfriendly because people in general are inconsiderate assholes. It has gotten to the point where a good workout demands a great set of ear buds and a whole lot of patience.

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  • disqus_EwD9KO4mnr

    No matter which locker I choose, I always end up next to “Ancient Rome” dude.

    • Muhahahah that dude is everywhere! I get that after a certain age we start not giving too many f!*ks what people think but I don’t think I will ever get to the point where swinging dick and discussing Obama in a lockerroom will be cool to me. Just saying.

      • When my mum used to take us to the gym as kids I always hated going into the Mens because there was always about 4 over 50 men with their todgers (Penis in English English) hanging out. I always felt it was wrong. Maybe thats just me though…

  • Jim

    I have several dislikes about gyms. That is in this day and age because it is not the same as some years ago. Gyms today reflect American society at least in many regions of the USA. Cold, distant, acting afraid someone will say hello to you. It really is a shame and I blame much on todays current generation. There is no crime in saying hello to people you see year after year in a gym. In fact it is abnormal to seem so distant. Say hello and be on your way there is no crime in that. Who knows sometime you may make the best friend of your life. It just seems strange to me to never say hello to people and the young guys in their 20’s are the extreme worse. I actually feel sorry for them and their lack of interaction. Reason being I think it extends to all aspects of their life. They basically are unfriendly and unappealing to be around.


      I am with you 100%. I just posted about muscle-building monsters, but the younger people are also unfriendly, as a group. I do little things to goad them out of their comfort zones, and sometimes it works, other times they dont give a sh#t, and so I treat them accordingly.