Nov 20

lindsay lohan

Can somebody please explain to me why America is so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan? I could understand if she was a gifted, super-talented necessity to cinema that happened to fall by the wayside but from where I’m standing she’s just another child star who turned out rotten. A very cliché result of Hollywood parenting

Why does this woman get 24/7 media coverage from gossip sites like TMZ? If Lindsay misses her probation we hear about it, if she’s found drunk we hear about it, if Lindsay has another garbage project—there have been quite a few—people act as if it’s her return to glory. What in the world is going on?

Look I know the media has it’s favorite targets to saturate the world with — like Kim Kardashian, but with Lohan there seems to be this odd adoption of her by the consumers that confuses me. She has become everyone’s drugged up little sister who they monitor and hold out hope that she will go to rehab and get her life together. But what has Lindsay done to get the attention that she’s getting?

I know that many of you will tell me that it’s par for the course and that any celeb that is a train wreck would get the Lohan treatment but it feels very different with this girl. When Britney Spears went bald that was the only other time I saw this level of concern and obsession but by that time Spears had under her belt a legendary Pop career and millions of fans. Who the hell is Lindsay Lohan in comparison to this?

Are there any Lohan fanatics out there who care to explain the media obsession? One of our partners who follows the hype had this explanation:

I can’t really explain why her. I think it’s safety by the tabloids. She stays relevant because TMZ will report any time she sneezes so they have some content. “LINDSAY IS AT IT AGAINNNN”. If it’s crazy enough, people will still read the headline and be like “whaooaoa she’s fuckin up again”. She’s a safe sell only because she’s been a safe sell for years.

I always think about that Southpark episode where they chase Britney all over and put her on stage when she’s missing half her head, then end up sacrificing her because “that’s how it must be. We build up some young person so we can tear them back down”

So according to my man we get the Lindsay news because she is an easy sell… which means that you – the readers are pushing the hype. Why is the Lindsay Lohan news so attractive to you? I really would like to know, so if any of you are brave enough – please explain in the comments.

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  • Michaela

    Lindsay grew up rotten for sure and we helped. Lindsay Lohan’s life is like if The Truman Show and Cabin in the Woods met, fucked and had a baby. Nodding my head to South Park episode as well we are the ancient ones that demand sacrifice watching Lindsay destroy herself and rooting for her at the same time. Her branding is phenomenal and constantly changing. America loves cute little girls that grow up and want to show off their bodies. Hello Toddlers and Tiaras. We wonder if we had the same experiences with growing up too fast, excess of money young, then your parents making it about themselves somehow, if we wouldn’t have turned out the same way. Maybe we compromise and and just do a little too much blow and maybe not drive drunk like a Neanderthal. I don’t know. Personally, I love her. I think she is a beautifully relatable soul.

    • Thank you for the perspective. This portion is disturbing to say the least:

      “America loves cute little girls that grow up and want to show off their bodies.”

      We have seen it happen time and time again, the creepy countdowns to 18, the obsession with 16 yr old starlets (Chloe Moretz being one of the latest) and then the ambiguous celebration of their eventual fall from grace. Thanks for the comment.

  • Garland

    Lindsay Lohan’s appeal to me is simple,I care about her and don’t want to see her self desruct.I think she was a real cute girl who grew up right before me and blossommed into a pretty woman.I know the things she has done but I really want her to make it because she is so human and not that different from the rest of us.I really do love her and I don’t want her to be another tragedy like so many others.I am older than most of you,in fact older than her parents.I have neices older than Lindsay.She is doing a lot better now and I want her to make a full recovery.I just wish she could cross a street without photographers swarming all over her like a swarm of bees.I believe she can do it.

  • Harry

    It’s her beauty. Love at first sight.