Jan 06


Why is it that some women deem it okay to stare at men when their guy is next to them looking the other way? We are continuously reminded that as men we like to stare at other women’s breasts and asses so why is it that women staring is so understated?

Consider this scenario: Some athletic guys stroll by a couple of women and their boyfriend barbecuing and the women seemed to be genuinely interested in them. The way that the men could tell that the women were interested was due to the focused, hard stare and lip-biting that occurred as soon as they walked past their station. The guy that was with the women was no bodybuilder but was in a romantic relationship with one of the women.

Disrespect can be one of the most subjective off occurrences but to actively stare at someone in the way that both women did seemed pretty cut and dry that they wanted to show their attraction. This showing was a bit disrespectful to the man cooking, being that his girl was actively participating in the ogling. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t speak for everyone on these slights. Some men maintain the position that   if you are her man then you have nothing to worry about so she should be allowed to “observe the menu”. Others take it as a pass for them to equally stare at hot women, while another side (where I stand) feels as if it just should not be done with your mate around.

To be honest, staring at the opposite sex happens a lot, but most girls are courteous enough to trail their guy whilst staring at other men so that his eyes are unable to catch her flirting. One day a friend of mine was in traffic when he caught a Latina staring lasers into him from the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car. The boyfriend seeing this, punches her across the jaw in typical wife-beating pretty boy fashion, and though I don’t condone woman beating (or man beating) in any fashion, that made it very obvious that he didn’t appreciate the innocent staring.

Cynically… doesn’t it seem that the same chicks would never stare if they were by themselves? Yet if she’s walking with her boyfriend, or a few drinks into girl’s night out and her eyes will go crazy. It ranks right up there with wearing a wedding ring and getting hit on versus getting little attention when you are obviously single. I am curious to know why life works out this way; I mean the stares are flattering but are the women willing to even act on it? Can we make a b-line for a dark corner when the boyfriend skips out? Of course not, this is why I say nay, it is just more games, more disrespect and more reasons to throw our hands up in frustration at the game and the players within it.

(This original May 4, 2009 article by Greg Dragon has been revised and republished)

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