Apr 18

Power lifter doing front squats

Well as we all know men rarely if ever work out their legs in a gym – it’s just too hard and painful. Hell, I haven’t been able to walk for the past 5 days dues to going absolutely ape on some front squats (hence this article). Legs hurt if you do them correctly, they hurt like hell and they are such a big muscle group that the pain is absolutely insane. Most guys shy away from a squat rack due to:

  1. Not being comfortable with balancing the weight.
  2. Knowing that they won’t be able to lift a lot due to not being used to working their legs.
  3. The uncomfortable pain that follows a real leg workout.
  4. Feeling as if they don’t have to, due to the fact that humans walk and run a lot outside of the gym.

Of course each and every one of these excuses is extremely ridiculous but when we do see men on the squat rack, what do we see? I’ll tell you what we see, we see bad posture, a whole lot of loud noise, posturing, and way too much weight on the rack being transferred more to their back than their actual legs. Squats without proper technique is a common theme in gyms, and I have noticed that even I cannot get a good deep squat without supervision, because going it alone is freaking scary. Imagine toppling backwards with 500lbs on your shoulders?

This is why I like the front squat, it isolates my legs, forces me to maintain a proper posture throughout the exercise, and I can take it ass-to-floor without worry than I am going to break my back. Front squats are the truth, but they don’t allow you to go up to “show-off weight”, so poseurs need not apply.

Recently I found an excellent article on front squats over at T-Nation.com (understatement, I know) and it’s by Lee Boyce, explaining the benefits of the front squat along with directions on how to do it. Check out this quote and his video:

“So why does the front squat so often get thrown under the bus? For one thing, front squats are hard work, something that many commercial gym heroes tend to avoid like egg yolks and body hair. Since moving heavy weight for the cell phone camera is priority number one for your typical egocentric meathead, most stay in their comfort zone and bang out leg presses, leg extensions, and sordid half-rep back squat perversions, complete with more mid-set grunting and groaning than a porn casting.” – Lee Boyce

If you are interested in walking like a stud and having the legs of a Titan, check out his article “Fix Your Front Squat” and read what he has to say on it. There’s a level of sophistication that comes with a man who does his squats to the front because it shows that he is not one of the curling, bench pressing and posturing clones in the gym. It shows that he just might be serious about his bodybuilding.

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