May 10

Disgruntled woman

There’s an interesting occurrence that comes up whenever you mix one part single, pretty girl with a few non-confident guys that like her and an oblivious confident guy who merely sees her has dating potential. See, the confident guy will have sex with some effort and attention given, while the other lot will sit back and become both resentful and hateful of them both. What makes this even more interesting is that 60% of the guys will ignore her, 10% will try lines and PUA games, and the other 30% will pretend as if they didn’t care either way.

It starts in school when us boys finally figure out that girls are pretty and that having a pretty one as our girlfriend will make us more like our uncles or our Alpha Male heroes that are shown on TV. Little boys being naturally shy will write notes to the girl, send a friend to ask her out, or any number of formal things to avoid rejection in hopes that she will check “yes” on the like box and fulfill their fantasies. At that time it’s innocent, but as we get older and more cognizant of how rejection works, the resentment factor seeps it’s way in to the point where many men assume that pretty women are stuck up divas.

What many adult men will do upon seeing a beauty is to immediately go on the defensive about their feelings. They play the background, avoid eye-contact, never engage in conversation and some will even become aggressively violent, just to force an engagement which doesn’t start with them making the introduction. Sad, I know… if you’re a woman reading this I am quite sure that I am not telling you anything new, now am I? We men do this, and if you’re wondering as to why, I will tell you. Men do this in hopes that you will go out of your way to win their attention since we all believe that you want every single male’s attention within your aura.

Russell and His Advice

Coming up I knew this kid named Russell who tried to impart some knowledge on me about pretty women just because he managed to score one of the better looking girls in my High School and thought himself the expert.

His advice went something like this “See Greg the reason why you don’t have a girl as bad as mine is because you’re too nice to them. When you walk up to girls you say shit like ‘how you ladies doing’, when I walk up to them I say ‘how y’all hoes doing?’ and that’s why I get so much pussy” – I wish I could say that I followed Russell’s advice but I didn’t, he just struck me as a loser who was full of it, living out what would be the best years of his entire life so I let him have that. What Russell does show us however is that men are actually encouraged to treat pretty girls like crap in order to get ahead with them. Imagine that.

The problem is that unlike Russell who found the right pretty girl with the right amount of low self-esteem, most women will ignore the guy pouting in the background, pretending to not give a damn about her. If this is supposed to be game then it’s a terrible one. If you talk to every single girl in a room except the beautiful one, she will automatically know that you are a herb. If you take a beautiful woman out and pretend as if you don’t notice that she’s hot as hell, then she knows that you are trying way too hard to normalize her.  It doesn’t work!

If you want to talk to beautiful women, take a page from the Wolf handbook and treat them just like every other woman that you’ve liked. Engage her, impress her, then bag her and call it a night. Ignoring someone will not force them to win you over to their side unless they are running for governor. Check your game fellas! We are better than these grade-school antics and the game does not favor us with this passive-aggressive tactic.

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  • Adele

    Guys have told me I’m one of the better looking ladies in my grad class and I remember the first semester it was like a mad dash to get in my pants and date me. Almost all the guys had obvious and lame game. The most confident was the alpha and we ended up dating for a while. And everybody was hating, male and female, and trying to break us up. Now I know I’m not crazy lol!!

    • yo yo

      This is why I get so much satisfaction by putting alpha males in hospitals. Their so called alpha is thrown out the window!!!

      Don’t bring up that alpha male nonsense that only exists in the animal world. Looks like we have to many animal minded females, maybe it’s true, as I’ve heard before,”woman are dirtier that men when it come to sex”.

  • BetterButter

    LOL. Or maybe I just don’t care? If I abandoned my friends every time a pretty girl walked into the room, I doubt I’d have any friends left before long. Sorry for being popular in social situations.

  • Juice

    Some parts of this article is full of crap. What does this even mean? ” If you take a beautiful woman out and pretend as if you don’t notice that she’s hot as hell, then she knows that you are trying way too hard to normalize her. It doesn’t work!”
    Seriously dude?

    So because someone knows how to put on her make up all of a sudden people must now start acting like brainless, gawking zombies with little to no self esteem? This sounds like it was written by a guy with zero confidence and comfortability in himself as a man. Putting myself in the mind of a “pretty girl”, I would feel pretty fawking bored and frankly irritated if every person of the opposite sex I spoke to acted like a drooling idiot just because I said hi to them.

    I would feel more comfortable with someone who has enough self control and self-respect to not act like I’m better than them, because I really wouldn’t be. I would prefer such people as they would give me perspective, and would bluntly tell me things as they are, not trying to french my arse with lies and sweet words. If I was going to have a relationship with someone, it would be with someone like that who’s self awareness demands mutual respect and who would accept nothing less.

    Men and women aren’t neccessarily wired that differently if you actually employ the tool of empathy. It’s just different circumstance.

    • yogagirl

      I am going through this situation with someone at work and I must say it is driving me mad a little because I am attracted to him. But your response to this article pretty much nailed the response I am going to give his passive aggressive b.s. from now on. Thanks!

      • afaf

        Don’t assume things just because you read an article. How self-centered & insecure are you? Maybe he did nothing to you & you’re interpreting everything wrong?

      • mi

        You ASSUME that I am self centered and insecure before even knowing the whole story. Anyway, I’ve already moved on from this many months ago. Thanks for your “enlightening” words.

    • Mayz


    • Mallory

      Dear God you over generalized the entire thing by trying TOO hard to find a reason to argue. The author is simply saying that taking a beautiful woman out and not telling her she “looks lovely tonight,” is just another childish technique that many men will try to employ to deflect their level of interests. It’s a petty game and whether you think the woman is beautiful or not isn’t really the point. The point is that beautiful or not, a woman would be appreciative If a man paid her a kind it compliment. That does not go to say that a woman is desperate for reassurance of her value, a woman can be sure of her value and self worth but still find a kind compliment as a beautiful gesture—we aren’t neanderthals, we can be self assured and still know how tot receive compliments without expecting them.

      The point. Don’t choose to downplay someone’s features, pluses, and character traits just to deflect the magnitude of your feelings.

      Context clues can be your friend.

      • Andibelle Hudson

        Amen lol…some people are too quick to jump in to disagree without actually sitting back taking a moment to take it all in and think it through logically, as i understood completely what the author of this article was trying to say.
        A guy that tries to play down the looks of the woman he’s with really makes me sick to be honest. He denies her a “you look absoloutely beautiful today” after she’s made an effort just because he is trying to use the “treat them mean keep them keen” scenario. He wants to be with a beautiful woman but pretends to her he’s not really bothered if he’s with her or not in order for her to stay with him…….and this is what men do because of their own insecurities.

  • Allison

    I personally would lose interest when a guy ignores me. Stop those silly games please.

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  • John

    We ignore you because men know that women don’t need us. If a woman doesn’t approach me they are not interested.

    • Ashley

      Not true. Most women don’t approach men and like men who approach them. If you’re too scared to approach a woman, you might miss out on one who is actually interested…

      • Mallory

        It’s so sad how society has made wimps out of men. It’s almost like a catch 22 this whole modern dating scene. Men want to be treated like men yet they are too afraid to be the pursuer–one of the natural, biological roles as a man. They also want women to act like a woman, yet in the same breath expect us to be the pursuer–when we do just that, then we are persecuted for being too much of an independent woman doing a “man’s job.”

        All I will say is that men set he tone for The type of woman that will become the standard. Men wanted women to be looser and easier to get into bed and that’s what they have now. 100 years ago men wanted women to be pure and chaste and that’s what women were.

        **for all you feminist out there, don’t start, this is an observation but it does not mean you yourself must be ruled by it.***

      • Andibelle Hudson

        I totally agree with your comment. The comment you made about men wanting women to be more easier to get into bed and this is how society has become where its almost normal on any given day for a man and a woman to have a one night stand with each other. I’m not saying that all men and all women do this but what i am saying is it has become common nowadays.
        Men in my opinion should always be the pursuer, the one that approaches the woman. A woman will always show an interest in a man if he has already caught her eye, and how a man will know this is by both of them catching each others gaze or by her smiling at him for no particular reason or by her suddenly being where he hangs out etc etc….but to ignore a woman and think he’s going to get somewhere with that approach is to just be deluding himself.
        Of course a woman can approach a man but i feel the first initial encounter should always be made from a man. It worked years and years ago and its about time it was reinstated back today….i’m tired of the feeble man and the aggressive woman phenomenon lol
        Allow men to be gentleman and women to be ladies, thats my moto and stop all this game playing!!!

      • yo yo

        The first initial counter by a man ??? Re-evaluate you animal world thinking we a humans. You expect the man to do first encounter. I don’t think that is fair humanly. It should be 50/50. In the animal world your comment makes total sense. Don’t be lazy and expect expect expect. There is a thing called give & take, balance. I seeing it’s all one sided by you female comments.

        If your an animal it makes total sense. Unfortunately for you animal thinking minds it’s not the case. Women use your mind and do what we have always done it’s not hard but men like me are over it as sn excuse and also in real life. I never approach a woman anymore knowing I’ve approach many to no avail and I’m honestly over it. NOT a whimp just over it. It’s time for them to approach me…. Balance ladies, balance.

        What would you do if you kept trying to get what you want be couldn’t get it. Answer you get over it real fucking quick after trying so hard prior.

        I hope this will open your minds, if not we’ll we just gonna go round in circles… Yes we man & woman

      • yo yo

        So you will call me a whimp as I’m over approaching women because of rejection. Men are not robots that don’t get affected by rejection. We have feelings just like yourself. It 50/50 in my eyes. How would you feel if you were rejected 50 times in a year. I bet a lower self confidence, bit of sadness maybe a little depression of loneliness, unwanted. Whimp c’mon we are not animals we a humans with intellect, emotions etc.

        How about you woman get off your asses and help out instead of being a lazy bitch that waits for her prince to come through the door to kiss her feet and save her from the evil wizard.

        This is stupid — to be the pursuer–one of the natural, biological roles as a man. They also want women to act like a woman, yet in the same breath expect us to be the pursuer… That is in the animal world don’t use this for you woman pursuer excuses. Think like a human not like an animal. That is all rubbish is re-evaluate you human values. Because that was a ridiculous statement…

        Ying & yang ladies!!! men don’t exist just for all you woman.. And Vise versa. 50/50 NOT 10(women / 90(men)

      • Ganae Vigil

        This is very true!

      • yo yo

        It’s not about being scared. Men are sick off women always expecting men to come to their feet. It should be 50/50 NOT 10/90. Don’t play evolution excuse we are not animals we are humans with interlectual capabilies.

  • John

    There is a saying, ” No money no honey”, is just as ugly as a man wanting only sex from a woman and not their heart.

  • Debbie Nugus

    I have always given anyone, regardless of gender a wide berth if they seem to play the ‘silence power game’ or passive aggressive game. Women can do this too though and its not always about sexual power.

    • Mallory


  • tygrr94

    If a man came up to me and/or my friends and said “how y’all hoes doing”, I’d look him in the face and say “Who are you calling a hoe?”, then walk away and never, EVER interact with him again. That is rude, disrespectful, and the women who allow it, deserve it.

  • dinna

    lol, I guess your friend was disrespectful if he really thought girls were hoes. but he said it in a way , I would think that is really funny and start laughing b/c who comes up to a girl and says “how yall hoes doing”? on the othe hand if you say how are you ladies doing? that’s trying too hard. I dont say that you put women on a pedestal but act like you are their friend and be cool with it. I am a girl and I do like the way your friend approached those girls. I would preceive him has funny and that intantly makes someone attracted. Now wether or not he is disrespectufl I would n’t know b/c I dont know him in just one meeting.

    • Mallory

      Any woman that finds something appealing by being called a hoe–whether said in good nature or not–has some serious work to do on her self esteem.

      • Glorious Johnson


  • Sophia Anne Wise

    Let’s get real. If a woman IS NOT PHYSICALLY attracted to you, meaning she doesn’t think you’re fine as heck, SHE AIN’T sleeping with you.
    Most good looking women like GOOD LOOKING MEN!!!

    You can lie to yourself all you want, but we want more than CONFIDENCE. You can be as confident as all get out, but if you’re not what that individual woman considers attractive to HER, you’ll be sleeping alone.

    Women are not like men. We won’t get with just any guy because we’re lonely and desperate. He still has to be our type in EVERY WAY. Looks are just as important as personality and we prefer BOTH, not just one or the other.
    Not trying to be mean, just honest.

    • Ashley

      So true! There are several men who I can talk and laugh with and get along with well, while at the same time, not be physically attracted to them at all. No chemistry=No lovin’!!! :)

    • noiseboy25

      Rubbish! There is someone out there for everyone, looks are not so important, its what in side of you that counts! :/

      • Mallory

        You missed the OP ‘s point. They’re right actually, I won’t speak for all women but from my personal standpoint and that of other women I know, we decide who we want to be with based upon our physical attraction to them and our chemistry level with a man.

        I’m in college and there are two guys that I found myself attracted to. One’s attractive level was on a GQ model scale, while the other looked more like Kid from Kid N Play. The one who resembled Kid to me had dimples and the most charming personality. He was funny, unassuming yet if he CHOSE for you to see it, he was very dominant and manly. Needless to say I fell head over heels for this guy, he put on a few lbs and he was still the sexiest man alive to me. If he lost all his hair one day, I’d still be wildly attracted to him. Meanwhile the guy who looked like he stepped out of a GQ magazine–as fit as a soccer star and as gorgeous as a movie star–fell flat to me. He was a sweet, kind natured guy, incredibly respectful but he was very shy and quiet. I can understand quietness and being shy but some personality has to shine through in order to make you a keeper for me. Had I chose to be with this guy, I realized I would of done so soley based on his looks and well that wouldn’t have gotten us very far.

        This other guy, well let’s just say because of him NO ONE will ever be able to down play Kid’s level of attractiveness to me. Hahaha

  • Ashley

    Seriously, the articles on this site are so well written. I’m obsessed! And I’ve dealt with men like this. I usually ignore them and if it’s a situation where I have to see them again (school, work, etc.), they usually come around on their own.

  • alex

    I accadintaly ignored a girl today but she noticed me and we have our cool conversations … I barly noticed her till she walked off the court.should I text her and tell her :hey how was workout, I’m sorry I didn’t say hi I didn’t regonise you til you left? Or any advise on wat I should say?

    • Greg Dragon

      I wouldn’t apologize or mention the accidental ignoring tbh. Just hit her up and talk to her if you’re thinking about her. She can put 2 and 2 together.

    • Glorious Johnson

      1st learn to spell! I’m not attempting to disrespect, reduce, demean, or the like. Some women, such as myself may want to be read to, especially some poetry. Just some food for thought!

  • Silv

    What if the girl u like always gets felt up by her & ur boss & she always find time to stare at u making u even more irritated than u already R knowing that shits annoying and clearly improfessional but she never says stop but wants me to talk to her she can go **** off

  • RozeGold

    I’ve done my share of fronting, & it always backfired! Lol. Although it created a smoldering tension, his ego couldn’t go for it. Not everyone is into the games. I certainly wasn’t when he started fronting on me. He always made it known that he wasn’t going to sweat me. He always thought I expected him to (Which I did)& went the long route to prove me wrong. I wasn’t stuck up. I just wanted him to be crazy about me like all the other males in my life. Years later he confessed he was in love with me, but I can’t really believe it because he was really mean at times. I still wonder if I’d never fronted, where would we be…

  • ahmed

    i will go for ignoring them because rejection is sucks and believe me most beautiful women really enjoys rejecting men actually they feel more desired. they won’t give a fuck about your feelings they will make it a tough rejection because they see you pathetic ….. even if she likes you she must reject you first to show you that she is not an easy girl pla pla pla … some other times a pretty girl maybe interested in you sometimes just a little bit but if you try to get closer to her you become nothing you are just like all those (pathetic) people who can’t resist her magic pla pla pla … i know that ignoring beautiful girls probably won’t get me one but at least i will never ever be rejected

    • Ganae Vigil

      I hate rejecting men, it makes me feel horrible. Not all women get off on making others feel bad.

  • Ganae Vigil

    This article is spot on! It’s obvious when men play games/jerk and is a huge turnoff! People always wonder why pretty girls are with unattractive or nerdy guys; its because they treat us with kindness and respect. Some women do love bad boys, but find out before you act like one because I know the men that have tried this with me, I ignore. No one with self respect likes being treated like crap.

    • yo yo

      Thank goodness. There is hope. The genuine, nice caring self respectful males and females are compatible.

      While the game playing asshole/bitch low self esteem male & females are compatible.

      Don’t forget attractive people can be kind caring and genuine too. I think we can judge a rotten apple during the first encounter to be genuine or fake. I sure can, thats why I ignore the girls that come across thinking she’s hot etc. I don’t give them the satisfaction. Neither should anyone else, it seems low confidence men like to give “Hot girls” (make up induced) attention/satisfaction

  • yo yo

    Biggest turn off is being with a group of people whilst the pretty girl gets the attention and feeds off it. I ignore her as she isn’t good enough for me. Pretty girls are great with make up but in the morning be prepared for a shock!! Been there done that. Today I don’t give the pretty girls the satisfaction. They don’t deserve it. The genuine down to earth woman get my 100% respect

    Woman that know (think they know) they are hot…. Is the biggest God damn turn off trust me, be humble you might get a decent guy not an asshole/bad boy dickhead & have as much drama as you want. Woman love drama. Fuck that..

  • Lois

    I don’t understand this man who appears to give me all the signs he likes me, and suddendly tells me he likes other woman (I happen to know). Does he want to distract me because he is nervous or insecure? Is that a “tactic”?

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