May 10

Disgruntled woman

There’s an interesting occurrence that comes up whenever you mix one part single, pretty girl with a few non-confident guys that like her and an oblivious confident guy who merely sees her has dating potential. See, the confident guy will have sex with some effort and attention given, while the other lot will sit back and become both resentful and hateful of them both. What makes this even more interesting is that 60% of the guys will ignore her, 10% will try lines and PUA games, and the other 30% will pretend as if they didn’t care either way.

It starts in school when us boys finally figure out that girls are pretty and that having a pretty one as our girlfriend will make us more like our uncles or our Alpha Male heroes that are shown on TV. Little boys being naturally shy will write notes to the girl, send a friend to ask her out, or any number of formal things to avoid rejection in hopes that she will check “yes” on the like box and fulfill their fantasies. At that time it’s innocent, but as we get older and more cognizant of how rejection works, the resentment factor seeps it’s way in to the point where many men assume that pretty women are stuck up divas.

What many adult men will do upon seeing a beauty is to immediately go on the defensive about their feelings. They play the background, avoid eye-contact, never engage in conversation and some will even become aggressively violent, just to force an engagement which doesn’t start with them making the introduction. Sad, I know… if you’re a woman reading this I am quite sure that I am not telling you anything new, now am I? We men do this, and if you’re wondering as to why, I will tell you. Men do this in hopes that you will go out of your way to win their attention since we all believe that you want every single male’s attention within your aura.

Russell and His Advice

Coming up I knew this kid named Russell who tried to impart some knowledge on me about pretty women just because he managed to score one of the better looking girls in my High School and thought himself the expert.

His advice went something like this “See Greg the reason why you don’t have a girl as bad as mine is because you’re too nice to them. When you walk up to girls you say shit like ‘how you ladies doing’, when I walk up to them I say ‘how y’all hoes doing?’ and that’s why I get so much pussy” – I wish I could say that I followed Russell’s advice but I didn’t, he just struck me as a loser who was full of it, living out what would be the best years of his entire life so I let him have that. What Russell does show us however is that men are actually encouraged to treat pretty girls like crap in order to get ahead with them. Imagine that.

The problem is that unlike Russell who found the right pretty girl with the right amount of low self-esteem, most women will ignore the guy pouting in the background, pretending to not give a damn about her. If this is supposed to be game then it’s a terrible one. If you talk to every single girl in a room except the beautiful one, she will automatically know that you are a herb. If you take a beautiful woman out and pretend as if you don’t notice that she’s hot as hell, then she knows that you are trying way too hard to normalize her.  It doesn’t work!

If you want to talk to beautiful women, take a page from the Wolf handbook and treat them just like every other woman that you’ve liked. Engage her, impress her, then bag her and call it a night. Ignoring someone will not force them to win you over to their side unless they are running for governor. Check your game fellas! We are better than these grade-school antics and the game does not favor us with this passive-aggressive tactic.

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  • Adele

    Guys have told me I’m one of the better looking ladies in my grad class and I remember the first semester it was like a mad dash to get in my pants and date me. Almost all the guys had obvious and lame game. The most confident was the alpha and we ended up dating for a while. And everybody was hating, male and female, and trying to break us up. Now I know I’m not crazy lol!!

  • BetterButter

    LOL. Or maybe I just don’t care? If I abandoned my friends every time a pretty girl walked into the room, I doubt I’d have any friends left before long. Sorry for being popular in social situations.

  • Juice

    Some parts of this article is full of crap. What does this even mean? ” If you take a beautiful woman out and pretend as if you don’t notice that she’s hot as hell, then she knows that you are trying way too hard to normalize her. It doesn’t work!”
    Seriously dude?

    So because someone knows how to put on her make up all of a sudden people must now start acting like brainless, gawking zombies with little to no self esteem? This sounds like it was written by a guy with zero confidence and comfortability in himself as a man. Putting myself in the mind of a “pretty girl”, I would feel pretty fawking bored and frankly irritated if every person of the opposite sex I spoke to acted like a drooling idiot just because I said hi to them.

    I would feel more comfortable with someone who has enough self control and self-respect to not act like I’m better than them, because I really wouldn’t be. I would prefer such people as they would give me perspective, and would bluntly tell me things as they are, not trying to french my arse with lies and sweet words. If I was going to have a relationship with someone, it would be with someone like that who’s self awareness demands mutual respect and who would accept nothing less.

    Men and women aren’t neccessarily wired that differently if you actually employ the tool of empathy. It’s just different circumstance.

    • yogagirl

      I am going through this situation with someone at work and I must say it is driving me mad a little because I am attracted to him. But your response to this article pretty much nailed the response I am going to give his passive aggressive b.s. from now on. Thanks!

    • Mayz


  • Allison

    I personally would lose interest when a guy ignores me. Stop those silly games please.

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  • John

    We ignore you because men know that women don’t need us. If a woman doesn’t approach me they are not interested.

  • John

    There is a saying, ” No money no honey”, is just as ugly as a man wanting only sex from a woman and not their heart.

  • Debbie Nugus

    I have always given anyone, regardless of gender a wide berth if they seem to play the ‘silence power game’ or passive aggressive game. Women can do this too though and its not always about sexual power.

  • tygrr94

    If a man came up to me and/or my friends and said “how y’all hoes doing”, I’d look him in the face and say “Who are you calling a hoe?”, then walk away and never, EVER interact with him again. That is rude, disrespectful, and the women who allow it, deserve it.

  • dinna

    lol, I guess your friend was disrespectful if he really thought girls were hoes. but he said it in a way , I would think that is really funny and start laughing b/c who comes up to a girl and says “how yall hoes doing”? on the othe hand if you say how are you ladies doing? that’s trying too hard. I dont say that you put women on a pedestal but act like you are their friend and be cool with it. I am a girl and I do like the way your friend approached those girls. I would preceive him has funny and that intantly makes someone attracted. Now wether or not he is disrespectufl I would n’t know b/c I dont know him in just one meeting.

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