Nov 05

actor idris elba

There have been a lot of unfounded rumors floating around the internet that smooth, British, black woman panty-soaker, actor Idris Elba may be in the running to play the MI6 super spy James Bond. While this could do wonders for the man’s career I do think that he should become his own super, cool, ladies man via another more original vehicle.

How long has it been since we saw a really cool black guy in the title role of a movie, scamming on chicks of every color, thwarting evil, and representing manhood in all its glory? No, no, no not Undercover Brother!

I would like more black roles not blackened roles…

Think Jason Statham with a deeper tan, or Jason Bourne with a little melanin. Black Dynamite is 100% that guy, but his movie was a comedy aimed at blaxpoitation fanbois like myself and didn’t have the kind of mainstream love that I want for a movie starring Idris Elba.

I just don’t want to see another black—insert popular traditionally white character—just like I don’t want to see more black women on the cover of Vanity Fair. Do us one better and instead of being a “black” anything, be something original that will attract a cosmopolitan audience.

As a longtime fan of 007, I believe that Idris Elba would kill the role, but I don’t want the series tarnished by a racial conversation that has never been a part of it. If anything make him 008, or a new 006 so that the canon isn’t jeopardized and the purists won’t end up looking like racist troglodytes foaming at the mouth.

Remember when they announced a black Spider-Man? No? Well here are some comments from the anonymous big white elephant in the room called the internet:

  • Politically correct land is so dumb!! You have no spanking, everyone gets a medal, “Little people”, and a host of others that just get this country soft and bland!!
  • Liberals are in effect saying that it’s acceptable to take the creations of white males, things that wouldn’t exist without white males, and giving these creations non-white faces. 
  • That’s just dangerous. With spider powers, just think how much stuff he could steal, if he was not so lazy. (obvious troll is obvious)

See it’s like this Idris, if you blacken a white character it pisses off certain non-black sectors of the internet as well as patronizing us “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” types of blacks out here rooting for you.

So while the ladies would love to see you in the tux and bow-tie introducing yourself by your last name… I would rather you not do that. You are an excellent actor who has an automatic black female audience in whatever movie you choose to play in. So Idris, my man, I would ask that you keep on making the smart moves you have already been doing with your career and say no to M, Q, MI6 and the title of James Bond.

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