Jun 06

lolo jones olympian

Lady Dragon Lolo Jones volunteered information about her virginity on a recent HBO show and the news went immediately viral.

Suddenly every blogger and journalist alive had a solution to the poor virgin’s plight and was offering up articles as to who she should sleep with, what she should do to cure her virgin disease and all sorts of other nonsense.

Frankly it was disgusting and a bit of a shock to me seeing that many of these articles came from magazines that prided themselves as being “for women”.

Look, it isn’t so much that it is none of our business if an older woman (Lolo is 29 yrs. old) hasn’t been deflowered; it is the fact that we now assume that she wants our advice on getting laid.

Why is virginity such a bad thing?

Is a good looking virgin such a bad thing? I know that many guys see it as a potential stalker situation if a virgin is older; you’re her first; and things don’t work out to where you marry her.

Women seem to see it as Lolo setting herself up for disaster because she may just have the wrong guy be her first. This is such an odd way of thinking to me – I even saw articles where they suggest Lolo lose it to the next suitor so as to move on with her life.

Why is it any of our business? I’ll tell you why, Lolo is good looking, she’s one of our best hurdlers, and did I mention that she’s good looking?

lolo jones running

This is the nature of celebrity concern, how dare a woman so fine claim to be a virgin when there are ugly girls out here getting it every single night! Let’s be real, this is it right here. If Lolo looked like Charlize Theron in that movie Monster, her admission to virginity would have fallen on deaf ears.

My message to Lolo Jones

Lady you are a beautiful, gifted athlete who seems like a genuine sweetheart… please don’t make this mistake again!

Now I fear that you have become the internets adopted virgin and you won’t be able to live it down. When you take to the tracks in the United Kingdom for the 2012 Olympics, these same people will be watching you for all the wrong reasons.

The other thing Lolo… is that now you won’t know whether the men who approach you, wanting so badly to be with you, are doing so genuinely, or if they are out to be the one in the tabloids that got your prize.

Which brings up another point Lolo, ANY man that you are seen with going forward will be rumored to have taken your virginity because this is what the media does.

I honestly wish you had never said anything about it.

To all future athletes and celebrities who have seen this explosion, this should be a lesson in Public Relations that your business should remain your business and that the people interviewing you are not the only people paying attention.

Despite this distraction I look forward to watching Lolo and the other stars burn up the track in the 2012 Olympic games.

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