Jan 08

django brings pain

This is the question that I want to ask the blowhard, internet, freedom fighters of today whose opportunistic taste buds get tingly and hot when a movie like Django Unchained is released.

If it isn’t Tarantino that is the target it is DL Hughley, or Kanye West. Not seeing the correlation? My point to all of these race champions who have written 1,000 word diatribes breaking down the history of the word nigger and why it makes them boohoo cry at night is that it is a fad to blog about it. Not only is it a fad but it comes off as hot air from a biased voice because most of the writers did not even watch the movie.

Whoa! I know, I know, you don’t want to give old racist Quentin your $10 for his movie since it will no doubt slip into the pockets of those Uncle Toms like Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson right? Well I suppose Cristoph Waltz is an Uncle Tom in his own right too being that he was front and center in the last “controversial” Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds

There are so many rants on this movie it is almost comical yet I can see from the $80+ million dollars that it has made that people really aren’t reading… or caring… or maybe they see your rants the same way I do. 

Not all black people are offended by the word nigger, and it has nothing to do with missing out on it’s history or origins (so spare us the 800 word explanation on this). In my more than 3 decades on this earth I have had it hurled at me in real time quite a bit and have reacted on it the way it should be reacted; but a younger 20-something feigning anger at the word would not understand the true feeling of an insulting “nigger” thrown his/her way – I can’t imagine. 

People who have been there and done that with the word have learned (for the most part) how to diffuse its power so it is very telling as to who reacts versus who doesn’t  Your posts, not Django Unchained are insulting because it assumes that we all should be upset as black people

When you are called a nigger to your face I will explain to you how it feels since many of you are operating off of theory. You don’t think about history in those few seconds, or the “impact” it is supposed to have on you and your black skin… no… you think of 4 things:

  1. Should I attack the person because from what I know i’m supposed to attack the person.
  2. How do I shut this person up so that they know they can’t call me out my name again.
  3. Did anybody hear that? If I let it slide will it make me look like a punk?
  4. I’ll just throw an insult back.

When I sat to watch Django Unchained all I felt was a bit of reminiscing because many of the movies that influenced Tarantino are ones I had seen in the past. I remembered Mandingo for the slave fighting portions, I remembered certain Westerns, and I like many of you remembered ROOTS.

When the numerous shouts and references to “nigger” were made they added to the time period because that is how liberally people used it back then. To be honest I was so into the plot and action going on that the word only came to my mind when I saw the backlash on the internet. It’s all so freaking stupid.

Go and check out Django Unchained if you haven’t done so already, it is a good time for all colors as it’s more Western than “slave movie” as these misinformed blogs will have you believe.

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  • D.Snide

    Looking forward to more raw sh** like this from you GD, while I may not agree I’m glad you have the balls to post your feelings. I think we lose out on an important part in our black history when this word becomes normalized though and people like Chris Rock and shows like Boondocks make white people think it’s okay to use. you may be alright with hearing in it I know me and a whole lot of other people aint. Still need to see Django.

    • Check it out if you get a chance… all of this is much ado about nothing. People have their opinions on Quentin Tarantino and I think they mask it in “legitimate concern” sometimes. It’s made well over 100 Million dollars now.

  • Real Talk

    Let’s be real, like the post said half these people complaining about Django are playing the I’m blacker than you Olympics. This movie was an anime or cartoon in movie form. Only the right kind of dumb ass would get mad at it.

    Why all this damn attention from the black community too? It wasn’t like Django was on there raping white women and eating fried chicken. I see worse garbage on housewives. Damn get mad at that. 

  • This is an awesome article that echoes my feelings albeit more “nicely” since I am so damn scary: http://www.theroot.com/buzz/django-n-word-and-talking-about-race-2013

    Here’s a quote:

    As I left the theater after Django, it was interesting to see how diverse the crowd was, and, based on the conversations being had in the lobby, how they were all impacted in some way, whether it was by the violence or the language or the fact that it was simply a really good movie. I left the theaters feeling oddly proud of Tarantino for making such a thought-provoking film, while feeling the exact opposite way about Spike Lee for not giving Django a chance. I was slightly shocked at how numb I became to Leo’s use of the N-word, to the point that I almost started to marvel at the bravado with which he uttered it. As for my “Django Moment,” yes, there was the horrible foreign couple behind me that thought everything was hilarious, but mine came from a more unexpected place: the laughter that filled the room when Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx would say the N-word — less like we imagine blacks would have in the 1800s, and more like they were two of the four Kings of Comedy …

    And in the world we live in today, where access to various modes of public expression is becoming increasingly accessible, the walls around “talking about race” are rapidly crumbling. Finally. And, just as a heads-up, if this makes you uncomfortable, if the idea of potentially offending someone is your greatest fear, or if you’re content to discuss it like a simpleton, then 2013 might not be your year.

  • Dick Gregory on Spike Lee being a thug for attacking Django Unchained – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS34OiuNmG0