May 28

beautiful woman in bed

When it comes to infatuation we men can be really stupid, hell it pretty much borders on insanity when you get a horny guy and a woman of his type butt naked in the same vicinity. I see it at strip clubs, I hear about it from the horse’s mouth, I’ve personally been there… it’s a fact we don’t like to admit.

In the past I did an article called So Beautiful That You Want To Skip The Condom and used an example of a man attending a party and being invited into a bathroom with a beautiful woman for sex. I asserted that 9 times out of 10 if there was no condom and the woman looked like Meagan Good, the man would do it anyway. I know that a lot of men said otherwise but are we being honest with ourselves about this?

Men reading, I want you to think about your celebrity crush, a hot Rihanna all yours, or maybe Beyonce is more your speed? Minka KellyJessica Simpson in her prime, whatever your flavor; just imagine her giving you a one-night-stand. Would you refuse to go through with it if you were stuck with no protection, making this decision after some heavy petting, kissing and more? My answer to this is no, more times than you will admit to you are going to do it.

When getting some turns into going nuts

So imagine you are the average male… hanging out with this bombshell of a woman. You start out okay, playing it suave, making sure she’s good and acknowledging that you are the luckiest guy in the world. Mentally you want to ravage her, blow her mind to the point where she will never forget you, forget this moment; forget that you’re the best she ever had. After going through the motions you are deep into the passion of the thing, you want to feel her, really feel her… not just warmth, you want to consume her completely.  You roll the condom down a bit to see if you can feel it… you figure as long as the tip is covered you’re good right? Eventually it comes off, lost within her recesses but you do not care.

-Pause- I know this sounds unbelievably foolish, but men everywhere do this every single day!

Women do it too

Women aren’t innocent with this either; if you’re packing heat in your pants you will have girls telling you to go raw due to the condom being uncomfortable. Yup, some women lose their damn minds just the same, even in porn there have been scenes where the starlet is rolling that condom down ever so slowly to cause an accident. Stripper-sex leads to the 6-figure earning CEO paying child support for a love child caused by the condom magically breaking or slipping off. What’s his excuse? She was oh so fine and feeling good that he had to stay in her even when the condom popped.

How many men out there have stopped cold-turkey after the condom came off or broke? Those crickets I hear are telling me that only 1 or 2 paranoid men stopped out of hundreds.

Look it feels good gentlemen, we all know this, but we ruin our lives as well as the children produced from it when we refuse to be careful. It is our nature to go raw and stay up in it, but unless she’s your girl, who you love, trust and adore, you have to fight back against that nature.

Ever have a woman hold you down at the moment of your climax? It’s scary as all hell, and if she is climaxing simultaneously you may be out of luck… I don’t care how strong you are and how tiny she is. When those thighs switch to orgasm lockdown mode, you will need more than strength to pry loose of them, you are going to impregnate that girl. So prepare for the worst and remember that when it comes to sex with a stranger you as a man will be combating both nature and the law of circumstance to get out of the situation without an STD or a baby as a souvenir.

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  • In my opinion a Woman has way more to gain,A Woman can literally gain a lifetime of wealth if “she get’s pregnant by the right man” look at all the strippers getting over on dumb athletes.

    Look at all the celebs that are falling for these lack luster Females. Honestly a Man has nothing to gain by getting some random broad pregnant.

  • ESP1138

    Who wants my sperm?