Jun 30

A man’s perception of the dating game is this: Any woman can walk outside, trip, fall and land on a penis (slang translation: there are so many men desperate for women that no effort is needed by a woman to get a man).

While this is crass, It does truthfully reveal how we think when it comes to women and dating. Part of the reason is because we see so many desperate “good” men settling on low value women. We’ve also seen women turn down men in our lives (that we know are good men) then complain about a lack of good men to date.

Elina Brotherus, Le Printemps, 2001, from series: The New Painting, elinabrotherus.com


The problem with our assuming that women can have whatever they want is that it is a male’s perspective. Women in reality tend to be picky about their mates while men are quantity over quality. Give a woman a hundred guys and she will turn down ninety-nine of them, choosing the one who fits her idea of an exciting and rewarding man. Give a man a hundred women and he will ask for twenty days so that he can sleep with five each day.

Given my example, you can understand why a man would not pity a woman for turning down ninety-nine of those guys. We men know that our desperate brothers will get with anything as long as there’s a drought. We project this logic onto the lonely woman.  In our minds we think, “Why are you turning down guys, if you’re lonely?”

Many of us assume that if a woman is attractive, she is being hounded by desperate men, every day. Most guys assume that lonely women are the product of their own discriminatory taste!

So the next time you read an article or watch a panel that has an attractive woman going on about her chronic singledom, I hope this article sheds some light on why the male commentary is rarely if ever supportive.


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  • Jennifer

    brainwashing at it’s best !

    • Ashton

      Everything this man said is true. I have a 145 IQ and I can tell you I am not stupid, but most people, such as yourself, just don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend things like this. The reason women have so much power and pick of the litter today is because sheep men give them attention for having a vagina. If women had to try harder for approval, like developing talent or skills, there would be more funny female comedians, talented female musicians, or even engineers. But not in America, the only women worth a damn here are Asian foreign exchange students. If you want to support this kind of behavior, just go to your local bar, hit on the bartender, tip her more than the dude working next to her, and tell her how pretty and awesome she is for serving you drinks, because its not like she spends all day hearing that, right? You are the reason this country is falling apart, everyday idiots like you without a science or math background. Trying to explain to you why it is harder and more lonely to be a man is like trying to explain to a rich kid why its hard not to have money.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Excuse me? Women are constantly told turn themselves inside out to get a man’s attention—everything from getting their hair done to losing weight to even plastic surgery, and you have the nerve to say that women don’t do anything to prove they’re worthy of a man’s attention? That’s so ignorant and short-sighted of you, it’s ridiculous. There are already more than enough female comedian,musicians, and some engineers around–though I don’t see what that has to do with this topic.

        Hell, women get it banged into their heads from birth literally every day that they have to do this and that to “get a man” and the media and society reinforce the hell out of that to the max. And FYI, a lot of us are not sitting around waiting to get some man—some of us are out there getting an education, trying to improve themselves, and figuring out how to make our way in the world in general. And, frankly, some men think that a woman owes them some attention merely because they have a penis, not because they actually night have anything to offer in terms of being a potential date,boyfriend or future husband, or anything like that.

        And,trust me,women get rejected and have to suck it up and keep moving,too. You need to get over your bitterness toward women and accept the fact that no matter how intelligent you are, or how much bank you make, or how much or a catch you think you are, you’re not going to always be able to impress every woman you’re going for or even get with every one you step to. That also goes for women,too,BTW. Also, some men (like yourself) just need to learn that the world does not revolve around you and whatever you want. That’s just part of life. Good luck with yourself.

      • Ash


      • suprmon

        No one is denying that many women are not making attempts to to get the attention of men. It’s just that women are trying to get the attention of only the “super successful” men. But there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem comes in when women won’t openly admit it for fear that it will expose their vanity!!!!!

      • fernsoles

        Go foreign, now they act more like women, not vain stupid pigs.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Whatever—foreign women have just as any issues as American women—you just won’t admit. They’re human,too—stop playing them up like they’re some sort of ultimate refuge from so-called demanding American women. Give a rest, please..

      • C

        cry me a river. women cant handle rejections, they go batshit crazy and vandalize the man’s car/house, do stalkerish things like show up unannounced at his work. women in the usa are fucked in the head and i want no part of them at all. better to be with women from healthy cultures who are far superior to the crap those in the USA consider “culture”. Enjoy the poisoned fruit feminism has brought you, ill enjoy my life outside the US of shit women.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Oh,please. Some men go crazy when a woman rejects them and try to kill her (which has actually happened in some cases) or harm her in some horrible way. Men do just as much crazy shit as women, they’re just allowed to get away with it more because they’re man. And dudes like you who bitch about American women are usually guys who aren’t man enough to deal with a woman that dosen’t bow down and kiss their asses every minute of their lives. You’re not in the U.S.–good,stay where the hell you are—nobody needs a whiny,woman-hating sexist pig like you any way—that’s one less to deal with!

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        Try telling yourself that the asian girl you bought online is not your slave and that you are her caring protector you self entitled creep.

  • Jimmy

    “The problem with this assumption however it is that women are picky about their mates… ”

    This is not the “problem” with the assumption it is the proof of the assumption. This article was written by a moron with less than an 8’th grade education. I bet yo he makes 6 figures too… and we wonder why this country is falling apart…

  • Joe

    “Give a woman 100 guys and she will turn down 99 of them in orer to choose the one who fits her idea of an exciting, handsome and rewarding man.”

    The problem is that 100 women will do this, which means you end up with 99 “lonely” women who could easily get a man in their own league but complain about that one man who’s already taken. They’ll actually consider that man even more attractive when he’s in a relationship.

    A woman is never lonely, never. No exceptions.

    • awiseone

      Ahh I well men don’t like when women approach them it makes them think that right away that they will be in control of the relationship, you remind me of a Drake type of guy that’s cool and everything, but asshole men will take advantage of the fact that you are approaching them for a date, and I could say a lot more because I’m very experienced but i’mma just leave it at that cuz I think you got my point.PS..a wise woman knows.

    • LauraPuffyCloud

      Women can have feelings. Go fuck yourself and your misogynist cult friends.

  • Jon P

    Women are fucking retarded useless baby makers at least in my generation im 27 i Own my home i own my car(s) title and deed repsectively i am told by almost every woman i meet especially older ones that im very good looking and look like a 17 year old face wise…..girls stare at me literally everywhere i go but i cant even say hello without catching some kind of attitude….. cant even get a date. And im african american.
    Im also a musician (guitar, drums, bass anything i pick up) producer and very dilligent and hard working..im a chef (my profession) im a really talented sports car driver etc… Im like the coolest guy youd know….even other guys at first meet say “damn dude i bet you get a lot of girls” only to be ridiculed when they find out its been years since ive been with anyone……and get this they all same i have game…but i can be really respectful and nice if the girl allows it.. i wonder how many really good dudes out here cant get a date or laid…im seriously considering getting in my jaguar gunning through the 5 gears and riding to the nearest dock and getting the fuck away from america and these idiots here..its depressing.

    Did i mention ive had a really hard and miserable life and have to deal with jealousy from other guys because they think im this super happy good life havin dude on a constant basis…

    • Ash

      Maybe it’s not the women but your attitude instead? Clearly you hate women and women probably pick up on that. Get help.

      • suprmon

        Typical ignorant american bird brain “blame the victim” response! Oh, and of course the other, typical american, obtuse, and shallow response to personal issues is to medicate, or send them to the “shrink” to death, rather than acknowledging what you see in the mirror! Hey Jon P., if what you say about your experiences are, then I don’t blame for looking to go overseas because from what I see going on in america it’s becoming the most selfish, imcompassionate country on earth!!!!! Look Ash if you have nothing nice to say, them don’t say it at all. With a response like that, you most definitely should have kept that moronic reponse to yourself!!!! If this is the character of the typical american I would not want to be around and vote with my feet/or wings!!!!

      • Sin8a

        she is the type that make the other mad and i understand the guy.. 😉 womens are always saying.. have faith.. blablabla.. but in fact its because that’s how they operate totally passive waiting for THE man to go OVER all the others…

        they just need to have “faith” hehe so stupid.. when mens.. you can forget about faith.. you do nothing.. nothing will ever happens.. NOTHING… yes being positive will help but womens are totally not understanding of what mens go thru.. they have to do everything.. EVERYTHING.. and at certain moments.. it’s so tiresome that you just want to shot yourself..cool lonely mens need help from women with hearts.. nothing else can heal the lonely heart of an intelligent men ..

      • Sin8a

        I’m the same.. after being used up 7 year by a beauty without a heart.. at 34, the small number of beautiful womens left are of the “i smile at you so charm me NOW and if your the best in 10000 i might talk to you back” type…. the only way is to charm them all and never give a fuck… but it’s clearly under mining for anybody with self respect… if women would have eyes and hearts they would see us for what we are and approach us.. we are not “make yourself feel good” toys… love is putting yourself in the other shoes.. they just have to love a little to understand what lonely mens goes thru… but they only love the douchebag who just don’t give a fuck about them… they seem self confident and since women don’t have eyes to see.. they are their first pick always… so other lonely one have to play THEIR game and “fake” self confidence just to have a chance at maybe becoming friend with a cute lady.. just friend and afterwards you have to charm her from afar, show her that your all that she need and want for years … after she try you once.. she dont give a fuck anymore… she is never afraid until she become ugly and then stick with the last guy.. fu..cking stupid game.. make us want to be celibate for life.. but that is a long way from having what we merit… simple true love from a beautiful women.

    • Sara Lee

      Darling, you wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for a woman, you complete and utter moronic waste of space of a man. :’L

      • Divided Line

        Please shut up.

      • Sara Lee

        You gotta admit, that’s a pretty idiotic thing to say…HAHA

      • Sara Lee

        No, I won’t shut up actually.

      • lp

        Where did this come from? I am a female and i dont sympathize with men who hate women but Jon is not one of those men. If you think he is then it is understandable why he is writing this. Women in America feel far to entitled to things. Its time to get real.

    • C

      yup, get outside the US bro. dont just take my word for it, take a trip abroad and see for yourself. sell the house, car and move your assets outside the dying USSA, youll be better off for it. good luck!

      P.S. dont waste your time being “nice” to women, its an act and they dont deserve or appreatiate it anyways.

    • iman

      I hear your pain and I’m dealing with something similar. I agree with some not all of your views. You probably live in an area where you’re not appreciated. Long story short. Let’s exchange numbers. : )

    • jenn smith

      there are women in the same boat- im gorgeous, used to model, just pretty, nice monogamous and other things, and everyone thinks the same thing “no guys are hitting on you”?? People think i can get anything I want but the reality is you can’t b/c everyone’s so jealous of you. Any guy i meet is jealous of me, unless he’s a lawyer or doctor and someone who isn’t a jerk or crazy. A guy has to be really secure with himself and most aren’t. Ive had people tell me im the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen, and yet i just went to a ‘speed-dating’ event where people literally tried to ridicule me and put me down. Men just get together to pick on me and harass me.

      every date i go on–im super nice and the guy always treats me like sh*t in some scary passive aggressive way. lots of men get hostile and crazy towards me. the only men who try to get iwth me are family members- my brother in law has hit on me like crazy and my cousin tried to hit on me the day of his wedding- so nice. Yet men who have a ‘chance’ with me just reject me abuse me and treat me like crap. right now im talking to a butt ugly 58 year old creepy man who says hes trying to be my ‘friends with benefits’ and is trying to be a jerk and controlling…so yes as a young gorgeous woman the only thing u can get is an ugly 60 year old creep who even fat ugly women don’t want….

      but your hot brother in law wants you…so the only thing you can get is incest in some form..gross. If i walked down the street and tried to get with a guy they’d all reject me and get angry at me…so yeah you can be a super hot woman who looks better than a victoria’s secret model and get nothing

    • NotYourAvg

      Women probably don’t like you because you’re ridiculously arrogant. It always makes me laugh to hear guys talk about the type of woman they think they’re entitled to. No good woman wants a self-absorbed, narcissist who needs incessant ego stroking.

      • actually self-absorbed types seem to attract the most women.

      • Sara Lee

        No way

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Dude, you have issues—no wonder you can’t get any women.

  • CHR

    This article didn’t help put single women in a good light. It just wrote down what men thought, but didn’t try to change our perspective. They should stop being so picky.

    • fernsoles

      Even at my age of 62 most women I met are assholes. There loneliness is there own doing.

      • pranumbra

        meow, well at least seems to be better than with you . How many men “assholes ” do you have met in your life ?

  • fernsoles

    Too many women are whores. Women can whore around all they want, but most guys have to pay a hooker. Good men do not want the American whore & pig. It’s that simple. Women do not know how to respect a good man. Ah, but some foreign women are raised to. Why even waste time with the Female garbage this feminist society serves up.

    • freakyzeaky

      So if a man pays for a hooker what does that make him? Wouldn’t that make him a “whore” for sleeping with another “whore”? Slut shaming is what making it harder for men to get laid and making women feel like they can’t be themselves sexually. It may come as a surprise, but women are just as sexual as men if not more so.

      • no they aren’t, the biggest complaint that married men have is the sex drops after marriage/moving in together. if women liked sex as much as men that would not be the case.

      • David Stocker

        Maybe sex drops because the woman is not longer romanced or appreciated by her mate? A man shouldn’t stop trying to sexually excite his woman by getting into a routine. Also many men fail to realize that it takes mental as well as physical stimulation to arouse a woman. The sex could also drop because it is no longer “new” for a woman. Men aren’t the only ones who like to sleep around (humans really aren’t wired for monogamy). As women become more comfortable with their sexuality, they will be more willing to open up and have sex with more partners without being ashamed. I could see a woman losing sexual interest in her spouse when he stops trying to please her and only focuses on getting “his”. I could also see a woman losing sexual interest when a man disappoints her in other areas in their relationship (communication, dates, emotional availability, loving gestures, etc.)

      • a take on the saying “what it takes to get them it takes to keep them”.
        unfortunately what makes men happy is the comfort of routine, while women view that as being in a rut. It is a typical male pattern that once a man get his life in a comfortable routine he wants nothing to change. Thats why so many men feel bitter and betrayed when the sex drops, because he feels like he is doing nothing different thus holding up his end of the deal, while she is feeling like she is trapped in her own version of the movie “Groundhog Day” .

      • pranumbra

        very well said!!!

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Women do like sex as much as men, but we get so “slut-shamed” for it, that we can’t be as open as men are about it most of the time—which is basically what you call “double standards”. Men have always been allowed to be open about their sexuality and sexual needs, but women can’t, to some extent, even though times has changed and women can be a little more open about theirs.

    • LauraPuffyCloud

      Plenty of men can find casual hookups. Just tell a woman that you have feelings for her and use her for sex.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,stfu. Women like sex as much as men do—that dosen’t make them “whores”—it makes them mature human beings who love sex, and want to get it on as much as men do. How the hell are we supposed to find out whether sex is any good or not, if we don’t have it sometimes? And, frankly, with your clearly women-hating attitude, it’s not hard to see why you have a problem with women.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        No, bullshit. Women don’t like sex as much as men do and women don’t want sex as much as men do. The idea that women want sex as much as men is nothing but feminist delusions, and it’s one of the worst of them. You can so easily see it’s not true by just observing your surroundings with respect to the dating scene.

  • Divided Line

    Legalize prostitution and abolish marriage.

  • JOHN

    Forget about it, Ehh!!!

  • Honeybee

    Most women don’t have tons of men kicking down their door to be with them. I know I never have and I think im a nice logical person. . Sure men try to screw women all the time but very few men try to get to know a woman these days and build a real relationship ..something meaningful. I haven’t had a valentine since i was married. And don’t see much hope of ever marrying again. Truth is there arent that many people for any one person to be compatible with. And with so many men messed up in the head these days the pool of dating is practically invisible. I do miss romance..the days of chivalry…the simple ways of love. I guess those days are Gone With the Wind.

    • fernsoles

      I’ll save you honey

    • David Stocker

      And yet men are told by so many relationship specialists that they have to show romantic (sexual) interest or otherwise the woman will think the man is not interested. So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Either you want a man to excite you, show you that he sees you as more than a friend, or you want a man to be friendly, be on his Ps and Qs around you and not come off too sexual. It is this delicate balance, of not knowing exactly what a particular woman wants and how fast a woman decides to disregard a man as a partner that makes it so challenging (and discouraging) for men. There is nothing wrong with sex! There is something wrong with a man who JUST wants you for sex if you are looking for a LTR, but you can’t fault a man for being sexually attracted.

  • fernsoles

    American women are just too whory,

    • Jabez Tomer

      so much anger.

    • Kevin Beckman

      I simile. I say hello. Immediately. I have boy friend. Oh wow. I must wanna F%#$. See ya later lady! Have a nice what ever it is your having. I try to be nice at the checkout stand. Im treated like I wanna F$#%. Really. How do I know. The lady behind me gets treated like a human being. Being a handsome man kind sucks. Maybe I will just shave my legs and pretend I am part female and self gratify. :-/ Screw this. Im heading for Germany or Sweden. Places where women see men as human beings not a walking Dick!

      • fernsoles

        Careful of Sweeden…very feminist….I do see a real possibility in Bulgaria…women there don’t want feminism and still think of us as men. I know my buddy married one.

      • BB shark

        But You never stop to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there are really bad American men who make American Women feel violated at every waking moment in her life, and that’s why she has her guard up when you smile…

        Look, I try to smile back at people too, when men say hello, I politely say hello back. But I must tell you, there HAVE been many many many times when this little scenario has happened:

        Random Man: *smiles* Hello, how are you?
        Me: *smiles back* I’m quite well, how are you?
        Random man: Great! You are one fine ass bitch, I mean DAMN! Whats yo’ name? You gotta man?
        Me: Sorry, I’m not really looking for boyfriend right now.
        Random Man: I ain’t talkin’ bout being yo’ man, I mean we can jus’ chill.
        Me: Oh, no thank you.
        Random Man: Well fuck you then bitch! I wouldn’t fuck yo’ stanky ass anyway. You prolly gotta loose pussy!
        Me: -_- …… Yea, Have a nice day…

    • Yup

      And I’m sick and tired of bitter men blaming feminism because they are too lazy and unmotivated to change their own lives.

      • Jason

        Of course, you are. Because if you ever accept that feminism has caused the rift between men and women, you’d realize that it’s WOMEN who need to change, you bitter, lazy woman.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Hold up a minute—the rift between men and women existed long before feminism came into the picture, don’t even try act like that’s the only problem between men and women. That rift was caused by men looking down on women as inferior, that’s all. I think you just hate feminism because i empowered women enough to realize that they didn’t just have to settle for any old piece of man, which was just fine with guys like you, until things changed.

    • why r u so mad at women?

      Dear femsoles:
      My brother thought the same way as you. He corresponded with a foreign girl, visited her, fell in love. He bragged about how feminine she was, and how American women were too bossy and demanding. Well, she became pregnant-twice. Of course, my brother was funneling her money. But, when it came time to get married, she always had an excuse. I tried to tell him in the beginning that foreign women prey on the expectations of American men. But $46,000 later and unmet demands for a paternity test, he still does not know if the kids are even his. Femsoles, love is probably in your own town, a few miles away, in the next County. Don’t let someone else’s bitterness or your past experiences with the wrong person get in the way of the right person for you. But being angry will never get you love, even with the foreign woman if you find her. Anger drives a good woman away. And that’s what you want–a traditional woman who respects your opinions. But if she’s worth your time and your future, she will be honest and love herself. Because if she doesn’t care about herself, how could she really care about you? Do you want someone scared of you or someone to laugh deeply with you, glance across a crowded room and share a thousand words with just both your eyes. This is what it’s about.

      • pranumbra

        perfect said!!!!

  • Randy Jones

    “Give a man 100 women and he will ask for 20 days so that he can bang 5 of them per day…” FUUUUUUUUU… I’m sick-sick-sick of this kind of generalized depiction of the penis-driven male! And writer “Greg Dragon” is full of shit – talk to the guys over at MGTOW asshole. What is an editor-in-chief these days? Anyone who can write a bad metaphor that further debases the social perception of the human male? smh…

  • etheric one

    beauty is a curse……nothing makes me smile more than the thought of a lonely woman

  • Kevin Beckman

    Well, the discust with men makes you lonely! Not all Men are walking Hard-on’s. Not all men are mindless idiots. Not all men scratch their butt. Not all men…. Etc Etc etc… Get over yourself and stop judging men and you may find your backyard needs cleaning. Take care of yourself first. And when you think you have yourself all figured out. Start over. Make sure you check in periodically. Mindfulness. Don’t think any one man is gonna fix you and you are gonna fix him. Get over yourself!

    • JM1188

      Actually, ALL men scratch their butt. They throw you out of the union if you don’t.

  • Air+Light

    Terrible. I’m not a whore or a stupid vain pig. I am still a lonely woman.

    • Scott

      you are also stereotyping, not all men want a whore or a stupid vain pig. i have standards. you do however, have to mind your looks. just like a guy has to sell his personality, the woman has to look pretty, smell nice, and all of that.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        Get a grip. She knows that.

  • Yup

    Clarification: men without experience assume women have it easy. They also assume if we don’t we must be such hideous train wrecks that we’re not even with acknowledging as human beings yet alone feeling empathy for.

    The conversation online usually goes like this:

    Man: Sometimes I get depressed. I’m 35 and never had sex/a girlfriend/relationship/etc. I think I’ll be alone forever.

    Woman response: I’m sorry, I know it’s difficult. I can relate to how you feel. I’ve been alone for a long time now too.

    Man response: Cause you’re probably some fat chick feminist who hates men. Go eat a cheesecake and STFU, bitch. I was talking to the hot 10s not you. Anyway… Why don’t women like meeeee?????

    You’re laughing because you know what I’m talking about.

    • Yup

      Many of the guys posting here are the perfect example.

    • Scott

      men don’t have a fair shot because they’re told to be manly, but have to sell themselves to women who make all of the decisions of how a relationship goes.

    • Sanoj Yrneh

      I’m actually laughing because it sounds like total bs. I’m not sure how much cocaine you had to snort to delude yourself so thoroughly, but maybe you should tone it down a notch. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    • Halopend

      First of all, people are attracted to what they are attracted to. Yes if you keep your mind closed and only ever go after a specific body type you are limiting yourself and have less right to complain but being open minded only goes so far with attraction.

      Yes, everyone who is lonely deserves compassion for their struggle. The only place in which I think men have it worse than women with relationships is that it’s men who are culturally expected to take all the risk to start a relationship. They have to be brave enough to ask the women out. Also, culturally, being confident is the single sexiest trait a man can have which, when never having had a relationship or experienced love can destroy a mans ego and make him feel “less of a man” sinking his sadness further.

      I understand women have difficulties themselves. They can usually get a man to approach them with relative ease but knowing WHY the guy is approaching them is where women get screwed. They have to discern if it’s someone actually interested in them as a person or for their body and it’s got to be quite devastating when it’s their body over and over.

      Basically a mans ego is wrapped up tight in his sexual prowess so when he sees that a women can get sex much easier than him with a plethora of men he feels cheated. He is told culturally that having many sex partners is what he should be able to do as a man so he feels less empathy for the women thinking she has it easy.

      Now the women, she is lonely and wants a man to want her for her. Yes she can have sex fairly easily with many men, but most of the men who want her only want one thing and not a relationship. She feels devalued and sad.

      It’s like the difference between being by yourself and being lonely or being in a crowd and feeling lonely. I can’t tell you which is the harder struggle.

    • BB shark

      The funny thing is, if you look through several of the comments on this “article” you will find EXACTLY THAT! And then they still deny it, even with proof!

  • jenn smith

    Men are idiots. They think it’s up to the women to choose them. But when a woman does get with them or want to they dump her so fast. Men aren’t men and go for what they want and when they do they do for the mean psycho women and make poor choices. Men always reject nice women. I’m a pretty nice woman who gets rejected and abused by most men who feel inferior to me for some sick reason. These men chase psychopathic women reject amazing women then say why meee?! Men are nutjobs most will end up with a psychopath because that’s what they chase

    Men only chase the psycho women and abuse nice women. They get what they deserve. Most of the lonely women are good women that’s because males today are so screwed up and predisposed to selecting crazy evil women. They’re still mocking the lonely nice women they reject and refuse over some crazy female. Men r warped

    • Scott

      most men do not reject nice women, it might just be your area? i don’t know. i get what you are saying, but it sounds like you’re only seeing it from your own shoes. surely you think men also see themselves as having to sell themselves above the other 100 guys she rejected, just for a chance to maybe get with her? guys have it rough too. and looks aren’t everything of course, most guys would be with an average looking girl. as long as you don’t have a hideous face, i think you’re fine. if you do, then a bit of makeup can fix that don’t know what to say.

      • Ryan Shea

        The fact of the matter is that, statistically, a woman will get hurt by men over and over again because the woman is misinformed. She wants a long term relationship and assumes that’s the goal of both genders in this world. By the time she is in her mid to late 20s she’s had men trying to get her to be everything from GONE when not fucking to smiling with hemroids and ready for more. Instead of offering the woman helpful advice they keep telling her she sure knows how to pick them. Most men are the same. The only way to get the results you want as a woman is to first accept this and secondly, even if you get a commitment, never attach. This takes the physical pleasure and tactile enjoyment out of it but good sex is for women who like to cry and get thrown away.

        1) He doesn’t want you for anything but sex.
        2) Men know what they like and some of them have a marriage fetish.
        3) Only the men with marriage/LTR fetishes are “in your league.” Okay? Not who’s best looking. Not who’s interesting. Not who’s smart. If you can find a man with a marriage fetish who you are actually attracted to, great… but its usually going to be a toss up. Be alone forever and have some good dick, or settle down and have a partner for life.
        4) Orgasm is caused by contractions. Contractions release oxytocin. Oxytocin makes you form a bond with your baby during labor but if a man gives you strong orgasms, you release this chemical and want to cling like glue. HE DOES NOT PRODUCE THIS HORMONE! You are biologically betrayed! You are DESIGNED to follow him around the wielderness and put up with all his hateful insensitive shit, compete with other females who are trying to beat you and have you thrown in jail, etc.
        5) Getting knocked up REALLY still is a way to trap a guy. Many men won’t even stick around for this but if you keep your emotions to yourself, go through the pregnancy alone and show up with a living breathing baby for him to see and form a bond with, he’ll have a different attitude than just throwing a dip stick at him and screaming “oh my god, I can’t believe you expect me to have an abortion!” He’s stupid… he can’t see your baby yet and therefore its not real. Like your broken heart.
        6) Most men really DO want to be men, support you, take care of you, etc. If he’s not doing that for himself, he’s going to hate you for no damned reason no matter how laid back you are about what a loser he is… the more you do for yourself, the more emmasculated he will feel but remember! You can’t remove a man’s balls when he doesn’t have any to begin with so be honest about the pragmatic side of love. A lot of women are conditioned to see themselves as “gold diggers” or “shallow bitches” for sizing up a man’s pocket book. However, if you fail to do this before giving him the time of day, YOU will be the one who shoulders the insults/whining/name calling/ physical abuse/ cheating, etc. When all is said and done he’ll have you feeling so unattractive you won’t be able to get another man.

        7) You can NOT have emotional conversations with him. He doesn’t understand feelings and you wouldn’t either if you were on hormone supplements. Think of a man as if you are ordering a burger. This is not romantic and is the number one reason I just don’t bother with sex anymore…. Emotions make me horny. Men can’t do them so its not good for me. BUUUUT… if you’re looking for a husband… who you will eventually deprive of sex anyway so who cares? You have to treat men as if you are ordering a burger. Imagine a carnival with tons of food coaches, lined up. You pick one… you say “I’d like a burger but I want the fries to have cheese on them.” If they say they don’t have cheese for fries, you walk to the next booth. YOu don’t sit there and cry about your special needs and how they don’t care about you. No one understands that shit and most food places would probably call security and have you take a psyche evaluation…. okay? So tell a man what you want. Based on his answer, decide if you want to see him again. You can start liking him AFTER there’s an agreement that you’re barking up the correct tree.

        8) If you don’t know how to be direct and say what you want, why should it be someone else’s problem?

      • Halopend

        Oh my……I don’t want to kick a girl who is down but how could anyone reach THAT point of loathing of men?

        I mean, I know I’ve made mistakes with women myself because I’m a human and not perfect but I’d like to think I don’t deserve anywhere near the characterizations you’ve leveled out and assume that there is other guys just as unworthy. Heck you even show a loathing towards women.

        Why don’t you try to see the good in people? Or at least the people who don’t seem completely horrible. Guarantee you’ll live a happier life.

        Try to look at it like this…. Do you consider yourself to be above all the crap you just wrote? If you can rise above it, why not someone else???

        Maybe you were just with a few assholes, maybe you are just naturally attracted to guys who treat you like shit (it’s a thing, trust me) or maybe your attitude scares off the people who would actually be good for you.

        Idk. You can hate and shut out people all you want if you think it protects you. That’s your choice to make, but at least do it for the right reasons.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        Trying to tell her to get over it is like trying to tell a depressed person to be happy. Often a depressed patient can see a lot more about the world that is wrong with it and we medicate them to numb the pain. They drink, dabble in drugs, etc. Similarily if she smiled, repressed her emotions and told herself to believe the best in men after constantly being abused then she will set herself up for more hurt in a world where men have constant power to abuse and use women.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Oh shut up you whiny female idiot. Women use and abuse men all the time. This comfortable society that men created and women take advantage of is able to function day in and day out thanks to the grueling work of MEN. So shut your whiny ass up and know your place.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        It didn’t require any work on your part. Men have always been shit and it’s been the job of society to reign them in. However, Feminism has given you guys more advantage than disadvantage though I wouldn’t say we actually wanted it that way. That would be meaning that we actually asked to be treated as prostitutes, as mentally incapacitated and as second citizens throughout history. This has been to man’s irresponsibility. It didn’t require any effort to write the Bible and write about how you men were entitled to fuck the whole world and get your lot in life. You just did it by the strength of your dicks. What an ingenious marvel of masculinity! The back-breaking inheritance of masculinism and the degradation of Planet Earth due to irresponsible selfishness! Maybe your ancestors did order slaves to harvest your crops or build your pyramids. Maybe your great grandparents had mistresses and domestically abused their wives/children. I hope you are proud. I hope you and your whole gender can sleep well at night.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        “It didn’t require any work on your part.”

        Sure it did, and does. I’m not allowed to crap out kids and sit on ass all day to be a stable person. That kind of parasitic existence is reserved for women. I have to contribute – men have to contribute in order to be useful people.

        “Men have always been shit and it’s been the job of society to reign them in.”

        The job of society, huh? You mean the society men created and maintain every day? So you mean to say bad men are getting put in line by better men who run society. Because it certainly isn’t women doing anything, you just sat on the sidelines and watched while men built everything around us, this technologically-advanced society we are enjoying today.

        “Feminism has given you guys more advantage than disadvantage though I wouldn’t say we actually wanted it that way.”

        Of course feminists didn’t want it that way. Feminists don’t want to do anything positive for men, you want to put men at a disadvantage and we all know this. That’s why we call feminism out for the trash that it is, and then the whiny, defective females come in defending it attempting to say “not all feminists” or “not real feminists” despite all of us knowing that every feminist is exactly the same. You’re all hypocrites, you’re all gutter-trash.

        “This has been to man’s irresponsibility….The back-breaking inheritance of masculinism”

        Wtf does any of that mean and what does it have to do with my post? The bible? No, idiot, I’m talking about actual inventions that changed the course of humanity – they were all created by men. Writing the bible is just one of the many ways powerful men clung to power.

        “the degradation of Planet Earth due to irresponsible selfishness!”

        Tell that to women, the biggest consumers and wasters of resources. Women expect a comfortable, privileged society and with that comes a lot of wastefulness and environmental degradation. Blame women for global warming – they consume so much and expect so much.

        “Maybe your ancestors did order slaves to harvest your crops or build your pyramids.”

        All the slaves building things were men. The slaves were enslaved by other men who were working for a man. Men created civilization and everything we have today. If women were in charge we would still be living in caves.

        “I hope you are proud. I hope you and your whole gender can sleep well at night.”

        I’m proud to be a man. It’s great to be a man. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. So yeah, I sleep soundly every night and I wake up rested every morning.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        You are nothing but a hypocrite. Men are responsible for Global Warming and all that is wrong with society. Your black and white thinking days are over. When Clinton becomes president of this country, the glass ceiling will finally be broken and we will save the world from your greedy masculine selfishness. Also childbirth is not something you can understand as a man but being a woman gives you a keen intellect to the world around you, much stronger than any man’s.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        I hope Clinton gets elected so I can watch and laugh as she tanks the US and proves to the world that women are not capable of being good leaders. But if Trump gets elected, ugly, fat women like you would have your panties all in a wad. It’s a win win for me.

        If men created all the problems it’s only because men have done everything for humanity, everything good and everything bad. Women did nothing but sat back and watched while crapping out kids.

        Male genius took you out of the brutality of nature. You don’t have to experience that now thanks to men. Now you can have your little feminist dreams and delusions. When and if society collapses, women will be dropping all that feminist nonsense. At least the ones who aren’t purged, anyways.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        BTW, why are you all so useless in the maths and sciences if you have that “keen intellect to the world around you?” You think that would make you better engineers and chemists but clearly the numbers make a case against your feminist garbage-thought.

        Hey, look on the bright side. With the advent of artificial wombs, you won’t have to be giving birth much longer. Your biggest contribution to humanity, the one thing that makes you uniquely useful, will be gone. Better find something, and quick, or women will become superfluous.

      • Stupid Women Everywhere Now

        It is women like You that will always be Losers.

      • Monica Zani

        ok there are women and men and there are girls and boys in women and men suits….two different apples. Crab apples that never grow and grannysmiths the sweetarts or sweet hearts of the breed…so if a boy in a man suit meets a woman or a little girl in a woman suit meets a man or worse ,if two little kids in grown up suits meet it can be quite toxic…good to have some grown up feedback while navigating through relationship or practice growing up in your relationship while seeking healthy advice along the way…otherwise you’re all correct its disaster after disaster….dont go it alone …but a healthy one or one that is growing can be the best thing that happened for you on your entire life….men and women dont go to little kids in grownup suits for your advice…go to someone whos done it for along time correctly ask questions and take their advice…good luck!

      • Mentally Disturbed Women Now

        The real problem is that there are too many very Pathetic Low Life Loser Women out there now than we ever had before compared to the women of years ago that were old fashioned which Most of them in those days really made a Great Wife as well. Today unfortunately a totally different story which really explains why many of us Good men nowadays are still Single since we really Can’t Blame ourselves at all either. Now you have the women with their Careers making a Six Figure Income that are so very Greedy And Selfish since it is all about them which they’re Total Losers anyway since they really think that they’re all that but their Not at all. Today many of us Single men will get Cursed out just for saying Hello to a woman that will Attract us since these women really do have a lot of Mental Problems to begin with. God Forbid trying to start a Normal Conversation with a woman which she is ready to chew our heads off.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        You are losing your place in society so you feel threatened by women but I won’t back down to a misogynistic idiot.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Losing my place in society? To whom, women? LOL! There’s those feminist delusions that always give me a good chuckle. Women are more unhappy than they’ve ever been – there are statistics that show this. If you’re a straight man in your 20s and in the dating pool, you’ve seen that there are more single mothers than there are childless single women. Women are so, so far behind in STEM and the fields that actually matter in the world + pay you really well. I could count on one hand how many women were in most of my classes in college, and my degree opens you up to fields that pay no less than $75k+/yr right out of college.

        Women are going nowhere but DOWN, and that’s a fact. Women are so dependent on government handouts these days, the only thing feminism changed for you is that you’re leeching off the gov instead of a man.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        There is still work to be done in raising the number of girls in Stem research. The numbers have been slow but have increased over the years due to questioning social norms. Due to feminism. Women hold more jobs in their 30’s and more men are at home living with their parents than ever.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        What jobs are women working? Useless crap jobs that have ups and downs that follow the economy. Few women do anything that really contributes to society. You’re receptionists, secretaries, waitresses, publicists, HR. What’s the upper echelon of female work, practicing law? Great, you can be asshole lawyers too.

      • BB shark

        Even with a perfect explanation and reasoning, you still find a way to be insulting and make it all about yourself… I know people don’t like to hear this sort of thing, but seriously, have you been diagnosed with Aspergers? I’ve spent a lot of time around Aspies, and they act very identical to you. They can’t be reasoned with, and it’s very hard to explain anything to them, because their condition just won’t allow it. Plus, they have a habit of making everything about themselves…

      • ICouldHaveLied

        You’ve spent a lot of time around Aspies and I’m the sperg here? Yeah, okay. Keep hanging around your sperg friends who you obviously relate to, loser.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Besides, western women are the single biggest whiners who do nothing but focus on their nonexistent first world white woman issues. So by your own logic, western women are undiagnosed Aspies because they make everything about themselves.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        What a pitiful, damaged woman you are.

      • BB shark

        Did you ever stop to think that maybe men have treated her so badly in the past that she is reduced to thinking and feeling like this? It’s not just her, it’s who she has dealt with. You don’t become bitter and damaged all on your own, you need help with that sort of thing. Bad people are very good at helping others become bitter.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        And how did the “bad people” become bad? Unless they’re sociopaths, they were hurt at some point and are now damaged as well.

        But yes, I’m sure the poor woman has been used and abused, taken advantage of and treated as lower than garbage by rotten men too many times. I just have to ask myself how she ended up with such terrble men time and time again though. I’ve seen women make terrible decisions in regards to the men they get with, so its hard to be sympathetic. Even if you try to warn them about the guy’s reputation they just don’t listen because they think they can change him.

        So maybe this woman is one of the rare cases in which she’s completely a victim of circumstances. I doubt it, but it’s still possible. If that’s true then I guess all I can do is apologize on behalf of men and wish her the best.

      • And I Certainly Agree Too

        Well i certainly Agree.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        That is another stereotype. A woman can try to be a pleasing partner but if a man is too spoiled, he will look for affection elsewhere. That is why women have to resort to tricks to keep their husbands in check.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        The tricks and games you play is exactly why your husbands and boyfriends run away from you manipulative maniacs.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        I don’t have a husband. I left my boyfriend on the street with you drunken idiots. Don’t need that shit in my life

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Riiiight, YOU had a boyfriend. Nobody is going to buy that shit after reading your posts. A chick as bitter as you has been getting pumped and dumped her whole life. The only boyfriends you’ve ever had are guys who don’t feel the same way about you. You get sexzoned.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        Nope. My boyfriend degraded me on campus after saying I cheated on him because he was so hurt that I moved on and had sex with many guys for the mere pleasure of it. It intimidated him sexually so he had to be more of a man by tearing me down and abusing me emotionally. That was when I learned not to trust men.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        So, pretty much it’s everyone’s fault but your own? Cool, you sound like a textbook narcissist. Like most women. Thanks for your life story, though.

      • LauraPuffyCloud

        More men are narcissists than women. Look at Donald Trump.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Donald Trump = more men are narcissists? Wow, your logic is brilliant and unquestionable. ONE man is a narcissist therefore more men are narcissists than women. Truly an intellectually stunted young girl.

        And please, female narcissism is a billion dollar industry. Social media exists for vapid, useless, narcisstic young women, and look at how many of you use it. There is a new generation of wealthy, powerful men in Silicon Valley thanks to female narcissism.

      • Only God Could Help Us Now

        Well God Forbid if Hillary wins which America will really be Destroyed altogether.

      • Honestly Speaking

        But most women are the Worst these days especially.

    • Yuki Minaj

      so a crazy misinformed bitch like you? jenn j i see you commenting on discus quite often and you never have anything interesting or true to say. stick your bullshit back into your ass where you pulled it from and leave decent folk alone.

      • RealityCheck

        Said the Loser.

      • TheVeryTruth

        Just remember beauty fades.

    • Reality

      You’re such a Pathetic Loser for making a comment like that.

    • Scott Williams

      What the HECK are you talking about. You must be a woman because nearly everything you said confirms you don’t know much about men. Probably been getting your advice from girly magazines written by women about men at the grocery store checkout line.

      • Pumpkin Scissors

        Maybe she’s going by personal experience, too. JERK!

    • Pumpkin Scissors

      I MUST agree with you. I am the type of woman who will cook her man a 3 course meal whenever he asks. I LOVE to cook, so it doesn’t bother me. I am the type of woman who will wear that cute, pink Valentines Day teddy, and sit in her man’s lap while feeding him chocolate covered strawberries. I am the type of woman who loves to flirt with her man, even after 3 years of being together, it never gets old for me. I am affectionate and faithful. I am the type of woman who will listen, appreciate, encourage, and support her man. I don’t like playing games, they’re unhealthy, stupid and unnecessary. I’m not a naggy, jealous women, I’m an Aquarius, and Aqua women are naturally NOT naggy or jealous! Why is it, then, that I have been dogged out by every single boyfriend that I have ever had? Men would rather treat me like cow-pie, and chase after the naggy instagram thot with the nasty attitude. My last ex boyfriend of 3 years treated me so bad. When I first met him, he lied and told me that he was a “Nice Guy,” when really he was rude, selfish, inconsiderate, mean, and cheated on me 3 times with 3 different girls within a span of 2 weeks. I was so good to him, yet he was so rotten to me.

      I’ve had other ex boyfriends do the same thing… I was good to them, yet they were rotten and cold to me. A couple of them even called me a “crazy b*tch!!” because I had the nerve to get angry after being treated so poorly and so shamefully. Guys have even dated me JUST because they wanted to treat me badly. Again, I’m not a naggy jealous woman, but I’ve had a couple of ex’s who would go out of their way JUST to try to make me jealous. They would do stuff like flirting with other women in front of me, telling me about how much they want to screw all of their favorite celebrities, or how hot their co-worker/neighbor is .. I’m going by personal experience. Not some girly magazine, or some feminist article. Men are crazy, and have problems. They do not know what they want, and then moan and cry when they reject the good woman for the instgram ho after she breaks his heart. I’m not jaded and bitter all on my own, i’m a pretty optimistic person. it’s MEN who have given me the trust issues and the intimacy issues that I have now, not some man-hating feminist whispering in my ear.

      • Scott Williams

        You are attracted to bad men. When you said the guy said he was a nice guy but then was rude and abusive and cheated on you and you still stayed with him.

    • Telling The Truth

      You’re very Right which many women nowadays are very Psycho since they have no Manors at all, like to Curse at us men for No Reason at all, their Personality sucks altogether, and they just have a lot of Mental Issues today which is very Unfortunate for them. in other words, Most of the women are just Total Pathetic Losers which is real sad.

    • Scott Williams

      Absolutely UNTRUE that men reject nice women. Quite the opposite. Most women friendzone nice men and date abusive, bad boy types.

  • Because when women are lonely its by choice, I used to be a bartender and night after night I would see women get hit on all night only to complain that they can’t find a man who want’s them SMH….. while most guys who complain about being lonely would be happy with ANY female attention. even from a cute but slightly chubby girl or a butterface girl. All a girl have to do to attract guys is not be ugly…… no I take that back…. I meant not TOO ugly.

    • BB shark

      Excuse me, but were you paying attention to the types of men that were hitting on those women at the bars all night? Were they those sleazy, nasty, unhygienic, creepy, pervy, hit-it-an-quit-it type of guys? I don’t care how lonely I am for a man, if THOSE types are the ones hitting on me, and in a bar no less, I am under NO obligation to give them the time of day.

      • KayGee

        Just like when i see those nasty, sleazy, skanky, unhygenic, ugly-tatted, creepy, entitled, hit-it-and-STD-it, morbidly obese kind of females that think they can just have any guy on the dance floor because they think they’re soooo “hot”. Pendulum swings both ways. Except that guys are called “shallow pigs” or something when they reject your fat thotty friend for being a trash mess.

  • TheTruthReallySpeaksTheTruth

    Well with so many Career women these days which many of them are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and very money hungry which really explains why many of us Good men are single because these type of women want the Best which they will Never settle for Less.

    • Yuki Minaj

      are you seriously mad that women want to self realize and have actual standards? the reason why you’re single is obviously because of your own disgusting personality, you were never a good man.

      • TheTruthReallySpeaksTheTruth

        Much better than you will ever be. Feminism has destroyed many of us Good men by the way. And the real Good old fashioned women years ago were really the Best compared to today which it is a shame that their all gone now is the Real Reason why many of us Good men are still Single today which there is No reason at all to Blame ourselves for the type of women that we have out there these days since many of us men are Not Single by choice.

      • KayGee

        It really is true: There’s not a shortage of good marriageable men, so much as there IS a shortage of good women. By putting all the chips into suave seduction, looks, and game like the modern hookup culture has, women in society eliminate almost all the incentives to settle down, create a stable household, and nurture a family. This is the age of unrelenting narcissism. All men owe it to themselves to go MGTOW. We are better than this.

      • ICouldHaveLied

        Yep, most women only have their appearance and their body to offer, and both of those features get less attractive as time goes on. So women’s best assets fade as they age and they wonder why older men pursue younger women. Most women are nothing more than sub-par men these days; pursuing highly competitive rat-race careers, regularly sleeping around with random people, and most refuse to do any cooking, cleaning, or laundry out of principle, etc.
        I don’t know why any guy would be in a rush to get married or be in a committed relationship anyways. Time is on our side. We age like fine wine, that whole “biological clock” issue is something that only applies to women. Just be a selfish as*hole in your 20s and even into your 30s. Focus on yourself: get a lucrative career, put time into looking fashionable and attractive, travel, etc. Then when you’re in your 30s or 40s you can start working on finding a woman. The great thing is, even a 20-something woman will love a 30-40 year old guy if he can provide stability and good genetics for kids.
        Seriously, we have all the cards in our hands. Unless you’re as dumb and ugly as dog shit, you have it pretty good as a man. I don’t know why guys would be complaining, just keep your head up and focus on winning. Let the dumb c*nts wear themselves out and the next generation of vapid 20-somethings will replace them and that’s when you can step in and be in charge because you’ll be older and have a lot to offer.

      • TheTruthReallySpeaksTheTruth

        It is very sad that the Real Good old fashioned women are all gone nowadays since Most of them i would say were the Best of all at one time.

      • IAgreeOnThat

        The Loser has spoken.

  • Doug

    Well the comments sure didn’t disappoint.

  • Dale Haskell

    You never met me. I’m the biggest loser in the world and I worship women. The problem is women hate me. I would crawl miles just to hold and kiss a woman’s hand. I was just never good enough. You want to discuss loneliness? I invented the term.

    • pranumbra

      strange, very strange, and hard to believe.Women , like every human being, long for being worshiped. So that women hate you , with you worshiping them, doesnt make sense. What do you mean with , you have never been good enough???

      • Dale Haskell

        Forget it,jack. A weak moment. It never happened.

  • LauraPuffyCloud

    Just another angry man bitching.

  • Susan

    I recommend both men and women read, Men are from Mars and Women are
    from Venus. I wish that I had read it before I got married 30 years ago.
    It is very basic, critical information needed for healthy relationships
    that many of us never received growing up. I gave a copy to both of my
    children, one has not begun to date and the other is engaged. It is
    never too late to learn so that you won’t become bitter and generalize
    women and men into negative stereotypes so build up resentments and then
    the relationship dies.

  • Susan

    I see men and women make the same mistakes over and over again. If you just want sex or have sex too soon, don’t complain about attracting someone shallow cause that is what you will get under those circumstances. If you are seriously looking for a long-term relationship then you have to be willing to put off physical love for a while ( I know it is hard because I am a very physical person); until you have time to see if they have the qualities you need. Sex too soon will make you become too emotionally involved and it will be very difficult to pull away when you find out they don’t have the same basic values you have. Many of us have had poor role models growing up whether it be mothers or fathers. One book I read said to name ten things you need in a relationship and ten things you will not tolerate in one. If you can stick to the ten things you need and not accept any thing less, then your relationships will have a fighting chance. When I got married (now divorced) decades ago I had no idea what to look for in a relationship; but I sure discovered after decades of married what I didn’t want and what I needed. It is difficult to take a long look at oneself and the baggage one brings into a relationship; but it is necessary if you want a loving, long-term relationship.

    Learning to love yourself is critically important so you will not “settle,” but wait for a mate that you truly will be happy with. Similar goals, values and money handling beliefs are very important. Opposites attract, but I hear that these relationships don’t often last and can be very stressful because they wear you down after years of marriage because of constant conflicting views. Just some stuff I learned over the years and threw much study.

  • TheRealTruthHasBeenTold

    Most of these women today are very Pathetic and have no manors at all with a very serious attitude problem since most of the women out there today Do Need help very badly since they just Don’t know how to talk too us men anymore. It is real Fact that the women in the Past really did put these women today to Real Shame since they had Good manors and had a lot of Respect and were very Polite to start a conversation with as well. Once they gave them the power to Vote which it has totally messed up this world which it is a real shame. These women will just Grow old all Alone with their Cats.

  • Goku

    Not all women are that picky. I use to be alone for years. Most men I met didnt want to commit. Not all men that are desperate are running after single women and willing to commit. Every man I was interested only was interested in my sister cause shes a bimbo. Men can be picky if they think they have better options. Which is the same reason many more leave their wives for young women. Finding the decent good loving partner isn’t easy. Of course its easier in a sense for women if they aren’t afraid to look desperate and ask out the right one. Many good men are too scared to ask out women or make advances to avoid looking like a creep. Then good guys end up getting friend zoned it happens all the time. Also women who like a man they work with think that if they date that man and things go wrong their working relationship and friendship will sour. Women need to go up to men and not think so much.

    • TheRealTruthHasBeenTold

      Okay let me fully explain why it is very Difficult for us Good men looking for a Good woman today since many women that now have their Careers today are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, and yes very picky, narcissists, and very power money hungry which these women Most of the time would want a man with Mega Bucks anyway. Now with many women making a Six Figure Income nowadays of course they will Never go with a man that makes much Less Money than they make which makes very sad how the women of today have Really Changed since the old days when Most of the women back then were Never like that at all and Both men and women in those days had to Struggle along with their men to make ends meat since the Times were very Tough back then. Today i will admit that the women have the Power that they Didn’t have back then but it does make it Very Difficult for us Good men that are looking for Real Love since many of us Haven’t been that Successful yet unfortunately. The times have completely Changed and so have the women of today so this is why Most women are Very Picky now when it comes to finding Real Love themselves.

  • The Serious Truth

    It is really their own Fault.