Apr 19

A man and a woman wrestling

When a man and a woman meet, with the exception of men of power and wealth, the woman holds the cards. This means that as a man you are already losing even before you begin the relationship game. The woman is the one choosing to say yes or no to our advancements, and it is normally she who would pack up and leave if things take a turn for the worst. This puts a lot of men at ease with being the worker while their ladies control the books – from a business standpoint that is. Men in society are used to being the ones interviewing for the relationship job and women are the hiring managers.

We don’t get the over gentlemen, unless you look like Idris Elba and make as much money as Stringer Bell, women that you want will still be the booker. The only guys who avoid this rule of life are the game masters, the legal pimps with the vernacular and the wolves that truly hate and disrespect women. Those guys own the book, they make their own rules, but most men are not of their build so recognize that you go into the dating game with a 7/2 offsuit (the worst hand in Poker).

When a wicked woman recognizes her power, you as a man are absolutely done. You notice that I said “wicked” woman; I don’t want this article to come off as a general slap to the “fairer sex” as it is exclusively dedicated to the ones who damage us. A woman who sees how the game works and has no respect for you (this varies from inception to something that may have happened later on in the relationship) will no longer see you as her loving man. You either become a tool to be used for financial gain, or an obstacle of disgust that stands in her way.

You must recognize where you stand with your woman. Many of us get caught up in our own bullshit to where we become blind to the fact that she no longer does the things that she used to do for us. If you notice that she smiles less, does for you less, and has become more aloof, you must realize that you are in a bad position. Egotistical, blind and oblivious men get blind-sided by divorce papers, a secret lover using your check to take her on vacation, and loveless pregnancy that will lead to over-inflated child payments. Men, we must keep our eyes and noses open to what is in our lady’s heart.

This is why we lose – we naturally don’t pay much attention to the trifles and it is the trifles that will get you hurt.

“Matters of small concern should be treated seriously” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo

She’s the booker, you’re the worker. If things are going south in your relationship, think of it like things going south in your job between you and your manager. Do you keep quiet and hope that it will blow over? If you’re a fool you do. That manager will fire you as soon as he finds a better replacement and he won’t care if you have 10 kids to feed and a wife in the hospital. Manager beef leads to smart workers finding a new job FAST! The same should go for a man in a failing relationship; you can try to get your woman/manager to forgive you but more often than none you should probably quit.

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