Aug 12


When I went to the theater to see Man of Steel I noticed a lot of big guys in Superman shirts. Well that’s an understatement – damn near every big man was wearing a Superman shirt and you better believe that they bought them one size too small.

It’s funny how Superman is somewhat of a bodybuilding icon when the character represents an alien who is genetically blessed. Superman doesn’t have to spend a quarter of his life in the gym and he doesn’t go through days where injuries affect his workout regimen or a breakdown in willpower causes him to slam a number 3 at McDonalds. But Superman is still #oneofus isn’t he? The guy wears a suit during the day so that he can blend in with the working beta male populace but when it’s time for action he rips it off to show his perfect body.

Every bodybuilder relishes the thought of tearing out of the clothes when it comes time for action. When you’re proud of your body it feels like a violation to be forced into something that may hide the fact that you work hard for it. So what have we always done? We wear smaller shirts (clothes that “fit”), and we take progress photos to post on Instagram. Don’t be mad at it – just accept and embrace it. This is our culture.

So seeing big guys wearing the Kryptonian S on their chest should be no big surprise; hell a Batman shirt would not get the same impact, nor would an Iron Man, or a Spiderman. Do you know why? The mind does not immediately go to muscles and genetic perfection when you think of the two rich geniuses and the broke genius who was lucky enough to be bitten by a radioactive spider. When you see the Superman symbol however you think of chest, arms and quads flying at you at the speed of sound – it makes you take notice and that is why big men identify with superman.

crazy-dwayneAnother brand that workout aficionados have adopted as their own is Under Armor; I know that I personally love their gear. You can see the U and A on the shirts, pants and shoes of men and women in every gym, on your big screen (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sports the badge in almost every movie he’s in) and even at the workplace. Under Armor fits snug and right, accenting all the good things and tucking away all the bad things at the same time. It is God Gear as I like to call it and I am proud to wear it as part of my uniform on a daily basis.

Now imagine what would happen if these 2 bodybuilding brands were to marry… how awesome is that Superman shirt? No longer do you have to keep it Red and Blue when you’re flying around saving your city with those massive wings you’ve developed from thousands of dumbbell flies. You can be the Under Armor hero of Metropolis in black!

So don’t freak out when you see random big guys with an S on their chest or in the movie theater taking up two seats with their massive wing span. It isn’t as if they are all nerds who love the hell out of Superman’s comic books, cartoons, video games and lore. They wear it because they identify, and now you can too.

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  • great article

  • Nice article. When you specifically look at the brand of Under Armour, it does add to this persona as a Protector. There commercials add to the persona as well and being a “beast” or force to be reckoned with.

    If DC and UA were to join forces, it could potentially be a money machine on both sides of the partnership.

    Even if you compared UA to Nike, Nike doesn’t come off as this “Hero/Protector” moniker like UA does. Even with Nike’s Combat line, its still more sports themed.

    • Good points Will and I think a lot of the protector feeling from UA comes fromt he few ads they did have. Remember the dude having his crew doing pushups while yelling out “we will protect this house!” Nike is a household name, but they advertise heavily so the brand does not come off as exclusive as Under Armor does. When you see the UA logo on someone like Dwayne Johnson you immediately notice it, whereas if you see him in Nike it’s merely him wearing something tight.

    • Thats great marketing by UA, because of their ads reflect that notion protection ferocity. I like UA gear, granted all of mine is also marked with USF (alma mater), and on clearance from the USF bookstore, but the gear is nice. Plus they get props for that U of Maryland Football uniform, that shit is beastin.*280.jpg?v=1

  • Antonio M. Daniels

    When men work that hard to obtain that type of physique, they deserve to wear clothing that will showcase their tremendous work. To me, the only persons who will not appreciate them wearing clothes that “fit” are those who are envious. This is a very interesting topic. Very good job!

    • Thank you sir, plus do you remember what muscle men used to wear in the 80’s? Those nasty stringy tank-tops with the baggy, pajama pants, a fanny pack and wrestling shoes… there is no way I could explain that sense of fashion in an article. People have gotten better!