Nov 19

women talking to a man

One of the best feelings a man can have when it comes to the dating game is a feeling of content. What I mean by this is that when you have other things going on—several women in your phone who are somewhat available when called—and no pressure to get into anything serious, you are the cock of the walk. Let me explain why.

There have been times when I had a phone full of numbers, accessible ex-girlfriend, and my dress game, physique and wallet were on point. There is nothing you could tell me to do for some woman’s attention that I felt I had to do. No, the attitude was – if she wants some of this then she would come get some of this. Needless to say I was on a celebrity level of high when I went out.

Now let’s compare the above to the times when I hadn’t been in a relationship for a while, was scheming on hooking up with someone long-term and trying different avenues to make that happen. It was a feeling of insecurity where your fate seemed to be tied to some heavenly dice or a hand in Blackjack – never knowing when it will be your time.

When you go at a strange woman with the aura of the confident, I-don’t-need-her, type of guy around you it always seems to pull them in like fish caught in a net. Yet if you are looking, semi-desperate, and flexible, women make it harder and harder for you to get in there. Can the church of men say amen?

This is why married men have little problem scooping up pretty victims to have affairs with. The ring and the fact that there is some “at home” waiting in case the flirtation fails makes them so ridiculously aloof and carefree that women read it as confidence and they throw all caution to the wind.

Single guy steps up and seems to be somewhat unsure of himself, unsure on what he should do and all sorts of obstacles get thrown in the way.

The pressure to talk to women

The biggest thing about this difference is the pressure isn’t it? When you’re single and void of available sex you feel as if there is a big eye in the sky watching and expecting you to go after girls.

Example: You walk into a bar for a drink and some pretzels and you see a cute single bunny off in the cut. She looks at you to see what you are about and then sets her focus elsewhere… you know she’s going to look at you again because you’re alone, you’re not repulsive, and she’s not talking to anyone.

As a guy with options your only push to go up to her is if she’s Bria Myles caliber sexy or irresistible to where you may want to try and see if it goes anywhere. For the single, lonely guy, you 100% HAVE to talk to her because she’s giving you vibes and she may be the only chick you run into for days, not to mention, you will never forgive yourself if you don’t try. That’s a lot of pressure.

Flipping the game and winning

Imagine if you could have the confidence of a guy with options no matter what situation you are in with your personal life? This is what single men who are in pursuit of love and happiness should work on when it seems as if the hunt is hopeless. Work on you, your level of confidence and keep it in your mind that you do not NEED a woman, you merely want one.

Confidence and aloof disinterest is what makes the wolves and adulterers sexy my boys; so it is their attitude that you must borrow from in order to remove that desperate, thirsty aura in lieu of an attractive, magnetic presence.

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