Jun 15

Everyday whilst reading articles online I notice a common trend when the topic of religion is brought up. A bunch of people begin to go crazy cutting and pasting what I assume are Bible verses to try and prove a point. I am not sure who these posters are that do this but if you are one of them and you are reading this I mean no disrespect but to non Christians you look like a moron.

The reason for this is that you are using the Bible as the unwavering truth to argue with someone who sees it quite differently. When has that ever worked in a dispute? It would be the same as if I took Wikipedia.org as the de facto truth on a certain celebrity and get into an argument with someone who knows that Wikipedia isn’t always accurate. In this argument I don’t present any clear theories or facts, I merely quote the sentences from the site while the person I am arguing with tries to reason with me. This is how it looks on blogs, some “non-believer” puts something out there, Bible Beater drops some Corinthians verse that he cut-n-paste from a Bible website… “non-believer” tries to start a rationale conversation in hopes of getting some clarity, Bible Beater drops another verse.

Non-Believers Mind Block Bible Verses on Instinct

I find myself skipping the verses without even thinking about it, then my brain categorizes the cut-n-paster as an idiot. Let me explain, when you have a discussion with someone that is really into something, you get a sense of respect or a sense of pity for them based on their discourse. The blind followers of anything cannot back it up intelligently, they merely quote and shout over you in hopes of fooling you that they are knowledgeable. I see this sort of thing happen with new Network Marketing people that haven’t studied their product. You ask them about the details and they read you back some garbage that you could have read yourself – pry into it even deeper and they get upset “JUST BUY THE DAMN PRODUCT SO I CAN GET MY CUT!” Is how they come off. Same thing with a Bible Beater who can’t defend his belief beyond cutting and pasting scripture.

Now on the other hand a person that can talk to you about it intelligently, they get all the respect in the world. I have a friend I went to school with who whored it up and partied as hard as the rest of us but got married and committed his life to God and Christianity. Whenever we would brooch the subject his explanation, intelligent discourse, and genuine membership in the religion forces you to hear him out. He in turn listens, hears our side and then rebuts with words that make sense for the most part. If he were to reply to one of these blogs it would be in English, and most importantly in his own words. I am never disrespectful of his religion around him and most people wouldn’t be – he doesn’t beat his Bible, he reads it!

Advice for Bible Beaters That DO Want to be heard

You have to put things in your own words folks, even if you are talking that yap about people burning in hell fire and Zeus throwing thunderbolts to those who say his name in vain or whatever. When you begin to quote, it comes off as lazy and unintelligent. Hell, if you really want to look like a dumbass go ahead and post the scriptures in all caps… I love reading those! NOT. Come down to our level a bit church folks and we’ll hear you out, but if you’re coming with scriptures that we won’t read to begin with, you may as well save yourself some time.

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  • This is good. There are some believers out too, there who can’t stand the Bible thumpers! It’s a move of the ego.. a trick of the devil. To get attention.. Draw attention to themselves.. Or it’s a way for them to remind themselves to stay on track. BUT it’s absolutely boring isn’t it? IT’S A BIG FAT TURN OFF FOR ME. Friends and family young and old – when they start quoting scripture.. I start humming “Morning Mr Shoe Shine Man, Shine ’em white and bright and tan… my baby says she loves me and….” or something else. Online folks that do it – want the chorus of amens that come with that. MAKE IT STOP, LORD, PLEASE!!! — Once had a fb guy who did that. Delete. I delete the sustahs too.. It’s not what you believe it’s what your belief does for you, right? And the Bible ain’t all the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth… to everyone. Have THAT discussion!! Palease?

  • Jeff Claybaugh

    While there are good and bad people in all walks of life, there are several explanations for what you have experienced that don’t mean that the people involved were seeking any glory or trying beat you up. I believe most people find it difficult to have a conversation with somebody who they believe isn’t going to agree with them. When the topic is emotionally loaded, like religion, the urge to defend sometimes causes unintended emotional responses. Anybody attempting to discuss this topic for personal fame or gain would know that he or she will reap no spiritual gain either for themselves or for you. As faulted as all Christians are, as a norm, we are truly concerned for the well being of our fellow man. We may stumble about and come off wrong with our approach, but at least we are trying to let people know that we believe there is a better way available. Meeting these people caused this forum to be written. Maybe one person, who reads this, will ask why somebody would try to talk to somebody about this topic when it is so uncomfortable for them, which may intern lead them to look further into it. If so, who knows how many lives may have an opportunity to find a new way of life. Just a thought.