Feb 14

sad woman at bar

It’s the start of the NFL season and I found myself at the local sports bar being waited on by a drop dead gorgeous blonde who had all the right things going on for her – she was cute, bubbly and had a sense of humor.

Of course we weren’t the only ones in the bar noticing this. Guys of all kinds were vying for her attention; some smooth, most crass; it was just so many hard legs flirting with the girl that it started to become embarrassing.

One of the other girls waiting was also pretty damn cute and on her game with the service unlike blondie who was having trouble making me a rum and coke for whatever reason… I guess some lames think being bad at your job adds to the hotness but whatever.

While I considered bagging this chicken with some tried and true tactics, I realized that I would only be doing it to show up the White Knights, players who never played, and social nerds who sat there painting this girl gold with weak game as they sipped on their light beer, Amaretto Sours or whatever. But that would be violating a man law right there, see – we don’t holler at a chick just for the sake of cock blocking PLUS there’s that rule about hitting on service staff… All signs lead to loser.

Many times we men find ourselves caught up in some woman’s scent. This chick was young, blonde, and had a shape – basically USA gold for those keeping score at home. She was also the hotter of the two girls working there… It ain’t rocket science! You don’t chase a chick like that, you let the nerds and the douchebags flare out on that and pick off the other low-hanging fruit.

So don’t look surprised when I tell you that I got the number from waitress #2 and a few dates later was dancing the horizontal mambo all night long. Actually she turned out to be the better pick – no shade here on the blonde (this chick has red hair) but let’s just say my girl knows how to move and she was down with the program.

The lesson in all of this is simple, if a woman is being sought by a ton of guys in a tiny area then it’s a glorified circle jerk. See most of those fools are playing off of one another for her attention and it’s a game that we all lose no matter what; she’s the winner and she won’t give out the goodies anyway.

Shoot for 2nd place in those situations and get with the cutie who will have all of your attention. It’s just basic strategy if you want some action… But if you want to impress your buddies by cat calling the cheerleader then by all means continue and stay losing.

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  • JFB1224

    From the cute blonde’s perspective:

    “That perverted guy who was here last week is back. I hope he doesn’t try to grab my butt again, it was so embarrassing. None of the other guys in the restaurant seemed to think it was wrong, they laughed along with him. So did my manager. Well, at least I’ll probably get some good tips. I have to make rent next week, and pay tuition on the accounting classes I’m taking part time.

    The guy at table 3 seems to be the nicest one here. He smiles and seems genuinely friendly. He even picked up his own silverware when it fell on the floor. That’s a change! He obviously didn’t do it on purpose so he could get me to pick it up just to get me to bend over so he could stare at my @ss.

    I know people think all of this attention is great, but getting treated like a piece of @ss all the time can get old. It would be nice if one or two of these guys treated me like an actual person. They don’t treat Connie like this. Sure, she doesn’t get as much attention, but when guys interact with her, they treat her with a lot more respect. Maybe if I dyed my hair a darker color, or gained some weight, these guys wouldn’t act like tools.”