Jan 02

I would like to share my thoughts on a book referred to me by one of our Lady Dragons: Cherry Tigris. The book entitled Toilet Paper People is a quick read but has such a strong message that I found myself thinking about it weeks after finishing it. Toilet Paper People is about a form of bullying that cannot be remedied by telling your parents, fighting back or even standing up for yourself; the type of bullying that I am referring to is that of a parent bullying a child.

Many of us remember the 1981 movie Mommie Dearest where a popular actress was shown to be a psychotic child-abuser behind closed doors. The movie was entertaining and shocking for its time, leading to many quotables and memories of the onscreen antics of Faye Dunaway portraying the film queen Joan Crawford as she beat her little girl with wire hangers and competed with her in the most ridiculous way.

To many people who saw this movie it was fiction, a depiction of a human being at her lowest but not exactly reality. Though Toilet Paper People shows a similar situation where a woman bullies a child while showing a perfect face to the outside world in order to hide it, the book was no Mommie Dearest. When I read Toilet Paper People I felt every bit of her abuse as I read the recollections from page to page.

“She would leave me under the water just long enough to make sure there was no question about who was in control.”

Out of the entire book the chapter that really chilled me the most was called Pretty Little Toes which featured the wicked foster mother, a hammer, some stairs and enough pain to make the little girl pass out. Go ahead and process that and multiply it by 15 chapters of cruel torture by a woman to an adopted child (read: prisoner) in her life. The abuse was terrible but nothing seemed worst to me than the involuntary solitude inflicted on the girl who is disallowed mirrors, is verbally and physically abused daily and much, much worse.

Even if you aren’t a reader I would urge you to purchase and read Toilet Paper People because it will awaken awareness in you about the more undercover forms of bullying going on in the world.

Toilet Paper People could save a life if placed in the hands of someone who just might be going through something similar. It offers a glimpse into the life of someone who went through it all and managed to hulk up and burst out of the situation.

Many of us should never be parents but we don’t know until some poor little person is raised in our hell and then forced to conform to a world with no patience for people that don’t fit in. You can purchase Toilet Paper People on Kindle or in book form at Amazon.com.

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  • Wow! That sounds horrifying and chilling. On your recommendation I’ll definitely have to check that book out.