Sep 07

Old rich man talks to two women

As working wage slaves we should drop the word “tired” from our vocabulary when communicating with one another. There’s varying degrees of tired and “hard work” is subjective at best, especially when it isn’t manual labor. People love to play the “Hard Life Olympics”, you know – their life is harder than yours because… we vie for pity when there’s no-one to pity us. From the outside you and the other person both look like petty assholes, especially if the observant has a much harder life and job than you.

I’ve made a commitment to keep my glass half-full for people who inquire lightly into how I feel. Consider these answers to replace the standard ones we give:

Question: How’s it going?
Typical Answer: It’s going.
Suggested Answer: Oh Its doing it’s thing baby, how are you doing?

Question: Hey what’s up man?
Typical Answer: Life… I’m sooo tired.
Suggested Answer: Oh everything’s good, no complaints.

Question: How’s Business?
Typical Answer: Annoying ass clients and people not paying.
Suggested Answer: A new experience every day.

People who answer in the ways I suggested above are great people to talk to, I mean they are a breath of fresh air since everyone else is tired, bitter and gloomy all the time. Of course your life is hell but why demand sympathy from people who will never care in a million years how crappy it is? I don’t understand the motivation to behave like this so I chalk it up to habit.

Break those habits and push out positivity. I always feel like a friggin idiot when I complain to someone who is this pleasant only to find out how crappy life is for them in reality. It makes me respect the fact that they don’t try and drag me down into it by demanding my pity.

We can all do to be a little more appreciative of our position, after all negativity is the cool thing and everybody’s doing it… when has being a clone in the hive been the best thing to do? Keep the tiredness to yourself, trust me, if you’re really tired people will know – you dont have to announce it to them.

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