Nov 04


There are generally two types of women that guys will try to ignore: The beautiful and overly friendly girl and the seemingly “out of my league” hawt. With the first girl the thinking can be one of “she is getting too much attention from strange guys, so I don’t want to be lumped in with them”, or “she will notice that I am the only guy not sweating her, wonder what my deal is, and go out of her way to get me talking”. Normally when it comes to beautiful women, the reason why men ignore them is probably the latter.

This line of thinking can be easily snuffed out by a master she-wolf and is sometimes played to her advantage when she pours all of her attention unto Mr. “I’m pretending not to see you” and melts his firewall. Smart women that are somewhat interested in the guy playing aloof will come on with a hard offense to test the waters and through that first engagement, learn if the guy is a potential snack, or someone who truly isn’t interested.

Women Seek A Hunter

The ball is always in a woman’s court when guys play this game, but she will only play along if she finds him attractive. I will never forget watching one of those reality shows where the producers put 100 men in a house to vie for the attention of one woman. There was every sort of guy in the house: cool guys, losers, winners, douchebags, facepalm-worthy spazzes, but the one who stuck out the most was the guy who tried ignore game on the chick.

Talk about hustling backwards! One woman and you’re up against several men, so you choose to play the ignore game? That is a terrible idea! What came of this attempt to get the sole woman interested was that he got sent home because, as she puts it, he didn’t seem to be interested in her. The guy was not good looking enough for the belle to chase and this is why his passive-aggressive game blew up in his face.

Situations like this where you have that many men going for a woman; the funny guy, the good-looking guy, and the guy that reminds her of dad have the best chance of winning. So if you aren’t in any of those categories, you better talk to her or you will be sent home before you get the chance.

The ignore game is a default notion that shy guys will concoct in their minds when it comes to popular chicks. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it has worked – like if you have a bunch of hate-worthy guys trying extra hard at a woman, your silence and focus on whatever you are doing may come off as “safe”, so she may break the ice and talk to you in order to adopt you as a white knight to keep the gamers at bay. Aggressive women are also a good target for ignore-game being that they themselves are the ones hunting in the first place.

So if you are single and a tad bit shy, you may want to steer away from this action when you see a woman that you like. You may not want to talk to her for your own reasons, but if you find her attractive give her a little smile and see where it goes.

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  • Dave Grim

    Bitches b cray-cray!

  • Rk

    Just don’t do it. A good woman will get real tired of that shit real fast and tell you to fuck off or just cold shoulder / ignore you in return no matter how much she likes you or loves you.

    • dhfhs2

      A lot of the time I will ignore girls I genuinely have no interest in, and it can be really annoying when a girl gets all butthurt about not being the center of my attention. So I’d actually appreciate being ignored back instead of having her gossiping and making fun of me for no reason.

    • John

      And that’s why it works so well. Men today would like all women to fuck off.

  • John

    It’s best to ignore all women, in all situations, whether or not you consider them attractive. You leave yourself open to false accusations and emotional torture. Women are dangerous, and men are better off without them.

    • All my upvotes

      Whoever wrote this article is either braindead or being deliberately deceitful. Women WANT to be ignored. That’s exactly why they are often so loud, confrontational, defiant, and obnoxious.