Mar 19

stripper feetIt is hard to navigate the internet sea without causing a few waves in the wrong direction. I have written articles that have been targeted at establishments, people, and situations – caring nothing of the backlash it may cause when they do read it (and they always seem to find it).

One thing I have been trying to steer clear of is the targeting of people who will never read the Hall. I see it happening on some of my favorite blogs and it leads to exhausting commentating where all the haves pick apart the have-nots who aren’t present to retort.

Take for instance the whole good girl liking bad boys thing – most thugs aren’t educated so the words aimed at them to improve their situation only falls on the eyes of the good guys who hate them. Think about that, what purpose does a teaching moment have if your class is always empty? It becomes anger porn for the victims of romantic slights.

On the other side of the coin we have to be cognizant of the people who DO read our stories, and the impact it will have in their lives.

I wrote angrily about a local strip club a few years back after having a rather terrible time there on my birthday. A few months later a young lady commented on the article to say that she was a seasoned dancer there and was shocked at what went down… imagine if I had thrown in personal attacks with my rant?

As writers we are in a great place right now with the advent of analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus demographics to get a solid picture on who our audience are. Let us stop speaking to non-readers and foreigners to our web spaces because it alienates the people who are reading. This isn’t saying to pander (which is just as bad) but we need to stay on topic.

When I write about Nice Guys Finishing Last it is addressed to the Nice Guy; it isn’t the anatomy of a “bad boy” because the nice guys reading could give a damn. It’s a struggle at times but we try our best to stay on topic. That being said I wish other spaces would do the same.

As readers I encourage you to call out writers who manage to alienate you through their articles in a major way. When we tell you to “pull your pants up and stop sagging” remind us that the guys sagging aren’t on here reading! When we say all X do Y ask us to cite some proof.

Remember at the end of the day you are our audience and we aim to give you useful information and entertaining stories. For the writers reading you should try to remember your audience and let us make an effort in ceasing the articles directed at those who will never, ever read them.

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