Nov 11

As if his initial book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” was not bad enough, Steve Harvey is writing yet another book on relationships.  The worst part about this is when you go to the book has a four star rating, people are actually hood winked into thinking his advice is something new.  The man is basically peddling common sense information (that should be followed by either gender) as if he’s hitting on some unknown deep topic.  All of the information Harvey is spewing is freely available on the internet at any of a dozen websites, and there are countless web forums where experts will answer your relationship questions for free.

The quotes from Harvey about his new book are hilarious:

“I go so deep into the mindset of men, and how we operate and function, and I give women real things that they can do, to help in their relationship,” – Harvey telling

“You know, look man, men are not bad people. But women think we’re bad because they don’t get us at all. We’re very, very simple. We all think alike. We all basically think alike when it comes down to commitment, love, relationships, money, sex, whatever it is. We all about basically think the same.”

What? Steve Harvey goes “deep into the mindset of men”?  This is what happens when you let someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about have a platform to continue to spew their nonsense.  Here is an excerpt of a review from a woman talking about Harvey’s first book:

“Mr. Harvey also explores all those myths about men and how supposedly “complicated” they are, when in fact, they really are quite simple when compared to us women.  Finally, Mr. Harvey tells us the truth about men and their words by translating their many different lines and actions into what they REALLY mean; so that the woman who is plagued by wishful thinking snaps out of it and smells the coffee.” – Ms. Marisa Siervo

Let me break this down, Ms. Siervo now thinks that all men are “simple” and she was thinking to hard about what men’s actions were before.  This brings up two points, if men are so “simple” and all think the same then why is there a need for a second book?  How deep is he going to go if men are such simplistic beings that all think alike?  The other point is that men can read too, and one thing women do not understand is that men always adapt to the changes in the dating world.

What Harvey does not tell you is that he is talking about men who are not ready for a relationship (which is not all men), and he neglects to tell you that he (like most men) know that women won’t follow the advice he writes.  So after all your new found information from reading the first book fails, he knows you will buy the second book because he gives you things you can do to help your relationship.  He does this because he knows most women who are seeking advice will follow it for a short period of time and revert back to what they were doing before.  Then when they are in a hopeless situation looking for more advice his second book is there to go even deeper to REALLY help them this time.

Listen, when taking advice from someone, the first thing you should do is look at their credentials. Harvey is on his 3rd marriage. THIRD. He’s already been divorced twice. If anything, he should be writing a book for men on the mistakes HE made in his previous relationships instead of a book for women. Why? It’s simple; Steve Harvey can only give advice to women about men who are like him. He exposes his lack of knowledge on this by saying “[All men] basically think the same.” This is a generalized statement that has no basis in fact, very few people in general think the same.  On the contrary to Harvey’s assertions after discussing relationships with 40 men, it was only found that about 5 – 10 of them had 70% of their views considered similar

Steve Harvey writes his books as though all men are on a relentless hunt for a woman’s “cookie” (Sex) like Tom used to chase Jerry. Not every man is out to deceive, trick, use and abuse women. Not every man who is given the opportunity to do one of those things will do it. Harvey’s “90 Day Plan” basically has women starting off their relationship with a man in a zone of distrust out of fear that if she gives too much too soon, the man won’t respect her. So you’re going to build a lasting committed relationship off of the fear of distrust right off the top? Then you expect it to work out? Good Luck with that.

Listening to Steve Harvey’s morning show, you often hear the letters some people write for advice, and the response he gives them. Truth is, most of those people are idiots. About a good 75% of them are dealing with a cheating spouse or are sleeping with someone who is married. To these people, yes, maybe Harvey’s simplistic advice makes sense because, well, they’re morons. The truth is most people know everything Harvey is putting in his book. We know we shouldn’t mess with someone who is cheating. We know if we aren’t happy in a relationship then we should leave. We know sleeping with someone who is married isn’t going to end well. We don’t need a book to tell us that. The key is finally doing what we already know we need to do. And no book written by a person who has failed in two previous relationships is going to help you do that.

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  • Marisa Siervo

    Finally, I make the time to respond to your criticism of Steve Harvey, his book and most importantly, me.
    For the record, I am a qualified reporter, yes that means I have a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications that allows me to work as a reporter/journalist/writer and so much more in the professional world and not just a blog writer, reviewer, or critic of something sold to consumers on-and-off the web.
    I reviewed Steve Harvey’s book shortly after I read it because I thought the book was fun and entertaining.
    Self-help books are a dime-a-dozen and many of the authors are self-proclaimed gurus, with really no qualifications to practice as a therapist, psychologist, or counselor. I’ve bought plenty of self-help books in my life. Most have been books to help me understand something I’m not very familiar with and still others have been to learn of someone elses theory on something I know a little bit more about.
    Like so many ladies out there, I saw Harvey making the talk show rounds to promote the book, “Act Like a Lady, think Like a Man” and became excited about the product and mostly curious about what a comedian’s perspective would be about love and relationships. I was mostly interested in his past experience as a radio talk show host that would get many calls from women asking relationship questions about the “complicated” men in their lives.
    It’s no secret that women and men are very different, not just anatomically, but mentally as well. We think differently, take things differently, communicate differently and so many times it’s like we’re speaking a different language. This theory is what made a psychologist’s book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” published years ago; a best seller.
    Bottom line, if you want to review Harvey’s book and criticize it, you should probably read it and interview an equal amount of women and men that have read it too in order to assess the qualities and flaws of the book—or not.
    Just don’t take it as personally as you seem to have taken it and certainly don’t re-publish a review someone wrote of the book on, as was the case with my review and attack it in a diatribe making me out to be some foolish person whose blindly following all of Harvey’s advice on dating and relationships because that’s not the case. Don’t hate me for feeling the way I feel, or writing what I wrote. So, liked a product that you did not. Who cares? Nobody.
    At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one’s opinion is wrong, or right.

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  • B. Anderson

    Steve Harvey is a very poor example of a male spokesman-general. One’s opinion is private and available to all those that want to receive it. Mr. Harvey, however takes his opinions a step further by basically accusing me “…All men…” of foolish behavior towards women. What if a Jane Harvey (fictional character) generalizes in a book by making some generalized erroneous statement such as “…All women are vindictive towards men…”? This would not be right.

  • father flannigan

    Seriously. a lady should have enough common sense, to not take, life advice from a ” counterfeit character”. He is PAID.

    However, “The Character” of a man , he displays… – inaccurate, unfounded, spurious, fraudulent. Seriously, he’s a comedian, not really funny. He should be talking as a man, that is honest and truly cares about women, his clients.. of his products.

    No different than, Progresso soup, a brand, not good for you, but you still purchase it, because you are sick!! He is sell a brand” Steve Harvey”- suit, shoes, movies, concert tickets, BOOKS. His suits aren’t, for a real man anyway…. “circus costumes.”The shoes – “bozo boots”Movies – “foolishness entertainment”. The Books – “he married a ex dope dealer’s woman, she still in love with, The dude in the joint.” Steve is the biggest TRICK….ass…. well you know the rest!!”this side of the moon!!

    Ladies, do you want a Denzil, looking brother, with a Steve Harvey mind set…. Hell Naw. point said. stop listening to him and have a dinner date with your FATHER, steve is not your, real brother.!!

  • Misty

    your hating idiots shit some of us learn better with real life human beings speaking what they know and Steve speaks what he as a man has been threw and he always clearly states that. Its you bashing ass people that look stupid because you have yet to-learn you ain’t the judge assholes.

    • You need to step outside, take a deep breath and calm all the way, the fuck down. Trust me, it works.

  • Shdl

    I wouldn’t read anything by Steve Harvey If they paid me
    He says the most stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life
    It is sad and dangerous that he’s out there running loose

  • sAshay1

    I didnt know much about Steve Harvey prior to audio reading act like a lady think like a man by him. I loved the book to say the least and have a new respect for Steve Harvey after sharing information that guys generally only discuss during “guy talk”. Many women grew up with no father or brothers and a lot of the information he shared was beyond common sense. This book is not harmful, distasteful, or disrespectful it is the complete opposite and recommend it to any single woman who’s made habitual dating/relationship mistakes.

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