Aug 15

destroyed arena

Is drama a necessary component for sports nowadays or should the aspect of winning and losing be enough? I think of this past Olympics and how viewers were force-fed a meal of Phelps vs Lochte, Douglas vs Wieber, and many other imagined rivalries and wondered if it was really necessary for us to enjoy the games.

The 2012 Olympics was a grand spectacle of wonderment but there was so much petty, unnecessary drama!

In the days before the Internet and instant news, sports fans would huddle around the television to watch the big game and outside of what happens right there in front of them there wasn’t anything else that mattered. Nowadays we have athletes that are judged more for their off field antics than their actual accomplishments on the field.

We know who just got divorced, who’s dating a super model, who partied the hardest since last season and who may or may not have been in jail. People judge their teams based on celebrity over athleticism and it seems as if sport has taken a back seat to intrusive news bytes.

Are we capable of having our sports without the theater of intrusion? Of course we are, after all we don’t go to college and high school football games wanting to know which Soror or Cheerleader is getting the business from the star Running Back do we? No, we just want to see a good game as we cheer for whatever family member, friend, or Alma mater is playing. So why is it so prevalent in professional sports?

Speaking to long-time fans of a sport you will find that losing the personal news would mean little to nothing to them. What would we miss out on if we never knew that Brett Favre took a picture of his penis to send to a jump-off, or that Tiger Woods was a bad husband to his wife?

“The problem with sports today is sports media tells us things that do not enhance the game experience.  Instead we get to hear how the athlete was arrested three times, and all I can think when I hear this is what does that have to do with rushing for 1000 yards?”Sports Session

Just recently wide receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was arrested for allegedly headbutting his wife (a woman from the Reality TV show Basketball Wives) and was instantly fired from the Miami Dolphins… I knew all of this within hours of it happening. If this isn’t a grand representation of sports and media today I don’t know what is.

With the meme of athletes behaving badly being so prevalent in sports today and with NBC’s attempts at forcing drama into the London Olympics do you think that this will doom sports in the long-run?

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  • I think one of the big reasons behind this is, that women consume reality TV more than men on average, and I think the sports media feels it’s a way to bring in more female viewers. Plus sports media agencies have decided that reporting something first (no matter how insignificant), is more important than reporting a quality story.

    • Excellent point on the Reality TV element bringing in women who normally wouldn’t be that interested in the games. I’ve noticed so much chatter on Facebook and Twitter about the dramatics that it was quite evident that everyone was tuning in. But it’s a dangerous double edged sword being that it involves people’s lives… I guess athletes will have to just wisen up and get boring in order to slow this stuff down.

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