Oct 05

There are two types of players, one who loves women and another who hates them. Though very similar in their traits, the two are as different as coffee and tea so here at the Hall we refer to them differently. The player who loves women is a “Playboy” and the player who hates women is a “Wolf“. Wolves use women up without conscience because they are the product of a woman’s hurt. Playboys can’t get enough of women so they tend to stray easily whenever opportunity presents itself. Playboys have been mischaracterized in the media as “sex addicts” whereas most men would agree that being addicted to sex is a load of bullshit. This article is about the wolf, how he is created and why women are as much to blame for his crimes as he is.

It takes a woman to truly mold a man into an animal. Normally the wolves and killers out there are a result of a broken heart or love lost. See as men we don’t go crying to our guy friends or express our feelings whenever things go awry with a woman we loved. As warriors our inherent nature is to bottle it up and lock it away but subconsciously it changes us, we become ferial, deeply resentful and the poison trickles its way out to the surface. This poison is intoxicating and can lead to women getting kicked out of our bedroom after finally giving up the sex or it can lead to a level of aloofness and nonchalance that comes off as confident and sexy to others.

The reason I am going on about a woman burning us men is that it is the secret ingredient of the formula which transforms an awkward guy into a lady-killer. I know this sounds crazy (if you haven’t been there) and far-fetched, but the fact of the matter is that men need relationship bumps in order to be better at it. If you are a quick-study and can follow those guides out there telling you to make jokes, be a nice guy with an edge and keep romance at peak level then more power to you – this isn’t for you. But if you are a guy who has found those guides to be a bit hard to follow and know that they are asking you to become someone who you aren’t then I offer you the simple solution here. Get yourself burnt, and make sure you get yourself burnt early (just kidding).

Nobody goes into a relationship with the want and/or expectation of being burnt. This is why it is so devastating on the psyche, it comes unexpected, it comes out of nowhere. You don’t expect to walk into the bedroom and see your love “getting it” from her ex on your bed. You don’t expect to have your kindness taken advantage of when you check your bill and see purchases made on your credit cards. You don’t expect her to turn into an evil bitch after what seemed like the greatest few months of your life. It always comes unexpected.

Men go through these things but we don’t share them, we take the burn, bottle the anger and push on. Unfortunately every other woman beyond the wicked one will have to suffer for it. This is how a wolf is born; he isn’t made through a process of reading relationship blogs and taking classes on the human psyche. He is made through the process of a woman burning the hell out of him and developing a subconscious hate for the female race. So ladies, if you find yourself being bitten by a wolf and hung out to dry, chances are there was an evil woman in his past and you are one of his many victims until he heals.

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  • Greg the Dragon…..

    I can’t stop reading your articles! Yes, yes , yes…..Oh God, Yessssssssssss….. you have said it all and correctly.

    I was a self-unrealized beauty, hated by other women and unapproachable to men. After being divorced at 40 and married 20 years, of course I had been out of the dating game.

    Dating at 40 was a mini-science project and I have experienced all that you have mentioned in your articles…it is truly amazing to experience all this that you speak of.

    One example, while dating in the year 2000, on the internet, one past high school classmate found my photo, recognized me, sent me an email inquiring, and thus confessed to have had a huge crush on me in high school wishing he had acted on it and stating how even more beautiful I had become with age. Lovley compliment. Yet, it does explain alot of your afore mentioned happenings in your articles.

    Men do not get taken aside anymore and taught by daddy, daddies are chucked aside by the wives, who become morbidly self-righteous single mothers. These men as you say rather stumble thru it all, dating & mating, some get lucky some dont. Those that are schooled in the ways as you say….etc.

    Women aren’t taught anymore (most women) either on how to be a sexy self confident woman….go to college, work make your own way thing now. Yet what they do not realize they have to learn the balance. Women have put themselves in a place to take on two careers at once, maybe even three…. employed paid career, mother, and wife. It is impossible to do all of these well, and something’s gotta give…. etc…and it just becomes one big snowball effect.

    I could go on and on but I get it and so glad you wrote it better than I could…. Kudos to you Dragon…you may breathe fire but you could never burn me,,,kiss kiss Hotlips