May 27

Players in the nightclub don't discriminate

This past weekend, me and a couple of my friends were out and about having drinks outside of a nightclub. The club in question is one that has a reputation for being a cougar hunting ground so many players go out there to “get chose” so to speak by ladies north of forty looking to have a good time. After a few hours pass a few single friends of mine were spotted making an entrance, we (the boys at the table) introduce them to our girlfriends and wives and they made nice before proceeding in to the hunting grounds to do their thing.

After an hour or so, one of the guys exits from the dance floor with a woman in towtheir hands liberally exploring each others bodiesand they walk around a corner and disappear. As we watched this go down, my buddy’s ladylooking baffledasked out loud “WHY!?”

We (the guys) looked at one another and not understanding her bewilderment, asked her to explain herself.

“Well did you see that woman? He’s a good looking guy, he could do so much better than that!”

This is where we began to chuckle because it finally dawned on us that she was looking too deeply into what was probably a quick “hook up” for our man.

“Ohhhh, well he’s not trying to date her if you know what I mean.” I said with a slight grin. But it was as if I had told her that all men were born with horns that get sawed down at birth. She was beyond disappointed in our friend.

“He could do so much better than that!”

Let me explain something to those of you that still think the “ladies man” in your circle exclusively pulls beautiful women for sex (note: I said sex, not dating, not relationships, not bragging. Sex). Most “players” that I have known in my lifetime operate on the “rule of tens”. What this means is that on a looks scale, you can either take home a dime and brag to the world about it, or you can get with two fives and keep it to yourself. Have stamina? Go for five twos, get a hat trick of threes, or score two quads and a deuce. Yes I am laughing as I write this. Obviously joking here but what I am telling you is that your friend may not be as discriminatory as he wants you to think. He wants action, and if she’s game, looks be damned, he’s on it.

Most players are not looking for love in the club, they are looking to score in the club. They want action, and they want lots of it, and they know as well as I do that being picky is a sexless game. Now don’t get me wrong as I am sure that there are some beast mode wolves out there that can steadily bag dates that are seven on the looks scale or over, but these guys are legendary, they are not normal.

Half an hour later our friendthat had vanished earlier with the womanwalked back into the club with her and almost instantly they went separate ways. She went back to the dance floor to find another young buck and he came over to us to ask us why we were laughing at him.

“You got something on your shirt.” Said one of my friends when the girls were no longer paying attention (since this is beyond foul).

“Ohhh shit, I must’ve got some on my shirt.”

“Got it on your shirt huh?” We asked as he smiled like a fat, sated lion.

“ya…” He said, finally admitting to his shenanigans. “She gave me some top, but that was it.”

Like I said… It’s a numbers game people, believe it or not it is all a part of the game.

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