Jun 23


Maybe I’m odd, but I can honestly say I have never looked at another woman and wanted to copy or steal her look.

Sure, I see women from time to time and give them a mental thumbs-up for on-point fashion sense, but I’ve never wanted to take a picture so I can transform myself into a carbon copy of any of those women. 

When I express this to my female relatives and friends, they tend to look at me with slightly raised eyebrows. They think I’m not telling the truth. I hear things like “Come on, Dani…you mean to tell me you’ve never ripped off someone’s look?” And because of this cliché response that I get from them, I’ve come to realize that it is a common and prevalent thing for women to imitate each other’s appearance/style.

Despite it being a common occurrence, I still don’t get it. I have always thought that copying someone else was a direct insult to my individuality. And (I know this will sound a tad bit unfair) I have always considered the desire to look like someone else a result of having no sense of self.

With that in mind, it’s almost comical to be a victim (and I use “victim” in a purely jovial sense here) of what I’m about to describe.

copy-catFor as long as I can remember, other females have tried their best to look like me. No, I am not cocky or conceited. No, I am not paranoid. I say this with all honesty, with my hand on a mental Bible (since I don’t have a physical Bible nearby).

At first, admittedly, upon seeing another girl I knew wearing a very similar outfit to the one she’d seen me in just a week earlier (with the same hairdo as well), I was a bit surprised. I told myself maybe it was just coincidence; maybe we just had similar taste in clothing and hairstyles. Then I saw her in what I now call a “Me” getup the week after that, and the week after that…needless to say I could no longer give her the benefit of the doubt. That was back when I was a teenager. As I grew older and my personal style evolved, more and more women who knew me began to copy my look, including some of my female relatives.

What made it absurd was that at times, in my opinion, I wouldn’t even be dressed up. I would make a run to the supermarket in relatively simple attire. Then, later, the woman living across the street from me would leave her house in something very close to what I had been wearing before.

This “Danielle Fever” seemed to be no respecter of age or body type, since I have encountered women of all ages and body types who apparently thought I was the coolest thing since air-conditioning in Florida weather, seeing that they copied my look and stubbornly clung to it.

Personally, I think it’s a bit scary to watch. Some of these women have imitated everything about me to the last detail; even the way I pose for photographs. And I find myself wondering; Psychologists seem to have a name for everything; is there a clinical term for obsession with someone else’s look and style?

Or do some of these women harbor a “woman crush” on me that they have not quite managed to properly express or control? I’m laughing my butt off writing this, honestly…

The scariest episode of all happened recently when I uploaded a cover photograph of myself to my Facebook page. One day later, one of my older female cousins also uploaded a cover-photograph in which she was wearing a top in a similar cut and hue, and with her hair styled exactly as mine had been styled in my cover photograph. Used to it by now, I simply commented under her photo, “nice pic”.

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