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Let me preface this by saying that myself and this list represents the standard, hyper-masculine male that is firm in who he is and what his role is when it comes to love and relationships. The doorway to gender-obsolete, feminist la-la land is over there, read at your own discretion. For women that wish to know what guys appreciate in terms of the little things you do, the following is my illustrious list of what men like…

1. Feeling Useful – It may seem like you’re being a hassle asking him to kill a bug or open a jar of spaghetti sauce but trust me he likes that you need him for that.

2. Women That Like Porn – If you ask a ton of questions during the scenes “do you like stuff like that?”, “Do you think those tits are hers?” then it’s annoying as hell, but if you are as liberal with your love of video voyeurism as he is then chances are he thinks it’s sexy.

3. Confidence in hot women – If you’re aware of what your looks do to men and you own it without being annoyingly cocky, your 10 on the scale of attraction will instantly turn into a 12 for most men. You’re hot, you know it, everything is good in the world.

4. Watching You Put On Your Face – I have the above poster on my wall (the one that is atop this article) because it symbolizes a part of femininity that we men love to watch.

5. When You’re Goofy – Who wants the Angelina Jolie perfection all the time? Every guy that’s in love knows about a certain silly act that his lover does which makes him laugh internally. Don’t think that we don’t appreciate it, trust me, we do.

6. The Times When We Witness How Good You Are At Your Job – There is something extremely sexy about our women displaying mastery at their given job no matter what it is.

7. Hot pants and thigh high socks – The fashion of yesteryear had it’s highlights and this was one of them.

8. Respecting Our Boundaries – If your girl knows that you hate fairs because carnival people scare you, she should probably chill out on needling you to go just because her buddy wants to make it a couple’s affair. The women that put us before the trifling issues are the best.

9. Love When You Wear Skirts – Not sure what it is about women that wear skirts… it’s just really feminine and that is always good.

10. Wearing one of our button up shirts and nothing else – First time sleeping with a guy and wanting to keep him around? Go into his closet grab an older button-up then come back to the bed asking “do you mind if I use this?” Ya, that should earn you a round 2 rather quickly.

Beautiful Gina Carano biting her lip unconsciously11. Bite That Lip! 

12. Your Little Moments of Vulnerability – Walking in to find a frustrated woman trying to put together a piece of furniture is a moment for the man to play hero. Many of us don’t want to play heroic knight 24/7 but if you are always strong, we really appreciate your weaker moments.

13. Women With A Passion – A woman that is passionate about something, anything, makes life a lot easier for us. We know what to buy you for gifts, we know what to tell our friends that you are into, and we like that you have a life outside of our own.

14. Your Internal Office Manager – Having a woman who takes charge when it comes to the planning of a trip, family reunion, or house party, is an absolute asset, especially for us men that work all the time.

15. Being Jumped – Football is on, we’re frustrated at our losing team and then you jump on top of us with barely anything on because you’re horny and won’t take no for an answer. We may fight you to see the end of the game, but if you win… damn, you are god’s gift to men, you beautiful succubus you.

16. Fruity Lotion – Just ask a stripper what that strawberry scent does to a man.

17. A woman That Works Out – Let us consider the advantages for men when a woman is in supreme shape: a. She never gets tired during cowgirl, b. She looks absolutely amazing, c. she inspires us to get up off our ass. Yup it’s nothing but win for the gym girl.

18. Your Lady Bag of Sorcery – Most men think that women’s purses have a lab, a cosmetics store, a pharmacy, and a bank in it. Why? Well every woman we have known reaches down into that thing, not knowing if what they’re looking for will be there and voila! It shows up. O_O. This is why you will find men asking you for items that seem way unlikely for you to have.

19. Sleep Smiles – Having you fall asleep and rousing you to go to bed and you smile to see that we are the one who roused you is… it’s just absolutely awesome.

20. Women Who Play Our Personal Valkyrie – It’s all well and good to be our beloved, but when we’re down it’s the woman that defends, heals, and motivates us to get back up that snatches our heart.

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