Feb 15

Is it worth the time to teach someone that you have slept with (and like) the fine art of making love? Will it yield you and her the rewards of carnal pleasure if she could simply learn to do this or to do that? Is it worth it, or are you of the mind that anyone who isn’t a wife or long-term girlfriend is a potential flight-risk that will take your secrets and use it to blow the next guy’s mind? Or do you believe that sexual curiosity and performance is something that is naturally developed and cannot be taught? In short, you believe that a woman either has it or she doesn’t.

Recently the big Celebrity dish has been that of the fractured relationship life of the original Lady Dragon Halle Berry. The Paparazzi scramble to snap pictures of she and her daughter and the writers insert anecdotes of beauty, bitter, broken and sometimes that other b-word. The blogs take another approach in trying to find the reasoning behind Halle’s multiple divorces – citing the constant infidelity of her partners and placing the blame on 1 of 2 things: The pretty boys that Halle marries and a supposition that she flat out sucks badly at sex.

These accusations hold no ground since only Halle Berry and her former husbands and boyfriends know what happened to cause their split. However the accusation that a woman being bad in bed is enough to drive away warrants a bit of discussion. Since these guys loved the actress enough to marry her, some for up to 4 years, why would that be the issue to send them to the arms of another woman? This makes no sense to me.

From My Experience, Sex isn’t a Deal-Breaker For Men

I have dated women who were absolutely bad at sex and while it made me hesitant to go there with them (whatever the act is that she sucked at) it didn’t exactly drive me away or make her into a bad person. Some women are having sex as a compromise in order to keep you around (sad but true), others may find it painful but won’t tell you, others just have no interest in it. With that being said, making suggestions, helping her understand things and guiding her via your experience, a movie or a book is normally not a big deal. In the privacy of your intimacy if she is unwilling to compromise for your pleasure then I don’t see you marrying her or keeping her around. Think about what I’ve just said, it’s not that you dislike her for sucking in bed, you dislike her for not even trying. See the issue? So no, I don’t think a woman like Halle is just lying there and being a boring wife in the sack, I think she happens to be another unlucky woman with a taste for bad guys.

On the Other Hand A Sexual Succubus will Lock A Man Down

Women that can throw it back like a Janine Lindemulder, a Ricki White or a Sasha Grey will never have issue keeping a man around, no matter what her profession is. The women I used as examples are adult movie stars and many guys will run that sh-t “man I couldn’t marry a girl who has sucked 100 d…” but if he never knew who she was prior, and he got with her, chances are he would sing a different tune really fast. We laugh at Richard Gere in Pretty Woman for being the worst kind of trick, but I am going to assume that Julia Robert’s character who was a tute in the industry, gave him something he couldn’t forget. The movie Brooklyn’s Finest had Gere as an old cop who kept visiting a prostitute and likewise she put that monkey on him and he ran out and got her a ring. Mind blowing sex is a weaker man’s kryptonite, don’t let the liars fool you; this has been true since time immortal.

So what do you think of a woman’s sexuality? Is it something worth teaching when it is really bad? Are you strong enough to withstand the sugar walls of a sexual mistress? Do you have any memories of a woman staying in your life an extended amount of time besides her abrasiveness just because she blew your mind in the sack? Have you dumped a girl for her lack of performance before?

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  • Scarlett o hara

    Sexual ability + sexual chemistry + sexual incompatibility are all real things.
    I am a serial dater.
    Bad sex is an instant deal breaker to me.
    I wouldn’t expect any man to be any different toward me.