Feb 14

Today the Hall puts up Angelina Jolie as one of our favorite celebrities. It is a long time coming and something that should have been done since that category’s inception. Doing this will no doubt bring out a lot of heat for us since the “Jolie hate” seems to get bigger and bigger each year that she works on projects, acts her ass off and stays (for the most part) out of the cross-hairs of paparazzi ex-cons looking to get a payday. Many celebrities are scorned, envied and attacked by Jane Average for more reasons than one, but Jolie’s seem to be a hate bred from her over exposed connection with Hall favorite Brad Pitt and her shocking and non-vanilla past.

One of the dumbest things that people lament on Angelina Jolie is the media fueled charge that she “stole” Brad Pitt. Let’s define theft a bit here, think about it, how do you steal someone who can make decisions on his own? Nobody knows the details of the connection between the two actors but America’s vanilla sweetheart Jennifer Anniston split with her then man Brad Pitt and Branjelina Jolie Pitt was formed – a union that lasted the full court press of haters and media alike – still going strong. Now as the actress continues to work and produce movies such as Tomb Raider, Wanted, and Salt, her hater fans are still stuck on the vixen image that has been painted of Angelina Jolie.

Angie Jolie The Black Succubus Angel

I’m gonna be blunt about the hate that Angelina gets in general and why. She doesn’t look typical (full lips, cat eyes and slender nose), she speaks and moves with an almost regal confidence (mistaken as diva-level bitchiness). She is openly bisexual, candid about her sexuality and plays the role of super strong women in her movies (again mistaken as diva-level bitchiness). She is of the dark hair, green eye mold and not the blonde/blue construct that her supposed victim Aniston inhabits. Women (who hate her) see Angelina as Julia Russell from Original Sin, and they see Jennifer Aniston as Rachel from Friends. The transparent yet unwarranted disdain for this actress is amazing, yet it’s grounded on Wendy Williams level suppositions and a bit of fear that Jolie may just steal their man too!

In the past Angelina has done things publicly that shocked the hell out of people, yet in her present life she is still judged for them. She has worn a vial of her then husband’s blood (Billy Bob Thornton – another Hall favorite), has admitted to cutting herself and sleeping with knives. She has locked lips with her brother in an uncomfortable fashion and she has publicly dissed her father Jon Voight on more than one occasion. Lately the Jolie camp is one of parenthood, professionalism and silence – which turns out to be another crime if you are a celebrity. The haters disregard her silent charity work overseas as nothing because beyond all of that Jolie is always “that chick who stole Jen’s man”.

Well today we honor Jolie here at The Hall, as a rebel and as a beauty. If you can find a legitimate reason why she shouldn’t be, I would love to hear it. As stated before, this should have been done ages ago but better late than never. You can look forward to Jolie’s voice as the Tigress in the upcoming Kung-Fu Panda 2 and pick up her Blu-Ray of Salt at your local Wal-Mart (just kidding).

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  • Julia

    I don’t hate her,but I do think she is vastly over rated.Especially these days,she looks like she is suffering from anorexia and some other life threatening disease.She was much more attractive a few years ago when she looked healthier.

  • Sly

    I really like Angelina and she is a good actress. Some people decided that she is a nasty person or a bad actress because she is with Brad Pitt? They say she took him away from Jennifer Anniston, but did she? Brad is the one that was in a relationship with Jennifer, not Angelina. He should be the one to be blame, not her. It is always the same thing with women. They have as much brain as worms when it comes to these issues and they are too dumb to blame the men. If Brad left Jennifer is because he was not happy and people should mind their own business. You never know when real love will strike in life. I love them all, but Anniston is the one I think that has the biggest psychological problems at times. Brad and Angelina have a life together and for what I heard lately, Jennifer has moved on. I guess it is time for the idiots in the population to get over it. It’s getting old now!

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