Dec 10

salty woman at a bar

But it’s not your fault ladies. See many women haven’t been told this but to get the man that you are attracted to, you simply need to convince him that he’s attracted to you. Not an exact science I know because attraction is subjective but if you try to get a guy’s attention by acting like a guy (cat calling, spitting game, flashing money) then chances are you will waste your time.

Men’s taste change all the time, a breast man can turn into an ass man if he looks at enough rap videos. Any guy who acts as if his taste is unwavering is ignorant to the fact that looks are just a small factor in the law of attraction. A woman can pull a guy’s attention easily; she just needs to know how to do it.

The following list is very important. This list has been compiled from surveying a number of men who found themselves attracted to a woman they would not have noticed if all she did was happen by. It’s a list of unconventional things that you can put it in your arsenal when rolling up on that guy who you want so badly:

Be a sweetheart

Few men like a mean-spirited woman who is all spikes and no cushion. Just being a little nicer than the average person makes a guy look twice; we think “what was that all about?” and we unconsciously download your entire being seeing if we’re attracted.

Get close

You may stand across a room batting those big beautiful eyes and biting on the end of a pencil but if there’s a room full of bangers like you then that man will just see it as a room full of hot women. Let him get a chance to experience your aura, get a whiff of your scent, see that you’re the real thing. Set yourself apart, be the one giving him the time of day – just keep it simple and if he’s interested he’ll make the necessary move.

Take charge, it’s your world

When a man is overly shy you now have a full role reversal in the hunter/hunted scenario. Nothing on this list will make that guy come out of his shell even if he thinks that you are a goddess on earth. If you suspect that the guy likes you but won’t make a move it is time for you to kill the traditional BS and take control of the situation.

Women who have done this successfully normally tell the guy to initiate what he wanted to in the first place. Things like:

  • Do you wanna dance?
  • Do you want to come over and watch the game with me? (Just kidding…)
  • I like that restaurant (insert name) oh you like it too? Let’s go there this Saturday!

While all of these seem direct and damn near stalker caliber creepy, you will not get anywhere with a shy man unless you club him in the head and drag him into your cave for some cowgirl action.

Touch him when you talk

Lots of flirty women know this already but it works like a charm. If you touch a man who finds you attractive, even a slight punch to the shoulder it is body language for “hey dumbass I like you and I can’t be any more obvious about it”. If after a few touches a man doesn’t pounce, you may want to see the former item about taking charge.

If all else fails just grab him in the biscuits!

I wish I was just joking but according to Dustin from Tallahasee, Fl one of the hottest women he has ever dated got his attention by palming his ass in the middle of a club. The reason why this works is because she used the element of surprise along with… well… being hot. No man expects a woman to be so violently, sexually aggressive so when it happens it forces you to probe for more.

We are in a society that is fighting to be gender neutral in many things despite the fact that traditional roles and values are hard like cement. For things to happen for a woman in a city or area where men are the hunted she will need to learn how to hunt and the above list are some good weapons to add to the arsenal.

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