Jul 19

So women are in love with the Iron Man, not so much Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent version of the billionaire playboy (though they admit to liking him too), but the suit of armor! This means that there is hope for you nerds that spent 3 checks purchasing the parts to make your Mark II suits damn near perfect… if you can mock the Stark swagger that is. Recently I sat down with an attractive young woman that I learnt was big into Iron Man without the comic book background or “nerd cred” to discredit her. This girly-girl has seen the movie twice and she and her girlfriends are all in concert with their attraction to The Invincible Iron Man.

Why The Suit?

Well it’s the suit + movement + the fact that the man inside is about as vulnerable as you can get. It’s the ultimate metaphor to what women want in a man. The Iron Man is invincible to his enemies but to those who know him, he has an injured heart that can kill him at any time. In battle the Iron Man is all confidence, he’s cocky, he shoots you with a repulsor ray and walks away as you explode – knowing that you are done. Even his flying is arrogant, he isn’t doing straight shots like Superman, he’s doing barrel rolls, toying with Pepper over the radio, and just being Tony.

Greg Dragon: So what about the other millionaire playboy Mr. Bruce Wayne – The Batman? Do you find him irresistible too?

Iron Man Fan: No! It’s the suit I like in Iron Man, it’s so fine! Batman looks like the muscles are fake and a part of a skin-tight rubber suit, the tight suits are not sexy to me, this includes Spiderman and Superman too.

Greg Dragon: To be fair, it is the movies that ruined Batman’s image by sticking skinny men in tight muscular rubber suits…

Iron Man Fan: I know but Batman has never seemed genuine to me, Iron Man is the real deal.

Bad Boy With The Heart of A Lion

Coming up I always loved the Super Heroes who were regular men that used their brains to become extraordinary. I was as much an Iron Man fan as I was a Batman fan but Iron Man was cooler because his technology was always his Ace in the hole. Stark Enterprises was always a step ahead of the competition, so when you brought a giant robot to mess with civilization, The Invincible Iron Man would always win.

Although our lady didn’t mention Stark much outside of his suit, a lot of the attraction does stem from the person inside the mask. Stark represents a bad boy who needs to be tamed and taken care of badly. He has daddy issues, is selfish but only because it’s a defensive mechanism to keep him safe. He loves his girl Pepper but he could never commit for fear of having anyone that close. The Pepper dynamic goes even deeper within the comics as she has had to rescue Tony on many occasions where his heart was drained due to using too much electricity on a specific attack. Tony needs people but he cannot express it. He’s the ultimate flawed man that women HAVE to rescue – then you add in the badass armor and attacks and he can pull any woman he wants.

I thought it was quite entertaining seeing Iron Man Fan light up when she described the Mark II armor and it made me think about it from her perspective. You know, I bet that accounts for how well this movie was received in more ways than we think… women love The Invincible Iron Man.

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  • Perla Ramirez

    I honestly don’t care about the suit, I love Tony Stark! He has flaws like a real person and is smart enough to be aware of them, but not Batman-smart, who besides his high IQ, has emotional inteligence, is prudent and would never put a loved one in danger the way Tony did. Batman is too “perfect” and would make anyone around him feel stupid BUT without wanting it, because he has such a good heart, and that makes him an unreal character. In short: it is more likely to find someone with a Tony Stark personality, than a Bruce Wayne.
    Sorry if I messed up with my writing, grammar or both, I’m not a native english speaker.