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There is an enormous difference between defending a woman and white knighting. When a person (male or female) is being bullied, or taken advantage of a good guy will speak up or step up to defend them in one way or another – this is not white knighting. When a woman is online arguing against or about men in any form, the male who champions her cause (no matter how flawed it is), has no romantic connection to her, and is doing so to appear different from other males, that man is a white knight.

White knights are seen as “male feminists” most times but this is not entirely fair to male feminists. Feminist rules change based on who you talk to and some self-identified male feminists are not out to cut our balls off in lieu of defending some angry chick spazzing out on her Facebook timeline. White knights come in all shapes and sizes, but their goals are all the same – IMPRESS WOMEN AT ALL COSTS.

Let’s observe some real commentary made by white knights on social media :

  • If I was your boyfriend, I would have punched him after the first time. Don’t allow men to be assholes and not respect women.
  • Sorry that you have to go through this.
  • Ask any girl that knows me and I will be the first to lay a jacket down or throw a punch for them!

Here are a few facts about White Knights – regular men hate them, they hate themselves, and women only tolerate them to further the particular argument that they’re white knighting. The white knight believes that by nature ALL women are victims or potential victims of men, and that they (the white knight) have been given the charge of disowning their manhood in order to defend these victims from other men. Sounds a bit sad and scary doesn’t it?

The biggest part of the hate is the general lack of trust you can have in a person who operates from a place of white knighting. To a woman, the knight appears as if he would never stand up to her – no self-confident woman wants a door mat for a man. To men the White Knight is a joke, sure he pisses you off when he goes in with personal attacks when you call out his muse but at the end of the day he seems like a powerless, barking Chihuahua living in that woman’s purse

So Why Are So Many Men White Knighting?

Lack of experience with women turns men into white knights. The assumption of women being powerless victims and that championing feminist doctrine will impress girls all come from the same place where men wonder what they did wrong to not get the girl. A white knight is the “nice guy” who doesn’t get the attention he wants because he offers no challenge to women. He sees the guys that women really like as “bad boys”, “douchebags”, and “bros”, he’s not like them and he must protect the women from them because… well women are victims.

Sounds a bit condescending to women doesn’t it? This is why I know that white knights are used as pawns for feminists but feminists at the root of their movement do not want them in their ranks. Confident men aren’t into white knighting; it just doesn’t make sense to sell out like this. Confident men protect the women in their lives and strangers who are truly in trouble, confident guys aren’t brandishing a shield to try and win chicks. White knights do this and it’s the main reason why they get torn apart in most spaces.

A Final Message To White Knights Reading

If you find that many of the comments posted above ring similar to ones that you yourself have made then chances are you are a white knight. You get into heated online fights with male strangers, you routinely post on some pretty girl’s profile in nice, non-objective ways (even though you think she’s smoking hot), and you are ready to defend her even though she barely knows who you are. She will never like you sir… I am sorry, but you are wasting your time. 

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  • Debbie H

    Surely men will only do this if they think it will give them the chance of nooky?!
    I’ve found most men in life will only do this to vulnerable women who they think are weak or unable to fight their own battles and I don’t think there’s really anything knightly about it!
    I think the opposite end of the spectrum is if you are in a relationship or married, women expect men to be knightly and if they don’t, it can cause problems (for instance sticking up for you if someone gives you a hard time or is rude to you and upsets you).
    As I am quite a strong willed woman with well formed opinions, I find most men I encounter will do the opposite.
    Some interesting articles on here by the way. Good site x

    • I agree wholeheartedly Debbie, thanks for stopping through, reading and taking time to leave us a comment. I need to write one of these about the men who let others disrespect their women… that other side of the coin that you hinted at. Just need to find a catchy name for them.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Debbie H, I have to agree with the ultimate agenda being – (whatever it takes – IMO) to get sex, because they know someone women will fall for this tactic, usually innocent and/or less experienced women.
      Also, when some men wade in with the Knight routine, they frequently get it wrong e.g. she does not want to be “rescued”! Offer to help, by all means, but don’t insist on helping if she is reluctant or responds with a blatant no, verbally and/or with body language. Sometimes, like men, we want to fight our own battles, sometimes we need support. Choice is paramount.

      • Pat

        “Also, when some men wade in with the Knight routine, they frequently get it wrong e.g. she does not want to be “rescued”!”

        So true, and in many cases she does not need to be rescued because she is able to handle the situation… Women are not little fragile things that need to be rescued at the slightest problem. Of course sometimes there is the need that a man or woman give support for a woman, but only if it is really needed.

    • Lord Iheanacho

      Any woman who expects males to hold their hand like children are not true women; thus are not worth the respect or credence. Likewise for the men who can’t think for themselves and feel they must simp for females.

      Nothing’s wrong with protecting your loved ones in marriage, granted it should be husband and wife protects each other instead, NOT one of them doing the protecting. If the wife is pregnant that’s a different story, but only for a temporary duration. After some time from the child’s birth, the egalitarian mutual-care rule returns and both should also care for the child.

      Fuck the ancient eras and conservative with their social procreation doctrines! We live in the 21st century now. One thing technology and second-wave feminism taught us is that women know how to take care of themselves and its time men start learning how to think for themselves as well.

      Nihilism does a perfect job at enforcing this for me – everyone for themselves. You are the source of your own success, society owes jack-shit from your life. One must maintain a solitary mindset and be able to resist social pressure and acceptance, for a sheep’s livelihood is rigged and short-lived.

      MGTOW actually tries to teach this to men and boys as well, but their main problem is that they also make the same mistakes the PUAs did – they’re thinking with a bio-deterministic mindset and treating humanity like its the primitive animal kingdom – which is also very biased and ridiculous, and a deluded way of viewing ourselves.

      I shouldn’t have to be an alpha-male or a bad-boy parasite to win women’s favor, because if I truly do, then no woman is worth the credence of existence and hence misogyny would be warranted (which is what MGTOW apparently presumes with women anyway).

      I’ve seem women date caring and passionate men. I’ve seen couples who share the same hobby and dated because of that reason. I’ve seem women dated men simply because they were funny (which IMHO seems like a weak reason too because funny man could be a parasite, moron, or psycho, or scumbag and dating for such simple reasons can still be as stupid as white-knighting).

      I’ve also seem men make some of the various same mistakes MGTOW often accuse women of naturally doing, and when I reveal this to them they pull the old “he’s not a true man, he’s just a mangina following a female mindset”, despite evidence from previous centuries already revealing similar results. There’s a reason Rome’s notorious narcisist was named “Nero” in the first place. he’s the first example of how dangerous narcissism can go. A woman did not show this first, a man actually did. Both humans can inherently exhibit narcissistic traits – it never was a female-bound bio trait.

      Overall, if people could just drop these outdated macho or hero mindsets and learn to live and embrace a TRULY egalitarian lifestyle, we sure-as-shit wouldn’t have many of the problems I still see today – be on the liberal left, conservative right, or trivial center.

      Society’s just lost it.

  • Lanie

    Women love men who defend them. Of course if the ultimate goal is to get laid at the end of it and the woman doesn’t like him like that, she will be turned off. But women respect men who are agreeable and who are protective of them. White knights are respectable men.

    Being protective and kind toward women doesn’t mean he is “in a woman’s purse”. Being protective also means to serve,. If you don’t do things to make a woman feel protected or happy, how can you expect respect? So of course you need to serve women if you want them to look up to/show deference (respect) towards you.

    No woman like a man who argues with her and plays devil’s advocate all the time and who engages in misogynistic behaviors. Women don’t want to fu*k men who treat them like shit or like she’s another guy. How can you be a degree above her demanding respect if you do nothing to serve and protect her? What does she owe? Women respect men who treat them as fragile creatures.

    Women go for bad boys or douchebags because everyone wants what they can’ t get. It’s not because she finds him challenging her to be a turn-on But the bad boy may be really popular or hot or rich & has a high status career or has a reputation of being real good in bed.

    However, once a woman gets that bad boy or douchebag, she doesn’t respect him. She stops being the sweet submissive woman who put up with all of his bad boy behaviors in order to get him. And then she begins disrespecting him because he is a bad boy and an asshole. No woman respect an asshole- she just puts up with it for a while until she has his hooks in him. But eventually she talks back to him and trashes him behind his back because it’s not normal to respect or like someone who is butting heads with you. Human beings like tranquility, and enjoy living a peaceful existence in relationships.

    Women naturally like men who are agreeable and kind, soft, and gentle toward them. But of course if he is all of those things but doesn’t fit her idea of what is attractive or if he isn’t smart enough academically or has enough money , or whatever other quality she likes in a guy, being nice isn’t enough. Similarly, just because a woman is nice, polite, and respectful toward a guy that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking at other traits on whether or not to get romantic/sexual with her.

    Greg, you actually seem very womanly if you think barking and arguing with a woman makes you seem more manly. It makes you look like a little bi*ch who is insecure in his manhood instead.

    • Lord Iheanacho

      You don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about.

      You seem like one of those dimwitted PUAs or MGTOW parasites who think with a very outdated bio-determinism brain – a very pathetic mangina trait.

      Do yourself a favor: shut up and let the REAL men speak.

      • James

        How do you reckon she has anything to do with
        Men Going Their Own Way?

      • Lord Iheanacho

        It was a mistake, hence why I made my edit. I somehow thought she was male and some PUA or MGTOW black-knight because of how she went on to use the old Neanderthal fallacy (women love bad-boys and muscle men crap).

        Turns out she’s just an entitled princess.

    • James

      WTF, do you really think your view holds true for all women? You’re delusional!